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Hindi-English Murli Dictionary (Meaning of Words)

Murli Dictionary

Book Description

Find meaning of uncommon Hindi (and Sindhi) words spoken in Baba's Sakar and Avyakt murlis since 1963 to 2015. This is the 'official Murli Dictionary' from Hindi to English. ✶PDF book length: 65 pages ( Please SHARE this page link to BKs in your connection ) ➥All words are captured and its meaning in simple meaning is given in Hindi and English. ✚ ➥Learn the meaning and simplification of many "phrases" spoken in Sakar Murlis (1963 to 1969) ★ ज्ञान मुरली शब्दकोश - शिव बाबा की साकार और अव्यक्त मुरलियों में आये हुए मुश्किल सिन्धी व हिन्दी शब्दों का सरल भाषा में अर्थ आपको इस PDF में मिलेगा। ✿ Please SHARE this ebook page or PDF book to BK brothers & sisters in your connection.


Publisher: Shiv Baba Service Initiative team

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