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  • Daily Inspirations » Brahma Kumaris

    ⇦ Services Messages ⇨ Daily Inspirations These daily inspirations will awakening you within, place you incharge of your life, and guide you to become a better version of yourself, heal relationships, and serve the world. Date Topic 2023-12-06 A New Response 2023-12-05 Chasing Desires 2023-12-04 Fragrance of Positive Thoughts 2023-12-03 The Key to Peace 2023-12-02 Enjoy Contentment 2023-12-01 Success Mantra 2023-11-30 The Colour of Flowers 2023-11-29 Accepting, not Resisting 2023-11-28 Connecting With Others 2023-11-27 Forgive and Forget 2023-11-26 Giving is Receiving 2023-11-25 Inner Power & Protection 2023-11-24 Introversion 2023-11-23 Importance of Silence 2023-11-22 Peace, Love & Happiness 2023-11-21 Big and Generous Hearts 2023-11-20 Changing Times 2023-11-18 Unconditionally Accept 2023-11-17 Power Of Goodwill 2023-11-16 Great Expectations 2023-11-15 Stop Comparing 2023-11-14 Practising Meditation 2023-11-13 Just Like a Tea Bag 2023-11-12 Love Work 2023-11-11 Send Peace 2023-11-10 Be Awe – Full 2023-11-09 Nurture Nature 2023-11-08 Awakening Self-Awareness 2023-11-07 Go Deep 2023-11-06 Cultivate Innate Wisdom 2023-11-05 Moving On Forward 2023-11-04 Resolve Conflict 2023-11-03 Banish Ego 2023-11-02 Self Management 2023-11-01 Spotting the Qualities 2023-10-31 Remaining Focused 2023-10-30 Heal Yourself 2023-10-29 Perfect Day 2023-10-28 Energy is Balanced 2023-10-27 Say Goodbye 2023-10-26 Power to Adjust 2023-10-25 Restoring Inner Peace 2023-10-24 No Give or Take Sorrow 2023-10-23 Why Worry, Have Faith 2023-10-22 Best Way to Help 2023-10-21 Listen to Inner Voice 2023-10-20 Virtue of Tolerance 2023-10-19 Overcome Anger 2023-10-18 Beauty, Truth, Peace, Happiness 2023-10-17 Seeing Only Specialities 2023-10-16 Talking To The Self 2023-10-15 Conscious Choices 2023-10-14 Go Giver 2023-10-13 Look for Goodness 2023-10-12 Near Contentment 2023-10-11 The Best Friend 2023-10-10 Positivity 2023-10-09 Experience God 2023-10-08 First Thought 2023-10-07 Value of 'Patience' 2023-10-06 Pursue Wisdom 2023-10-05 Staying Peaceful 2023-10-04 Que Sera, Sera 2023-10-03 Less Is More 2023-10-02 Give Love To Everyone 2023-10-01 Response Able 2023-09-30 Seed of Peace 2023-09-29 Bring Out Best in Others 2023-09-28 Look Inwards 2023-09-27 Barriers to Love 2023-09-26 Embrace Change 2023-09-25 Banish Sorrow 2023-09-24 Create Vision 2023-09-23 Give Blessings 2023-09-22 Be Here Now 2023-09-21 You Are What You Think 2023-09-20 Transform Negativity 2023-09-19 Keep It Simple 2023-09-18 Coolness 2023-09-17 Big Heart 2023-09-16 Touch The Stillness 2023-09-15 Deadline Stress 2023-09-14 Recipe For Happiness 2023-09-13 Simplicity Is Beauty 2023-09-12 Don’t Miss The Essence 2023-09-11 Being With Myself 2023-09-10 Power On 2023-09-09 Think in A New Way 2023-09-08 Lasting Happiness 2023-09-07 Spiritual Make Up 2023-09-06 Letting Go 2023-09-05 Give Up the Habit of Worrying 2023-08-24 Values of True Friendship 2023-08-01 Pure and Positive Thoughts 2023-07-31 Original Peace 2023-07-30 Heart’s Call 2023-07-29 Letting Everything Go Its Way 2023-07-28 See Other's Point of View 2023-07-27 What Is Meditation? 2023-07-26 A Free Mind 2023-07-25 Just Like a Tea Bag 2023-07-24 Love and Discipline 2023-07-22 Illusion Of Dependency 2023-07-21 Be Unlimited 2023-07-20 Eye of the Storm 2023-07-19 All We Need Is Love 2023-07-18 Walk Quickly 2023-07-17 Forgive and Forget 2023-07-16 No Problem 2023-07-15 Need Nothing 2023-07-14 Eternal Star 2023-07-12 Choose Feelings 2023-07-11 Fragrance of Positivity 2023-07-10 Holiday Everyday 2023-07-09 Value Of Patience 2023-07-08 Resent Not 2023-07-07 Wake Up Early 2023-07-06 Choices, Our Decisions 2023-07-05 The Law of Karma 2023-07-04 Going with the flow 2023-07-03 Think BIG 2023-07-02 The Secret Ingredient 2023-07-01 Power of Positivity 2023-06-30 Thoughts, Words & Actions 2023-06-28 Ability to Bend Without Breaking 2023-06-27 Trust Grows From Faith 2023-06-26 Radiate Light 2023-06-25 Be A Trustee 2023-06-24 Forgetting & Remembering 2023-06-23 The Virtue of Sweetness 2023-06-22 Give Time 2023-06-21 True Success 2023-06-20 "Human Being" 2023-06-19 You Are What You Think 2023-06-18 Exercising the Mind 2023-06-17 Think In A New Way 2023-06-16 Drama Of Life 2023-06-15 Karma is A Ripple 2023-06-14 Mindful Moments 2023-06-12 "Make Time" 2023-06-11 Gift of the Present 2023-06-10 Go Deep Within 2023-06-08 Spotting Goodness 2023-06-05 Power Of Love 2023-06-04 Enthusiasm Within 2023-06-03 Learn To Love Ourselves 2023-06-02 Garden Of Your Mind 2023-06-01 Surrender Gracefully

  • A New Response | Brahma Kumaris Inspirations

    ⇦ Inspirations Messages ⇨ 2023-12-06 A New Response ⇦ ⇨ If you can see and accept that you create your own stress according to how you are responding, you will then see that there is something you need to unlearn as well as learn. The old response needs to be unlearned, and a new response needs to be learned. Suggested Link ➔ Learn: "Satyug" (New World) Please SHARE this page link

  • Message of the Day | Brahma Kumaris

    ⇦ Services SHARE Daily Messages Daily thought-provoking messages for better, happier & conscious living. (Date wise: Newest on top) Date Topic 2023-12-06 Overcoming Stress (Part 3) 2023-12-05 Overcoming Stress (Part 2) 2023-12-04 Overcoming Stress (Part 1) 2023-12-03 Laws of Meditation (Part 2) 2023-12-02 Laws of Meditation (Part 1) 2023-12-01 Don't Postpone Happiness 2023-11-30 How To Bless Yourself 2023-11-28 Breaking the Cycle of Negativity (P4) 2023-11-27 Breaking the Cycle of Negativity (P3) 2023-11-26 Breaking the Cycle of Negativity (P2) 2023-11-25 Breaking the Cycle of Negativity (P1) 2023-11-24 Positive Thinking & Visualization 2023-11-23 A No-Complaint Day 2023-11-22 Enhancing Inner Beauty 2023-11-21 More Creative Everyday 2023-11-20 Speak Clean, Kind & Beautiful 2023-11-19 Facing Situations with Spiritual Power (P3) 2023-11-18 Facing Situations with Spiritual Power (P2) 2023-11-17 Facing Situations with Spiritual Power (P1) 2023-11-16 Overcome Any Addiction 2023-11-15 Vibrations >> Words 2023-11-14 Spiritual Roses of God 2023-11-13 Love Has No Expectations 2023-11-12 Lighting My Soul (Diwali P2) 2023-11-11 Lighting My Soul (Diwali P1) 2023-11-10 Overcome Frustration 2023-11-09 5 Ways to Remain Stable 2023-11-08 Newness At Every Step (P3) 2023-11-07 Newness At Every Step (P2) 2023-11-06 Newness At Every Step (P1) 2023-11-05 Correct People Respectfully 2023-11-04 Free From Revenge 2023-11-03 Experience Unconditional Love 2023-11-02 5 Ways to Bring Happiness 2023-11-01 GOD: The Alpha Point 2023-10-31 Hold On To Your Values 2023-10-30 Make Rules Lovefully 2023-10-29 Choose Right Karma (Part 3) 2023-10-28 Choose Right Karma (Part 2) 2023-10-27 Choose Right Karma (Part 1) 2023-10-26 See Solutions, Not Problems 2023-10-25 Overcome Self-Doubt & Insecurities 2023-10-24 Meaning of Dussehra (P2) 2023-10-23 Meaning of Dussehra (P1) 2023-10-22 Dreams to Reality (P2) 2023-10-21 Dreams to Reality (P1) 2023-10-20 INDIA: The Golden Sparrow 2023-10-19 Don’t Even Create Anger 2023-10-18 Speak Less, Slowly & Softly 2023-10-17 An Emotional Detox 2023-10-16 Experience Divinity (Part 2) 2023-10-15 Experience Divinity (Part 1) 2023-10-14 Being Before Doing 2023-10-13 5 Aspects Of Success (P3) 2023-10-12 5 Aspects Of Success (P2) 2023-10-11 5 Aspects Of Success (P1) 2023-10-10 10 Pearls Of Meditation (P2) 2023-10-09 10 Pearls Of Meditation (P1) 2023-10-08 SOUL playing the ROLE 2023-10-07 Seeds of A Relationship 2023-10-06 Let Go Off the Past (P3) 2023-10-05 Let Go Off the Past (P2) 2023-10-04 Let Go Off the Past (P1) 2023-10-03 Art of Respecting your Body 2023-10-02 Contentment in Life 2023-10-01 Final Moments of World Drama 2023-09-30 Greetings That Matter 2023-09-29 Discriminating Correctly & Clearly 2023-09-28 Mirrors For Inner Beauty (P4) 2023-09-27 Mirrors For Inner Beauty (P3) 2023-09-26 Mirrors For Inner Beauty (P2) 2023-09-25 Mirrors For Inner Beauty (P1) 2023-09-24 Positive in Negative Situations 2023-09-23 Give YourSelf Affirmations 2023-09-22 Traffic Jam: On Road or In Mind? 2023-09-21 Truth of Ganesh Chaturthi (P3) 2023-09-20 Truth of Ganesh Chaturthi (P2) 2023-09-19 Truth of Ganesh Chaturthi (P1) 2023-09-18 Eating Less, Eating Slowly 2023-09-17 Overcoming Worry (Part 2) 2023-09-16 Overcoming Worry (Part 1) 2023-09-15 10 Steps to Good Lifestyle (P3) 2023-09-14 10 Steps to Good Lifestyle (P2) 2023-09-13 10 Steps to a Good Lifestyle (P1) 2023-09-12 Time Cannot Heal 2023-09-11 Won God's Heart? 2023-09-10 3 Wrong Beliefs & the Truth (P2) 2023-09-09 3 Wrong Beliefs & the Truth (P1) 2023-09-08 Be Emotional or Not? (Part 3) 2023-09-07 Be Emotional or Not? (Part 2) 2023-09-06 Be Emotional or Not? (Part 1) 2023-09-05 A Fresh View for All 2023-09-04 Likes on Social Media Matter? 2023-09-03 Spirituality In Our Lives? 2023-09-02 Overcoming Work Stress 2023-09-01 Concentration Of Mind 2023-08-31 Apply One Value Each Day 2023-08-30 Celebrating Raksha Bandhan (Part 3) 2023-08-29 Celebrating Raksha Bandhan (Part 2) 2023-08-28 Celebrating Raksha Bandhan (Part 1) 2023-08-27 Living With Positivity (Part 3) 2023-08-26 Living With Positivity (Part 2) 2023-08-25 Living With Positivity (Part 1) 2023-08-24 5 Tips to Free from Hurry 2023-08-23 Love Yourself 2023-08-22 Know Your Strength & Weakness 2023-08-21 Beautiful Relationships (Part 3) 2023-08-20 Beautiful Relationships (Part 2) 2023-08-19 Beautiful Relationships (Part 1) 2023-08-18 Shield Of Positivity 2023-08-17 When A Loved One is in Pain 2023-08-16 Everyday Is A Perfect Day 2023-08-15 God’s Vision of India (Part 2) 2023-08-14 God’s Vision of India (Part 1) 2023-08-13 Be Easy, Not Busy 2023-08-12 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P6) 2023-08-11 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P5) 2023-08-10 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P4) 2023-08-09 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P3) 2023-08-08 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P2) 2023-08-07 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P1) 2023-08-06 Cleaning Mind Before Sleeping 2023-08-05 Trust in God (5 steps) 2023-08-04 Free From Hatred 2023-08-03 Rest, Refresh & Rejuvenate Mind 2023-08-01 Awakening the Positivity (Part 2) 2023-07-31 Awakening Positivity Within (part 1) 2023-07-30 Honor Every Commitment 2023-07-29 You Can Change Any Habit 2023-07-28 Is Reincarnation A Reality? 2023-07-27 Connecting Others With God 2023-07-26 Love Every Moment of Eating 2023-07-25 Making Office Space Spiritual 2023-07-24 4 Subjects of Rajyoga (Part 2) 2023-07-23 4 Subjects of Rajyoga (Part 1) 2023-07-22 Let Go Of Ego 2023-07-21 Art of Self Control 2023-07-20 Positive Living (Part 5) 2023-07-19 Positive Living (Part 4) 2023-07-18 Positive Living (Part 3) 2023-07-17 Positive Living (Part 2) 2023-07-16 Positive Living (Part 1) 2023-07-15 Self Realization (Part 2) 2023-07-14 Self Realization (Part 1) 2023-07-13 Be Happy, Be Healthy 2023-07-12 Who Writes My Destiny? 2023-07-11 8 Affirmations For Success 2023-07-10 Overcome Irritation 2023-07-09 Believe & You Will Succeed 2023-07-08 God Is Not Omnipresent (Part 2) 2023-07-07 God Is Not Omnipresent (Part 1) 2023-07-06 Enjoy Every Moment Of Eating 2023-07-05 Make Your Office Spiritual 2023-07-04 Don't Worry What Others Think (Part 2) 2023-07-03 Don't Worry What Others Think (Part 1) 2023-07-02 Co-operation for a Joyful World (Part 3) 2023-07-01 Co-operation for a Joyful World (Part 2) 2023-06-30 Co-operation for a Joyful World (Part 1) 2023-06-29 Inhale Strengths, Exhale Weaknesses 2023-06-28 Respect vs Regard 2023-06-27 The Ego Sacrifice (Part 3) 2023-06-26 The Ego Sacrifice (Part 2) 2023-06-25 The Ego Sacrifice (Part 1) 2023-06-24 Goodness Vibration 2023-06-23 Profitable Karmic Balance 2023-06-22 5 Ways To Take Blessings From God 2023-06-21 Recording Scenes Carefully 2023-06-20 Overcoming Anger (Part 2) 2023-06-19 Overcoming Anger (Part 1) 2023-06-18 7 Benefits Of Meditation 2023-06-17 Letting Go Easily 2023-06-16 Celebrating Happiness of Others 2023-06-15 Independant Self Esteem (Part 2) 2023-06-14 Independant Self Esteem (Part 1) 2023-06-13 My Will-Power is Strength 2023-06-12 Genius: Hard Work or Talent? 2023-06-11 Peace After a Conflict 2023-06-10 Experiencing Happiness in Journey 2023-06-09 Purifying Food Water Air (part 4) 2023-06-08 Purifying Food Water Air (part 3) 2023-06-07 Purifying Food Water Air (part 2) 2023-06-06 Purifying Food Water Air (part 1) 2023-06-05 A Diary of Gratitude 2023-06-04 5 Ways to Become Fearless 2023-06-03 Open to Changes in Life 2023-06-02 Our Attitude (Part 3) 2023-06-01 Our Attitude (Part 2) 2023-05-31 Our Attitude (Part 1) 2023-05-30 Affirmations For Peace 2023-05-29 Work-Life Balance 2023-05-28 Traffic Control 2023-05-27 7 Days Course (Part 6) 2023-05-26 7 Days Course (Part 5) 2023-05-25 7 Days Course (Part 4) 2023-05-24 7 Days Course (Part 3) 2023-05-23 7 Days Course (Part 2) 2023-05-22 7 Days Course (Part 1) 2023-05-21 Writing Letters to God 2023-05-20 Appreciating People Genuinely 2023-05-19 Increase Soul Power by Meditation

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Blog posts (1077)

  • Thought Of The Day: December 2023

    Get Brahma Kumaris "Thought for Today" calendar with all individual days from 1st to 31st December 2023 ➤View Hindi and English calendars (jpg image) or download a single PDF file (of the entire month) or get the "full version" of the daily inspirations on this google folder (for Dec 2023) This post is updated daily ➥Please SHARE (WhatsApp⇗) this post. Send the post link to BK brothers and sisters in your connection. Visit useful links for more resources and get daily sustenance on this website. Choose Calendar language: Hindi English ✦ Hindi Calendars ✦ कैलेंडर को पढ़ने के २ तरीके : 1. पुरे महीने का एक PDF ➤ Dec 2023 single PDF (coming on 30th) 2. दिन (1 से 31) 1.12.23 2.12.23 3.12.23 4.12.23 5.12.23 6.12.23 7.12.23 8.12.23 9.12.23 10.12.23 ✤ English Calendars ✤ There are 2 ways to access "Thought for Today" 1. Full Month in One PDF➤ Dec 2023 single PDF (coming on 30th) 2. Days (1 to 31) 1.12.23 2.12.23 3.12.23 4.12.23 5.12.23 6.12.23 7.12.23 8.12.23 9.12.23 10.12.23 ➥Please SHARE (WhatsApp⇗) this post to BK brothers and sisters in your connection. "Subscribe" (or see footer) to this website and receive regular updates via email. Useful Links Thought for Today (official page) Old Months Calendars (on Blog) Avyakt Ishare (Hindi & English) Online Services (daily sustenance) All Godly Resources (for BKs) BK Google⇗ (our search engine)

  • Daily Thoughts: November 2023

    November 2023 official post: Get daily thought of the day written and sent from Madhuban (Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu, India). These are inspirations for our Purusharth and for better living in general. Get thought messages of the entire month on this post. Please SHARE and send this post to BK brothers & sisters in your connection. Share on WhatsApp⇗ 1 Nov When we allow the waters of spiritual wisdom to fall from the mud pot (representing our intellect) on our thoughts (seeds), our thinking becomes clear, positive, and powerful. The seeds germinate which means our efforts bear fruit and we experience success in every sphere of life. 2 Nov Where there is love, a natural environment for others' growth is created. Love gives the ability to perceive the positivity in others and encourages others to bring about that positivity and use it for the benefit of the self and others. 3 Nov The one who understands that God has love for all children, never hates anyone, however negative the other person's charactersitics might be. There is the understanding that it is not the person who is negative, but it is only a negative quality working within that person at that time. 4 Nov The one who has a clean heart is the one who always tries to do the best for those with whom he comes in contact. Thus, the person develops the ability to accept others as they are and ignore anything wrong done by them. 5 Nov Life’s journey will always have scenes that are sometimes negative and sometimes positive. And remember no scenes stay forever. So, while looking at each scene, be free from any anxiety and worry because as we know from our life’s experience – This also shall pass. 7 Nov The ones who are happy, always find something new. Even in the most ordinary and routine situations, they are able to find something interesting. So they can use everything that is with them in the best possible way. 8 Nov To have the ability to mould means to become real gold. I become as flexible and beautiful as pure gold, which is ready to take beautiful shapes when it comes under the influence of the heat of the situation. 9 Nov When I can use my inner powers I can apply a brake to my thoughts in a second. I am able to finish old unwanted habits and be free from the burden of having to be with negativity. So I am able to be a master who is well equipped to face all situations in life. 10 Nov Remind yourself every day that you are a powerful being. Create your inner power. Use your power in every scene today. You are fearless. Live peace and thereby radiate it into the universe. Whatever may be the situations, respond calmly. 11 Nov While giving directions or corrections to someone, I need to check my own attitude, reminding myself of the humility within and only then say what I have to say. With humility my words will be for their benefit and this will enable them to learn. 12 Nov Create No Anger Zones in your workplace and home. There are offices in the corporate world where such zones have been created. In such places, positive thoughts are shared by email or through mobile phone chat or social media and everyone starts their day with messages on positivity, which lays the foundation of a positive day. 13 Nov Think of one person in whom you were not able to tolerate some quality. Now tell yourself that just as a mother accepts her child even with weaknesses, you will accept this person as he is. When you change your attitude towards that person you can be tolerant. 14 Nov When I can perceive my inner greatness, I am able to be content because there are no expectations, but there's only a feeling of being a giver. I find myself to be light and easy and enjoying each moment of my life, slowly moving towards perfection. 15 Nov Whenever you start your day, create a few positive thoughts or affirmations in your mind. Let them be full of success and a lot of determination which will keep you full of positive energy in the entire day, so that actions can be performed without getting tired. 16 Nov Making others aware of their qualities and subtly encouraging them to use these qualities is a great help that I can do for others. When I can give this unique help and cooperation, I not only find benefit for others, but I am also able to get the good wishes of others. 18 Nov Whatever the circumstances I am faced with, I need to make special effort not to reduce my enthusiasm in any way. The more I am able to be enthusiastic, the more I am able to contribute to the progress of others too along with my own progress. 19 Nov The one who is loving, likes to be with the others. Such a person will never try to be away even from people who are not loving towards him/her, but will be able to change the one who is not so loving with his/her own love. So the one who is loving is always successful in relationships. 20 Nov All life's situations are lessons for bringing about progress, for the one who is committed towards perfection. Such a person never expects others to be perfect, knowing that every human being has his own weaknesses. He is instead able to accommodate others' weaknesses. 21 Nov When there is inner strength there is enthusiasm to give the best and also to learn and improve with every obstacle. To work with inner power is to be like a skilled player whose focus is on enjoying the match too rather than just on winning. 22 Nov At all times I must make sure I am constantly moving forward. Looking at others's specialities I need to take inspiration from them. I need to see what aspect I can imbibe in myself too. When I do this I will be able to experience constant progress being free from negativity. 23 Nov When I have the feeling of being victorious, I would naturally want others too to experience the same. I would look for ways to give courage and support to the ones who are losing. This will never let me lose hope in myself or in others and will also win the trust and good wishes of others. 24 Nov When there is inner silence I am able to overcome the negative influence of my habits. Inner silence comes with an experience of positivity. With practice I experience detachment from the situations and am able to feel the inner powers which frees me from the negativity of the situation too. 25 Nov A very beautiful practice on the path of spirituality is to write about your daily activity to God in the night before sleeping or at some other time. God is a beautiful and caring Supreme Parent who is always protecting us and helping us at every moment in the day. 28 Nov When I am able to remain focused, I am not troubled by distractions which lessen my concentration. Instead, I can increase my discrimination power and am able to decide and judge well. This happens because my intellect becomes clean and gets cleared of waste. 29 Nov When I have learned the art of focusing on my strengths, I am able to enjoy the variety scenes that life brings for me. I would enjoy dealing with all these different scenes in a natural and easy way, and also be naturally victorious. 30 Nov When I recognize the inner beauty and am able to give myself time to be in touch with this spiritual aspect, I am powerful and beyond chaos in all situations. I am able to go within to find the immense power and use it in practical situations. ➥Please SHARE (WhatsApp⇗) this post. Send the post link to BK brothers and sisters in your connection. Visit useful links for more resources and get daily sustenance on this website. Useful Links Thought for Today (official page) Avyakt Ishare (Hindi & English) Online Services (daily sustenance) All Godly Resources (for BKs) BK Google⇗ (our search engine)

  • Avyakt Ishare: December 2023

    शिव बाबा की अनमोल शिक्षाएँ "अव्यक्त इशारे" के रूप में आप यहाँ PDF format में प्राप्त कर सकते है। बाबा रोज हम आत्मा बच्चों को यह विशेष पालना देते है, जो हमे ज्ञान, योग, धारणा और सेवा के पुरुषार्थ में मदद करती है। इस अव्यक्त इशारे post को अपने सम्बन्ध के ब्राह्मण आत्माओं को, अर्थात बी.के भाई बेहनो को जरूर SHARE करे। Share on WhatsApp⇗ This post is updated daily Month: December 2023 Format: PDF to view/download/print Language: Hindi, English अव्यक्त इशारे PDF अव्यक्त इशारे 1 से 31 दिसंबर (Whole month in One PDF) विशेष पुरुषार्थ Dec 2023 (रोज के पुरुषार्थ, स्वमान, संकल्प PDF file में) संस्कार परिवर्तन चार्ट: जनवरी 2023 (special) These are the precious directions of beloved father SHIV BABA... in the form of "Avyakt Ishare" where Baba inspired us in Purusharth and Service. Please SHARE this post to BK brothers and sisters in your connection. इस अव्यक्त इशारे post को अपने सम्बन्ध के ब्राह्मण आत्माओं को, अर्थात बी.के भाई बेहनो को जरूर SHARE करे। Share on WhatsApp⇗ Useful Links अव्यक्त इशारे (old & new) Aaj ka Purusharth (audio, pdf) Advance Murlis (Hindi, English) Online Services (main page) PDF books (Hindi & English) BK Google⇗ (search engine)

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