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World Drama Cycle of 5000 years

''World is a Stage and we all are Actors''. The picture below is the World Drama wheel (cycle). It has no beginning, no end. The Full-cycle is shown to be 5000 years in which 4 distinct Ages (time period) are mentioned. From its highest stage (golden age), to its lowest stage (iron age). The World Drama is the story of human souls, our rise and fall, victory and defeat, happiness and suffering, wisdom and ignorance, freedom and bondage of karma. It is the story of a play of good and evil forces, and of the 4 different (spiritual) stages through which human souls and nature passes. It is the story of humanity on its dramatic journey through this eternal world cycle. It is indeed the greatest story ever told...

World Drama Cycle (wheel of 5000 years)
World Cycle in 4 ages- Brahma Kumaris

It is a day and night cycle of happiness and sorrow, simply remembered as our world when it was heaven and the same world when now it has become hell. After the night, the day comes and it repeats as a cycle.  Take, for example, a new-born child is completely pure, and thus loved by everyone. Growing up the purity would gradually fade as the child comes in contact with impurity. Thus we observe that there are stages of purity in a single life as well. Now this is a bigger picture. When we begin worshipping in the copper age, firstly we remain pure because of our devotion towards God. Then gradually, until the end of the Iron Age, as we keep falling in vices, we experience more sorrow. Half of the cycle is called a 'new world' (heaven), while the other half is called 'an old world'.

Science of World Cycle of 5000 years ➜

4 Ages

Golden Age

The play begins. The first human soul - Shri Krishna arrives on the world stage. Many deity souls follow and the New World begins with around 900,000 souls perfect with powers and virtues. These 900,000 souls are the foundation of entire humanity and they are 16 celestial degrees complete with all virtues and powers. This is the perfect world remembered as 'heaven'. Everything is in its highest state. Nature becomes our servant. Every soul is complete and we live as one world family. Only the 'Bharat' continent (covers present India, Nepal, and East Pakistan) exists on earth, covered by ocean from all four sides. Everyone has been given a big space to build their home/palace, with no limitation. Kind and Queen are like parents to their subjects. It is one divine family. Children go to school and learn painting, culture, management, music, and arts. The main subject is art. Everyone is a born artist. There is no burden on anything. Everything is easily obtained. Every day is a festival to celebrate... Read More

Silver Age

Still radiant with divine virtues, souls (actors) are now increased significantly. Now is the time when Kingship and Religion are separated. No longer the king or queen are called the parent (head of the world family) because the family has grown big. There are minor changes in nature and the degree of happiness in souls. From 16 degrees of virtues, souls are now 14 degrees in virtues. The world will now be called the 'Silver Age'. It is not that all gold is converted into silver. No! Buts all gold-like souls are now silver-like and heaven has slightly degraded. There are no vices in any soul yet. Souls are all pure and divine. But the degree of soul-conscious is now lesser, compared with that at the beginning of Satyug (golden age). That is, the power and light in the soul have slightly faded.

​--> In the Golden or Silver Age, there is no existence of sorrow. But Shiv Baba has clarified in many Murli that only the Golden Age (Satyug) will be called Heaven since the Silver Age (Treta Yug) will not be a fully New World. Like a building becomes old with time, so heaven (satyug) becomes old with time. And that older part of Heaven is what we refer to as the Silver Age.

Copper Age

(Beginning of Devotion/Bhakti).

Not a world of happiness, but very important time in the world cycle is the 'Copper Age'. Now the heavenly world has ended as souls forgot their original virtues and became body-conscious and fallen into 5 vices. It is very subtle to understand how the soul and nature are related. When souls are pure, nature is pure and now when souls became impure, nature is impure. A majority of gold existed in the golden and silver ages, and went inside the earth's crust after a major earthquake in the continent of Bharat, at the beginning of the copper age. Golden palaces are merged under the Earth crust. Human beings (who were deities in the golden and silver ages) went into forests and other places to live and started worshipping God. This was a transformation. Now the path of God's worship begins. Shrimat Geeta (song of god) was written as the directions of god for the entire humanity. This was the period when worshipping was just started. We forgot our true spiritual identity and our relationship with the Supreme Soul (god), and hence a search for God began...

Fathers of religions (Ibrahim, Gautam Buddha, and Jesus Christ) came to play their part of establishment of their religions. They gave the message of God and showed the way of living a life that leads us to God. The path of devotion continued, with a rise in sorrow.

Iron Age and Confluence Age

When the iron age starts, all 3 religions (Islam, Buddhist, and Christianity) are already established and widespread. But now humans kept losing its true spiritual identity and went far from God. There has been a decline in moral, ethical and spiritual values. Human beings are chained to habits. With time, the world is now divided into many religions and casts. Wars among different religions started. Kings became weak internally and many lost their kingdoms after lust and ego. By the end of kali yuga, Bharat (India) loses all its wealth and becomes poor. Worshipping also reaches its maximum height as sorrow is spread.

This is now, the time again when God himself has to come and re-establish the true religion (dharma), transform the world, and liberate all souls from the cycle. Those souls who were in the Golden and silver ages will first receive the message and knowledge from him (because they worshipped God since the beginning of the copper age)

The director of world drama becomes the primary actor. He appears quietly in one corner of the stage and begins to unveil the truths (of the soul, supreme soul, world drama, gives inheritance of heaven and he guides the path of liberation). This is the true path to upliftment and fulfillment of life. These words of truth (Murli), when heard and churned by us; there is an awakening. Standing at the end of the cycle, we souls can again observe our own journey – from divinity to duality, from gold to iron. With knowledge of the truth and love for God in heart, we are united in our vision of the approaching benevolent golden morning. The darkness of the night slowly lightens into the dawn of the new day. Humanity has come full circle. We have experiences both heaven and hell, and now, it is the time again to go back home (soul world).


'As in a Drama (a play), all actors are playing here according to their roles.' Roles are decided according to their talents, virtues and capacity. No two actors have the same role. God gives everyone equally and abundantly. We receive differently according to our capacity. As the teacher teaches all his students equally and yet some get merit and some even fail. Now try to understand the Drama of life. We all get an equal opportunity at the beginning. Then according to our Karma, we shape our future or say our entire destiny. We all share a relationship of brothers and sisters. We can never know why, because we have forgotten our Father.

Everything that exists here, goes through 4 stages. The first stage is Satopradhan (purest) to the last stage is Tamo (impure). Sun hides at night and comes back in the morning. New to old and old to new. To understand the deep secrets, listen to Soul Talk episodes.

The Father says: ''I come every 5000 years, at the end of Kalpa (end of Kaliyug and beginning of Satyug), to speak the same knowledge to you, through which you are liberated from sorrow and receive an inheritance of GoldenAge (Satyug) according to your Purusharth (the extent to which you have followed Shrimat). This is an eternal Drama (never began, will never end)''

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