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Revelations on Gautam Buddha and Buddhism

On this article you will know who was Siddharth Gautam Buddha, the time of his coming (2250 years ago) and his task of establishment of the religion of Buddhism. Everything that you need to know about his life, task and after task. A complete biography. Visit then our main section - GOD's revelations.


Siddharth Guatam Buddha - the Person

While you are right that in that time, about 2200 years ago, there were yet many guru (spiritual guides) who were practicing similar methods for liberation from life or to attain the knowledge of self and god, yet only Buddha was successful in claiming the self-realisation, and that too very soon as he sat under the famous Buddha tree. Intentions were quite clear. If one attains complete detachment from the material world, then he comes closer to reaching God, which is the goal of human life as understood by sages of that time.

➥But even when all the sanyasi (those who renunciate and live away from the family life) did not reach that stage of liberation. This was an excellent observation of Mahatma Buddha (that time, Siddharth) and hence he decided to choose a middle way (he called it the balancing force). In this middle way, he preached that one may stay in their family, with their wife and children, enjoy the pleasures of life, and yet renunciate the worldly matters, the attachment towards everyone. This pleased many regional Kings during that time, as Kings cannot leave their Kingdom and its people aside and go and live in a forest. Hence this way Buddha's teachings spread with the help of Kings.

➥This was a fantastic way to see life. New and yet not new. This attracted thousands of followers to Buddha at that time also. Many visited him to get a solution to their life challenges. They began to see Buddha (Siddharth) as a self-realised person. He used to give a brief solution to those coming with long problems. He always encouraged others to think and find a solution themselves, and not to just blindly follow what he says. This nature of buddha, brings him closer to your heart, doesn't it?

Guatam Buddha under tree

✶Creation of Religion (Buddhism)

In this, you will learn the process of the creation of Buddhism religion formed and shaped by the vocal teachings of Mahatma Buddha (Siddharth Gautam)

The coming of the Soul of Buddha

2250 years ago from now (refer World Drama Cycle), as the story goes, there was a wealthy and happy kingdom in north-eastern ancient India. Siddharth was born for a great life, as a prince of a wealthy kingdom. As Siddharth himself said later, he had almost everything available in his palace. He had four palaces for four seasons. As a brahman predicted, Siddharth began to develop detachment from the world at a young age. He began to realise that life is meant to die one day in sorrow. There is old age, disease and inability. Seeing this, he deeply decided to find a way out of this for the whole world.

➥Now what? One day he finds a Sanyasi (one who have left home for hermitage). He questioned his friend - ''Who is this person and why is he wearing such clothes''. The friend answered, and then you can guess what would happen. It is as if a thirsty person get to an ocean! Now, who can stop the prince to renunciate everything and become a Sanyasi to get his answers of life! He tried to convince his father to let him go on the path of renunciation. But after an unsuccessful prayer to his father, the king, prince Siddharth had to marry. After a few years of marriage, he is still attracted to a life of 'renunciation' as he is now even more desperate to find answers to life. So he escaped, leaving his wife and his newborn son.

➥Initial days were hard for Siddharth, as he would have never stayed hungry, back in his palace. Taking inspiration from the saint, he sat in meditation under the famous Buddha tree for days. This was his search for self-realisation.

➥Yes, Buddha never tried to create a different culture or religion from what already existed in ancient India (Bharat). He only showed an accurate understanding of what God delivered in the Shrimat Bhagavad Geeta. In chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Shrimat Geeta, it is emphasized that one should work in the name of almighty, for the welfare of the world, while not seeing the results (fruit of activities) and one should surrender the fruit to the supreme (God). This way you will stay free from the bondage of Karma and yet enjoy the fruits of your good deeds.

➥The same was explained by the Buddha in a simple and accurate way, Hence conclude that Buddha is really just a wise Soul who took meaningful derivation through constant meditation and applied to his own life and then inspired others as well.

➥Then as hundreds of years passed, people who are followers, made Buddha look as a divine being and started worshipping. But it is said by Buddha himself, not to worshipping the stones, while God is not in his creation. God is above and beyond. And that is what meditation is. Meditation is introspection within the self, and a search for supreme, as a reflection to our own inner nature.

(Shrimat Geeta and many other scriptures supports the fact, that we all beings are created in God's image. God is our creator, father, teacher and a guide of all. Religions are established at times and places to show a way to humanity, to follow God, to teach, not to liberate anyone from life. No one can be liberated from this cycle. Life is eternal, as the Soul is eternal.)

✽ After Task ✽

After the Buddha left his corporeal body, the soul still has a part to establish the religion (according to its part in World Drama) and hence the soul has to take another body to fulfill this task.

As revealed by Shiv baba in Murlis, the dharma atma (souls who established religions. Eg: Ibrahim, Buddha, Christ, etc) does not take birth through a mother's womb. Instead, those souls come from the above (soul world) and enter a body, through that medium they speak the teachings and thus establish their faith. This way the religions are established.


The revelation from Gyan Murli, is that Buddha lived 2250 years ago from now, also joins that Ibrahim lived 2500 years ago, while Christ lived 2000 years ago.

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