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7 days RajYoga Course online


Godly Knowledge of the Creation and the Creator.

7 Days RajYog course includes:

  • Consciousness and self-realisation

  • Connection and relationship with God

  • Three worlds

  • Cycle of time (World Drama)

  • the Law of Karma

  • Our 7 original Virtues

  • Inner Powers of soul

  • Rajyoga meditation (RajYog)

  • Our Four subjects

  • A spiritual lifestyle (Articles)

The essence of Gyan Murli (teachings of incorporeal GodFather Shiv through medium of Prajapita Brahma.

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Soul - Who am I - course Day 1

Day 1

God is One - RajYoga course.jpg

Day 2

3 Worlds -Corporeal, Subtle, Incorporeal

Day 3

World Drama Cycle- Rajyoga course.jpg

Day 4

Karma - Brahma Kumaris

Day 5

8 Powers of Soul - Brahma Kumaris
Rajyoga meditation with Shiv baba

Day 7

Day 6

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