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Celibacy ~A Way of Living

Celibacy is understood by the world as to be a virgin for life. But it is not only an external lifestyle, but a way of living. Now we have understood through the Godly teachings, that complete celibacy means to have purity in our mind (in thoughts), purity of mouth (in our words) and purity of the physical body (being a Brahmachari). The subject of purity or celibacy is very very subtle. Hence if one wishes to understand and fully imbibe, then in one-word purity means 'complete Soul Consciousness'.

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Celibacy - holy swan

One of the disciplines of Raja Yoga is the observance of “Brahmacharya” or celibacy. BKs, as they develop, come to understand the value of purity and choose to be celibate while living in the world. Celibacy is the first step for a soul that is becoming pure. The vow of purity, however, is not only a vow of celibacy, but it is also to remain pure in every thought, word, and deed. One may say that celibacy is naturally easy. Others may say, it is almost impossible. Such way also, even those who believe that it is somehow difficult can also certainly try their best. Because not to forget that God himself has directed us this message of purity. Without this virtue (of purity) one will not enter in a divine stage of meditation on God, which is nothing but his remembrance.

Purity in Thoughts

We are what we think. Isn't it? Because that's what I, the self is. What and how I think, is the way I am. With this simple realisation, we make such spiritual effort with an aim to conquer all negative thoughts or say to free up the mind and reinstate its original state of purity. We can make an effort and control the direction of our thoughts. Yes, certainly we cannot stop thinking! But self-realisation guides us, the souls to take back the control of our mind and sense organs. We shall guide the mind on How to think and how much to think. Because even positive thinking should be in a controlled way, a natural way.

The subjects of purity in thoughts is very subtle. When one achieves the complete soul-conscious stage, where no impure, no waste thought can emerge, only then can it be said 100% purity. This stage is achieved by many with a regular and sincere practice of Raja Yog meditation.

Purity in Words

This certainly looks and is easy. Yet, many find it extremely difficult. Hence it can be understood that every soul has a different journey and so has a variety of sanskar, based on their Karma). Thus we all experience the world differently.

When it comes to having complete divinity in words, we say that it depends on the situation. However, the question is of ours. Words reflects our inner world, our inner situation. 'If my inner stage is divine, no matter what comes outside, it cannot shake me a little. But when the inner world is shaken, a little is needed from outside to break you down.' Power to control over the senses is needed. Baba says in Murli: ''Put something in your mouth so that it doesn't disobey you.'' Meaning, when a situation comes and you find out that it can lead to conflict, simply close your mouth and smile. Forget what is going on outside and take a dive into the ocean of peace (god). This is having a direct relation with God, our father.

''Speak Sweet, Speak low, Speak Less.'' - we have made this your slogan and we do practice in our life.

Purity in Actions

The most common meaning taken out of purity is termed as celibacy, which means - the way of life in which one remains free from married or sex life, from the vice of lust and kind of separates the self from the material world. In common term, as we say in Bharat (India) as Sanyaas (renunciation of the material world and family relations, in search of God)


In a subtle look, complete celibacy means to avoid contact with impure thoughts and attitude (vrutti). It is instead renunciation of body consciousness and its related 5 vices, not the world. No one can live without doing Karma.


''A soul who detaches itself from body and body consciousness, one who constantly master the senses, remains detached while doing all activities in service of the world, is best among the beings.'' - Avyakt Murli and Shrimat Geeta


In a brief understanding, one may conclude that Purity is the mother of all other virtues. Soul consciousness is the key to complete and natural purity in mind, words, and thoughts. For this practice, we have made Swamaan commentaries in both Hindi and English. This is the most useful resource for you to start with.


Hindi Swamaan commentaries


English Affirmations commentaries

It is also said that 'What is Eat, you Become'' - the meaning of which is explained: We catch the vibrations of the food which we keep in our stomach. Thus catching those vibrations with time, we adopt the same vibrations. Eating a pure (Sattvik) food is very very important in our journey of spirituality. Even the saints/sages would tell you this. Food which is derived from mother nature and not from animals (vegan food) is considered best for a spiritual lifestyle. Know more about this on our article: Yogi's Diet.

What is Soul Consciousness?


Soul Consciousness – the key to a blissful life

When we are in the state of awareness that “I am a Soul and not this physical body”, then our powers are unlimited, as the soul is not limited to anything. In other words, the person thinks, feels, acts, responds, etc with the awareness that he (soul is referred) is the master of the body. When in soul-consciousness, the original qualities of a soul (peace, purity, love, bliss) naturally emerge. We soul is not dependent on external (physical) things for peace and happiness. They are our inner nature. Vices are the root cause of experiencing sorrow or peaceless-ness. Thus it is now a message of God and it is time to awaken. We all are brothers, son of one incorporeal God.


Practice Soul Consciousness (Swaman - YouTube)

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