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Biography (Life Story) of Great Souls

Whom the world still remember and worship. Here, you will learn what service they did to the world.

Life Story and History of Prajapita Brahma Baba, Jagadamba Saraswati Mamma, Dadi Prakashmani, Dadi Janki, Dadi Gulzar, Dadi Ratan Mohini, BK Suraj bhai and BK sister Shivani with videos on Introduction and Interviews.

NOTE: Here are life stories of some great souls of Shiv baba's Gyan Yagya. Many other souls whose names are not mentioned here are also invaluable gems including those who went in advance.

Brahma Baba standing.JPG

Prajapita Brahma Baba

God's medium - World Father (Adam)

Dadi Prakashmani.jpg

Dadi Prakashmani (Kumarka)

Elder Dadi - a Diamond of Light

Dadi Janki.jpg

Dadi Janki (Janak)

Soft Hearted - a Carefree King

Dadi Ratan Mohini.jpg

Dadi Ratan Mohini

A Jewel who attracts Jewels

BK Shivani Sister.jpg

BK Sister Shivani

'Shiv ki Vaani' - Kind voice of God. A Peaceful soul.

Mamma BK Saraswati ji.jpg
Great Souls of Yagya.jpg

5 shining Diamonds of Baba's heart. Learn about Life and roles of these jewels in bringing the new world.

Jagadamba Saraswati (Mamma)

No 1 Godly student - World Mother (Eve)

Didi manmohini ji

Didi Manmohini ji

2nd Head: Royal, Deep thinker

Sakar Baba Mamma
Dadi Gulzar.jpg

Dadi Gulzaar (Hridaya Mohini)

Rose Garden - One who 'Attracts' hearts

bk jayanti sister

BK Sister Jayanti

Senior RajYogi sister: Head of Europe zone

BK Suraj bhai.jpg

BK Suraj bhai

Giver of rays of knowledge from God


We do recognise the immense contribution of Aadi Ratan souls (those who formed the 'Om Mandli'  in 1940s and today remembered as Dadis and Dadas) whose name is not mentioned here. Including: Dadi (Chandramani, Brij-Indra, Shantamani, Hriday-Pushpa), Dada (Anand Kishore, Vishwa Kishore), Jagdish bhai (author), and more...

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