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Read or download pdf books in English and in Hindi, published by Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University, Om Shanti press. Authors: BK Jagdish bhai, BK Shivani, SpARC wing, BK Suraj bhai, and BK Pari. The main aim of these books is to explain the Godly knowledge and revelations of murli to the general audience and new BKs.

Books on Self-realisation, God, celibacy, eternal World Drama, the cycle and nature of time, silence, world transformation, present time (confluence age/Sangam yug), divine values, spirituality, and general topics. You can print them for free. This is One website for Everything. Do SHARE this website to guide others.

Popular Books

avyakt murli book cover

Avyakt murli book

Aaj ka purusharth book cover

अंतिम शिक्षाएँ

How to think - BK Pari

How to Think (BK Pari)

Hindi 7 days course book

Hindi course book


English Books

*  Recommended by us


Mysteries of the universe are solved  View

*Science and Spirituality  View

*Understanding Consciousness  View

*Eternal World Drama of 5000 years  View

Introduction & 7 days RajYoga course  View

Understanding Your Potential  View


Divine values of a better world  View

Complete Raja Yoga  View

7 days course in PDF  View

Murli-related Question-Answers  View

General Question-Answers  View

*Amritvela book (God awaken us)  View

Adi Dev (first human -Brahma)  View

Shiv Jayanti Avyakt Murlis book  View

*Celibacy in Life - Brahmacharya  View

*Who am I - Know your Self  View

A handbook on Raja Yoga and God  View

How to make Life Blissful  View

Happiness Unlimited -BK Shivani  View

Healing the Self - BK Pari  View

How to Think - BK Pari  View

(new) Conscious Living  View

Thoughts for today in pdf  View

Understanding the Law of Karma  View

Question Answers by BK Suraj bhai  View

*BK Suraj bhai book- 'Purusharth'  View

Visions of Future (revelationsView

*  Recommended by us

Hindi Books


अध्यात्म की ओर (Spirituality in Life)  View

सम(Samay - the present time)  View

*ड्रामा - Drama (Vishwa Natak Chakra)  View

*कविताएँ (बाबा की प्रेरणा से)- Hindi poems  View

अमृतवेला समय (Avyakt murli points)  View

*कुमारी जीवन - Kumari Jeevan  View

*कुमार जीवन - Kumar Jeevan  View

व्यर्थ संकल्पों के पेपर (अव्यक्त महावाक्य)  View

शांति की शक्ति - Silence Power  View

दिव्य जीवन की धारणए - Divine Virtues  View

संस्कार परिवर्तन व्यव्हार शुद्धि  View

निश्चयबुद्धि विजयन्ति  View

अव्यक्त मुरलियाँ (1969 to 2009)- Avyakt Murli Book (5607 pages)  View

*७ दिवसीय राजयोग कोर्स (7 days course View

ब्रह्मचर्य जीवन (Brahmcharya Hindi)  View


सत्यता (truth) from Avyakt murlis  View

साकार यादें (मम्मा बाबा संग)  View

टीचर्स - For Teachers  View

मन्सा सेवा - Mansa Sewa  View

*प्रश्न एवं उत्तर (Question-Answers)  View

योग के 108 प्रयोग  View

समर्पण से सम्पूर्णता तक  View

अंतिम परीक्षा - Final Paper  View

फूल स्टॉप - The Full Stop  View

*विश्व नाटक चक्र: ज्ञान, पुरुषार्थ  View

*शिव बाबा की अंतिम शिक्षा (Final teachings)  View

More eBooks

Worldwide BK centres 'Address Book'  View

Murli Dictionary (Meaning of Words)  View

Non-BK literature

*  Best sellers


*Conversations With GOD (Book 1)  View

Conversations With God (Book 2)  View

Bhagavad Gita (N/A) View

Man's Search for Meaning  View

The Dhammapada (N/A)  View

*The Alchemist (novel)  View

*Awakening To A New Earth  View

*The Power of NOW (Eckhart Tolle)  View