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Shiv Baba's Message (God's Letter)

MUST READ. THIS IS GODLY MESSAGE and an essence of what is taught through Brahma Kumaris Godfatherly University. Please also SHARE this to others. This is all beneficial. To download or print the message, here is the PDF version.

Before we begin, if you are New to BKWSU, we first advise to visit our About Us page and then after take the 'online' 7 days course to understand the essence of Godly knowledge. If you already know about us, please continue to the below Godly message.

Shiv Baba Message -Brahma Kumaris

I am your Spiritual Father

My sweetest children, you have all heard about me, read about me. But now the time has come for me to talk to you directly, to tell you the truth you have been looking for. Before I tell you about myself, let me remind you about yourself. Sweet children, you are not who you think you are – name, religion, profession, relationship… you are not even this body which you see with your physical eyes. You are a pure being of consciousness, a tiny sparkling star of living energy, which uses this body to play many roles. You are a pure, peaceful, loveful, powerful soul.

For many many births, you have called me. You did penance and charity to attain me. My sweet children, now I have come. I am your spiritual father. I come at the end of the iron age to re-establish the new world, which you remember as 'heaven', the golden age. I come only now, when the world has come in its lowest stage. Only now do I restore the original state of the world. Those children who follow my shrimat (directions) would become purified by Yog with me, from their past karma and hence they will take their next birth in the coming world. Those who will not follow the shrimat, will have to stay in the soul world, while they will not come in satyug (heaven).

Our Story

Before coming into this world, you all lived in your home… the soul world… a land of complete silence and purity. But you, my sweet children, had to play your role on this earth, for which you left your home and came into this world. When you first came to this world you were complete, perfect and divine. Each one of you had a perfect physical costume (body) to wear and this world was a perfect world… a world of divinity, love and prosperity, known as the Paradise, Heaven, Swarg, Jannat, Baahist, Garden of Allah… When your body would get old, you would just change and wear a new physical costume and continue to enjoy your play in this eternal Drama. With passing of time, more and more children from the soul world joined you in this world. You all were enjoying this world of happiness, called the Golden Age (Satyuga) and Silver Age (Tretayuga). This world which you still remember as heaven.

Tip: Watch our film- Lost and Found (Our story)

Your Story

As you continued to play your part on the world stage for a very long time, your purity and power slowly started to reduce. You forgot your own self and thought you were the body you were wearing and thus lust, anger, ego, attachment and greed came into your interactions. The love and harmony which was there amongst you was lost and you started cheating and fighting with each other. When you experienced pain and sorrow, you started calling out to me. You started looking for me, you had forgotten that I, your Father, stays in the soul world. You started looking for me in your own world. You had a faint memory that I like you, am a being of light,  so you started building temples where you made a symbol of my form to remember me.

Also, the world saw some elder children come to your world to guide you like - Ibrahim, Christ, Gautam Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak. They came to teach you the right way of living. They reminded you of me and they came to connect you to me.

As time passed, you got divided in the name of religion, nationalities, caste, and creed. You, my sweet children, started waging wars in my name. You built temples of your ancestors, the divine souls who had lived in your world in the Golden and Silver Age (or Heaven) –Shri Lakshmi Narayan, Shri Ram Sita, and more. You built temples to glorify them and you started looking for me in them. As your cries increased, your search for me became more intense. You even looked for me in nature. Some of you dedicated your life to search for me but still could not find me. Some of you got so entangled in your world of science and technology that you even believed that I do not exist. This was the time of the Copper Age (Dwaparyuga) and Iron Age (Kaliyuga).

Tip: Watch this film- GOD speaks to Us

You thought I decide your destiny whenever you had a problem, and so you blamed me for it and prayed to me again to correct it. My innocent child, how can I, your most beloved father give you any form of sorrow? Sweet children, I am your Father, can I ever give you disease, poverty, injustice, conflict, and natural calamities? Everything in your world works according to the law of 'collective consciousness' and the Law of Karma, that you only get a return for what thoughts you create and actions you perform. You are the creators of your world. You are the children of God. I can give you the knowledge and power to create a wonderful destiny. But for that, you need to connect to me and received and imbibe the knowledge I give.

Sweet Children, your search for me now ends. I have come to remind you of who you are and who I am - and what is the relationship which we share.

My lovely children, like you, I am also a being of spiritual light. I am the Ocean of Purity, the Ocean of Love, and the Ocean of Knowledge. You have called out to me by many names. I am your Father, Teacher, and Guide. You children take a body and come into the cycle of birth and death, I do not take a body. I live in the soul world, a land of silence and purity which is also the home from where you all came to this world. I will give you knowledge, love, and power to purify you.

Sweet children, become aware of your original self and connect to me. Remember me and reclaim your inheritance of Peace, Purity, Bliss, Powers, and Love. By constantly fixing your mind towards me, you will be purified from the vices and your past life sins. Purified thus, you will help me in creating a world for you the sweetest children where Peace is the religion, Love is the language, unity is the relationship, Truth is in action and Happiness is the way of living - a world which you still remember and call it 'heaven'.

~~~~~~ Message ends ~~~~~~

♔ A New World Morning for you… Your dream is very soon turning into a reality ♔

Satyug by GOD Shiv baba

Above is a picture of Golden Age (Satyug/Heaven). This is the world that God has come to create. By the purification of souls, nature (and its five elements) will be purified and thus such a perfect world will be established. This is called 'The Godly Kingdom', where Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan rules. The world is one big family. There is purity, peace, love, and joy. Nature is a servant. How will this world be established? Learn more here -> Golden Age World and here -> World Transformation

Watch this video: "World Drama Cycle" (Hindi)

( Visit our Videos Gallery to watch more such videos in English also)

Now that you have received God's divine message, come and learn about what is Gyan Murli which we the BK godly students study every day.


How God Teaches: God Father Shiva teaches us children (students) through the corporeal medium of Prajapita Brahma (in whom he enters and speaks). Murlis are the unadulterated original versions of Shiv Baba our Supreme father, teacher, and satguru. To know more, please refer to the page: What is Murli?


Gyan murli is a daily food for our thoughts. Murli, in general, is composed on 4 subjects. They are:

1. Gyan (knowledge)

2. Yog (shrimat to remember one Shiv baba

3. Dharna (to imbibe divine virtues in practical life

4. Sewa (service as per God's shrimat


The essence of all four subjects is 'Karma Yog' - meaning; to do all day to day tasks and activities as per shrimat in remembrance of one father - Shiv baba. This raises our 'consciousness' level. We stay in constant awareness thus, that ''I AM A SOUL''. This soul consciousness reflects in our tasks, thoughts, and relationships. It is not chanting, repeating or learning by rote, but being 'aware' of our spiritual identity while doing all the required tasks. 

Murli is the nectar that the students of this spiritual family receive. Its God’s versions for his children. Murli covers many topics which when we implement in our day to day life bring a magical transformation in self as far as dealing with life’s challenges. In short, Murli is the Karma Darshan of self. By reading the excerpts of Murli we analyse the quality of our Karma.

There are two types of Murli:


(1) Sakar Murlis - Sakar Murlis are the unadulterated original versions of ShivBaba, our Supreme Teacher as initially and actually spoken by Him through His medium Brahma Baba since 1936 to 1969 (referred to as 'SAKAAR' Murlis). Listen to the Original Sakar Murlis


(2) Avyakt Murli - Avyakt murlis are divine versions spoken by BapDada i.e. both ShivBaba and Brahma Baba through Their medium Dadi Gulzaar since 1969 up to date after Brahma Baba attained his Stage of Perfection. Shivbaba and Brahmababa are both together affectionately called BaapDada. BAAP means the Father and DADA mean elder brother or an ancestor. Listen to Avyakt Murli records.


These precious teachings have been preserved through the years and circulated to all the Brahma Kumaris branches throughout the world and read out daily during 'Murli Class' in the morning and evening times.

Shiv Baba says:

The world cycle is at its end. Now I have come to take you all children back to our sweet home. For that, first become pure. Remove the 5 vices (lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment). These 5 vices have given you sorrow. Now awaken your original virtues of purity, peace, love, bliss, and knowledge. As you become more and more aware of the self, as a SOUL, you will experience my presence, just above your head. My sweet children, my love for you is eternal. I have come to free you from sorrow and establish the world of Golden age, which you still remember as 'heaven'. Those who will follow my directions will definitely earn a place in that coming heavenly world."

Tip: Watch video: God speaks to Us (English voiced)

What is Raja Yoga?

RajYoga means- to recognise and experience your-self as a Soul (a tiny point of divine light), and in this soul-conscious stage, remember the supreme soul (our spiritual father). This is just as how you remember your physical father or mother, who gave you birth. You remember them naturally. Just as that, when we are in a 'soul-conscious' stage, we can remember the Supreme soul naturally. Hence becoming "Soul-conscious" is the first step to RajYoga.

He is the supreme soul, whom we have been calling God, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Allah, and so on. We have been calling him for many many births. Now he has come, to give us the true knowledge, to purify us, and take us back to the 'soul world', from where we all souls come in this physical (corporeal) world to play our roles.

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