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God Speaks To Us (English)

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Video Description

10 mins clip from 'Voice of Truth (English film). Shiv Baba, our spiritual father speaks to us children - How you forgot me, then built temples, mosque, church to signify me. You renunciated family life and sat for lifetime meditation (Samadhi) to find me, to experience me. You written holy books to glorify me. You also fought battles in my name. You children have wrote poems and literature in my name. And much more you have did in the past, to meet me, to know me. Here I am now - in front of you, my most beloved, long-lost and now found children. I have come to re-establish the religion of purity, peace, love and therfore a world which you still remember as heaven, or Satyug (Golden age). ''Recognise yourself as a soul, and remember me alone. My undeviated remembrance will erase your sins of past lives, and purify you from the impurities of 5 vices. You will become pure and perfect, just as you were when you first came in the world to play a part in this world drama.'' Come... Listen to the words of truth... Come and know your long lost and now found father - Shiv Baba, and clain your inheritenance of knowledge, peace and prosperity for many many births. (Visit WISDOM section on this website to take the 'online 7 days course')
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