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Audio Books (in Hindi & English)

Here is library of Audio books in Hindi, written and narrated by BK Jagdish bhai and edited by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris, Om Shanti Press, Madhuban. Audiobooks from #11 are from SpARC wing, recorded by our BK team, and dark black colored are English audiobooks recorded by BK Smarth (India). Audio-books are made so that you can listen the knowledge without need to print the entire book to read (saving papers), and also no need to look on your phone screen for hours.

It is believed that "Listening is better than reading". You may also download the mp3 file on your computer or phone.

Topics covers: Self realisation (Soul), ParamAtma (God/ Shiv baba), Jeevan ke Satya aur Mulya (truth, virtues & values), RajYoga course, and more.

Audiobook speakers: BK Jagdish bhai, BK Shivani, BK Smarth.

1. Parampita ParamAtma ka Parichay (introduction)

2. ParamAtma Shiv ka Avtaran - Part1

3. ParamAtma Shiv ka Avtaran - Part 2

4. SatyaNarayan ki Sacchi lok Katha

5. Karmo ki Guhya Gati (law of karma)

6. Sahaj RajYog Karma Yog ki sresth Sthiti

7. Jeevan me Saccha Sukh aur Shanti ki Prapti

8. Tanav Mukt Jeevan (stress free life)

9. Brahma Baap Samaan Farista (angel)

10. Jeevan ko Heere jaisa (diamond like) kaise banaye

11. DRAMA - Vishwa Natak Chakra (SpARC wing)

12. Shanti ki Shakti aur Prayog (SpARC wing)

13. Shanti ki Shakti aur Prayog - PART 2

14. Sankalp ki Shakti (Thought Power)- SpARC

15. 'Being Love' part 1 (Awakening English)- BK Shivani

16. 'Being Love' audiobook (part 2)- BK Shivani

17. 'Being Love' audiobook (part 3)- BK Shivani

18. 'Kumari Jeevan' audiobook (part 1)- SpARC wing

19. 'Kumari Jeevan' (Part 2)- SpARC wing

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