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Audio Books (in Hindi & English)

Here is a library of Hindi and English Audiobooks, written and narrated by various authors and narrators. The Hindi books are by Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu; while English audiobooks are from various authors. You no longer need to print books to read, as you can now listen to this invaluable spiritual knowledge while walking, working, cooking, driving, or resting. Please Share.

It is said that "Listening is better than reading". You may also download the audio file (mp3) on your computer or smartphone.

Topics cover: Self realisation (Soul), ParamAtma (God/ Shiv baba), Jeevan ke Satya aur Mulya (truth, virtues & divine values), RajYoga course, and more. Advance topics: Purpose of Life, the Way to God, secrets of the Universe, Metaphysical reality, the Dharma of human beings, God's task in the world, nature of the consciousness, time, space, etc.

Audiobook Authors: BK Jagdish bhai, BK Shivani, Eknath Easwaran, Neale Donald Walsch, Alan Watts, Paulo Coelho.

Hindi Audiobooks

1. Parampita ParamAtma ka Parichay  View

2. ParamAtma Shiv Ka Avtaran (Part 1)  View

3. ParamAtma Shiv Ka Avtaran (Part 2)  View

4. SatyaNarayan ki Sacchi Lok-Katha  View

5. Karma ki Guhya G
ati (karmic patterns)  View

6. Sahaj RajYog KarmaYog ki Sthiti  View

7. Jeevan me Sukh aur Shanti ki Prapti  View

8. Tanaav-Mukt Jeevan (stree-free life)  View

9. Brahma Baap Samaan Farishta (angel)  View

10. Jeevan ko Heere (diamond) Jaisa Ba
naye  View

11. DRAMA: Vishwa Natak Chak
ra (SpARC wing)  View

12. Shanti ki Shakti aur Prayog
(SpARC)  View

13. Shanti ki Shakti aur PraYog (
Part 2)  View

14. Sankalp ki Shakti: Thought
Power (SpARC)  View

15. Kumari Jeevan: Part 1
(SpARC)  View

16. Kumari Jeevan: Part 2
(SpARC)  View

17. RajYog course in Hindi Au
dio  View

18. Mamma Saraswati ki Jeevan Kahani  View

English Audiobooks

1. Bhagavad Gita by E. Easwaran  view

2. Conversations With God (Book 1)  view

3. Conversations With God (Book 2)  view

4. Friendship With God by Neale Walsch  view

5. Being Love (P1) by BK Shivani  view

6. Being Love (P2) by BK Shivani  view

7. Being Love (P3) by BK Shivani  view

8. The Dhammapada by E. Easwaran  view

Upanishads by E. Easwaran  view

10. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho  view

11. Revelations on World Transformation by BapDada  view

12. Out of Your Mind by Alan Watts  view

13. Awakenings From The Light
(NDE insights)  view

14. A New Earth: Awakening to Life's Purpose  view

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