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  • Golden Age World (Satyug) » Brahma Kumaris

    Revelations on Satyug, Golden Age SHARE You will learn revelations by Shiv baba on the coming New world (Golden age/Satyug). The importance of peace in our life and How will the world kingdom be run by Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan in Satyug? ​ Every human being asks God for Peace in life. Life is beautiful when there is peace and harmony in the world. Peace is certainly a feeling. Peace is our natural state. One experiences a deep connection with nature and entire creation when is in inner peace. But where is this peace, or where is the source? Isn't this an inner original nature? We asked God for peace thinking him only a source of peace to the world. We also understand now that we are his children (read: Soul , God ). So peace is our true nature. We become peace-less in situations as we forgot our true Spiritual identity, our connection with the Supreme, and connection with Mother Nature. ​ Here is the audio collection containing all points spoken in the Avyakt murlis on "New World (Golden Age)". Please listen to the below audio: Global Peace through Meditation Video: Satyug (The Golden Age) Let there be Peace in World PDF: Peace in the World Satyug/Heaven Images Revelations on Golden Age (Satyug) Shiv Baba, BapDada 00:00 / 43:04 Revelations on the coming new world, the Golden age. Source: Murli Golden Age: A World of Pe ace ​ ''Change is the only constant'' There is a world of peace, harmony, and thus happiness, remembered by us as the Heaven. This is actually the Golden Age (new wor ld) when everything in this world was 'new' or just made. This is when world cycle starts. All Souls are 'Satopradhan' (pure and perfect) In the Golden Age, the population of the world was very less (world starts at 900,000 population and grows up to 330 million souls by the end of Silver age (half the cycle). There are 2 phases of life every soul experiences i.e. Happiness and Sorrow. When there comes sorrow, whom do we remember? God. So it is a must that he gave us happiness. It is now known that there is 3/4 part of our journey in happiness (sukh) and only 1/4 part is we experience sorrow, that too only as the result of our bad karma . The world of happiness (heaven) is a place of dreams. God-Father creates such a perfect world there is no trace of sorrow, where every day is a festival, nature is perfect and peace-giving, and we human souls are pure, loving, blissful, and powerful fully filled with all divine virtues. So let's carefully listen to the revelations of the coming New World (play audio on right) Source: Avyakt Murli . Tip : Watch our video: Satyug Golden Age (English) or Satyug Gold en Age (Hindi)

  • BK Daily Murli Official Audio | Brahma Kumaris

    Daily Gyan Murli Read Murli What is Murli? Murli songs ♪ Official Murli Page 23 July 2024 Listen to Daily Gyan Murli here . Shiv baba's Murli for today audio in Hindi and English to download in mp3. Plus get: Aaj ka Purusharth, Aaj ka Slogan, and Amritvela messages daily. Visit BabaMurli.NET to get daily murli in more languages (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, etc) Murlis are teachings (knowledge) and daily instructions (shrimat) given by Parampita ParamAtma SHIV BABA, our spiritual father, the Supreme soul. This is knowledge of creation and the creator, spoken by the creator himself. Murli is the source of divine wisdom, to attain a great fortune of happiness for many many births. Learn more आज की मुरली 23 July 2024 Hindi audio Brahma Kumaris 00:00 / 01:04 Today's Murli 23 July 2024 English Brahma Kumaris 00:00 / 01:04 आज का पुरुषार्थ PDF Amritvela Message Old Amritvela ♪ Get Old Murlis Advance Murlis Daily Murli in PDF To get Baba's Daily Murli on your phone, join our WhatsApp group swaman आज का स्लोगन (Today's Slogan) 23 July 2024 Qualities of a Brahman Soul (ब्राह्मण आत्मा की निशानियाँ) Purity Complete purity (Brahmcharya) is the seed of peace and prosperity and need of this time. जीवन में मनसा, वाचा और कर्म में सम्पूर्ण पवित्रता हो, यही हम ब्राह्मण आत्मा की निशानी है। Amritvela Yog Wake up around 4am in the morning and sit for intense remembrance of Shiv baba. अमृतवेला श्रेष्ठ समय का लाभ उठाए। बाबा से योग लगाए सर्व प्राप्ति करने का यह समय है। Study Murli Shiv baba's Murli is guidelines for us and the source of spiritual knowledge. Study murli 2 times. रोज की मुरली हमारे लिए बाबा की श्रीमत है और योग का आधार है, तो मुरली रोज २ बार जरूर पढ़े। Sakaash Being God's direct children, it is our prime duty to give vibrations of peace, purity, love and powers to the world. नुमाशाम रोज हम विश्व की आत्माओ को शांति, प्रेम, शक्ति की सकाश दे। Thought for Today General Articles

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    Brahma Kumaris 23 July 2024 "The quieter you become, the more you can hear, and be guided by your inner feelings, the call of God" #Follow on SoundCloud What's New? Creator➤ Site Notice See More #Join WhatsApp & Telegram Daily Messages Welcome to the Golden website Message fo r today LIVE TV Satyug Images BK Sustenance BabaMurli.NET Daily Murli in 8 languages Soul Ref lections Daily Positive thou ghts for you . Daily Inspirations Daily thou ghts & q u otes that inspire you . About Us Who are Brahma Kumaris, Introduction to Shiv Baba, BKWSU, Murli, know our History, Revelations, and FAQs. Online Course The 7 days RajYoga meditation course: From Self-realisation to God-realisation through RajYoga meditation. Online Services Online Services on this website. Daily Murli, Forum, Blog, Daily Messages, Audio, Videos and Downloads. Murli Today Live TV BK forum (visit our official forum for life-guidance & insightful answers to general questions) In Brief About Brahma Kum aris, Murli & Rajyoga meditation ​ God has come. Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University's foundation was established in 1937 by the incorporeal God ' Shiv ' through his medium Prajapita (ancestor of all human beings) Brahma (earlier na me was Lekhraj ). Organization expanded during the 1970s internationally as many people benefitted from the RajYoga meditation and the spiritual way of living taught here. Today, the organization has grown to over 112 countries with more than 9200 centres . Since the beginning, the study of Murli (teachings of God), is the source of 'self-transformation' for those w ho became a BK (Brahma Kumari/Kumar). With spiritual wisdom, we transform our old sanskaras and adopt divine virtues of purity, peace, and love. God comes at the end of the world cycle to re-establish the kingdom of p eace , which is remembered by us as the Golden Age, Satyug, or Paradise (heaven). ​ Raja Yoga or RajYog is a Yog (meditation/a connection) in which we visualize the Self as a tiny point of spiritual light in the centre of the forehead; and then remember the Supreme Soul as our spiritual father who is an ocean of peace, purity, love, and all powers. Read More audio video imges We value feedback from regular visitors of this main BK website. You may also send us your suggestions. Om Shanti . Send Feedback '' I am a BK and I loved the eBooks provided here and much more. By far the most useful site for BK. Thanks Bapdada '' ~ Sneha Parikh (India) '' Very helpful website. I took the online Rajyoga course on this site and now I am following daily Murli also. Wonderful service. Om Shanti.'' ~Deepak Mehta (India) '' Om Shanti. I get something new from 'resources' section every time. Very useful site for Baba's children who live far from a centre.'' ~Suraj Patel (USA) '' This website is a 'treasure' house for Baba's children. I appreciate the efforts to spread the knowledge.'' ~unknown Audi o Library Video Library Images Gallery

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    Personal Guidance via Phone call This is our New service, under our Samadhan initiative to provide help and guidance over the phone. If you want written guidance to your problem, ple ase use our free service auto-form . The telephone guidance paid service is only available in the USA ($), UK (£), Brazil (BRL), Canada ($), German y (€), Ireland (€), Italy (€), Spain (€), Ne therlands (€) and Sou th Africa ($). Note : If you are in India, you can only pay using PayP al or Apple Pay. ​ Sk ip to Book a C all ​ Info rmati on Using this form, you can book a " call back request " and get personal spiritual guidance through a pre-arranged phone call. Please Note : We aim to call you within 3 days of submitting this form. This service is operated by the " Shiv Baba Services Initiative " and handled directly by the manager of this initiative from England, UK. This is merely a paid/premium support version of our free Samadhan service. ​ Fee s The payment collected here is an 'appointment fee' for giving dedicated time to listen to you, speaking to you, and giving special guidance that can help in your situation. ​ The Good Purpo se: The money collected from here is going to the " Shiv Baba Services Initiative fund " which is used to run Godly services through many platforms (including this website). To know more about the online services running under the SBS initiative, please visit this page . ​ Assur a nce This is 100% safe and legit. In case we could not talk to you over the phone for a reason, a full refund will be given within 5 days . Any data you submit here is protected by the GDPR policy of the UK. Please know that it is your responsibility to provide correct phone number & email on this form. form Book a Phone call Provide the required details, make the payment, and we will contact you within 3 days. Your Full Name Email Select your country code & please provide your WhatsApp number if possible. Code Your Phone number Text me on: SMS WhatsApp Telegram Select the Topic Nature of your Problem Your Message Select a Service Standard: upto 15 minutes talk - £12 Value: 20+mins ✚ written guidance - £18 Complete: 30+mins ✚ written guidance - £24 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹: 'Complete'✚regularly in-touch - £30 Select phone call date Select Language Hindi English Proceed to Pay Request sent. Please check your Email. Note : After submitting this form, you will receive our confirmation email with further information. Our Previous Web-Logos Prajapita Brahma Ku maris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya (Godly Spiritual U niversity) ​ Establi shed by God, this is the World Spiritual Un iversity for Purification of Souls with the knowledge and RajaYoga taught by the Supreme Soul (God), giving his most beneficial advice. Established in 1936, by today has more than 8500 centres in around 140 countries. World transformation is taking place. Come and know . more

  • Thought of the Day » Brahma Kumaris

    Thought for Today Services Message for today in Hindi and English. Date: 23.07.2024 (Tuesday ) Messages Murli Today Avyakt Ishare July 2024 Full Calendar PDF Old Ishare Old calendars ➺ June 2024 (all) ​ May 2024 (all) Oct 2023 (all) ​ Sept 2023 (all) April 2024 (all) ​ March 2024 (all) August 2023 (all) ​ July 202 3 (all) Feb 2024 (all) ​ Jan 2024 (all) June 2023 (all) ​ May 2023 (all) Dec 2023 (all) ​ Nov 2 023 (a ll) April 2023 (all) ​ March 202 3 (all) Daily Thoughts (May 2024) Baba says: ''See everything as light. You are light, me your father is light and every-thing is made of this pure light of love and peace. You are co-creators of this Universe. Imagine you the soul residing in the body made of light. '' ​ "In this time, being Godly children, it is our prime responsibility to spread the vibrations of peace, purity, love and healing powers. Practice giving sakash to world souls with a guided commentary given on this page ." ​ (Those souls who are in problem needs God's vibrations to overcome. Who will provide them? Surely we angels will, who can connect to the supreme soul and to the human souls, our divine brothers) ​ Watch this video of BK Shivani to learn the importance of the present time and How should we contribute in bringing peace to the world and heal those who are in pain. PDF collection A PDF collection of thoughts for today is given below. Positive thinking, inspiring and re-energising thoughts of the day. ​ Topic wise collection in PDF to view (read), download and print. Here is one of the way you can welcome the Self transformation slowly and sweety by walking the way God himself shows us. These thoughts are seeds for daily thinking and teaches us the way 'How to Think' and 'How to live'. Download all thoughts For m at A short description and main points from Today's thoughts --> Read this Thought ( PDF will open in new window ) Our 'daily thought' book starts in January 2019 1. New Year Resolutions - Returning within, Hope and Faith ➔ Read this thought 2. Creative thinking, Personal growth, turning virtues into Powers ➔ Read this 3. Self-control, attachments, Harmony in life ➔ Read this 4. Pessimist to Optimist, three mirrors of inner beauty ➔ Read this 5. Courage, Listen to your intellect, message ➔ Read this 6. Getting through the day, Absorbing spiritual light ➔ Read this 7. Diamond consciousness - Absorbing spiritual light ➔ Read this 8. Expand my heart, accepting criticism ➔ Read this 9. Healthy eating, Determination, Deep peace meditation ➔ Read this 10. Open mind, enjoying life, managing Relationships ➔ Read this 11. Power of choice, rising above expectations, self-transformation ➔ Read this 12. Become like a child, decision-making power, Honesty ➔ Read this 13. Harmony and purity in relationships, Karma, Self-respect ➔ Read this 14. Get Set Go (success), a Stable mind, changing Belief systems, State of mind ➔ Read this 15. Look at the Bright side, Have Patience, Relieving stress, overcome obstacles ➔ Read this ​ 16. Quiet Mind derives from God, royalty of soul is in being cheerful ➔ Read this ​ 17. Goodness, the Energy of thought and feelings, harmony in life ➔ Read this ​ 18. Peace of mind, spiritual education, positive feelings for all beings ➔ Read this ​ 19. A place of silence, Soul healing, Thought-destiny cycle explained ➔ Read this ​ 20. Big heart, forgiveness, Selfless love, changing old habits ➔ Read this ​ 21. Opportunity and Hurdles in life, Thought and Relationship ➔ Read this ​ 22. Power of Truth, change in Consciousness, learn from mistakes ➔ Read this ​ 23. Let go these 3 habits, God's identity, learn Patience, Faculties of Soul ➔ Read this ​ 24. Give gifts by the mind, words & hands, Mind-body balance ➔ Read this ​ 25. Art of living, Virtue of Peace, finish waste thoughts ➔ Read this

  • Message of the Day | Brahma Kumaris

    ⇦ Services Inspirations⇨ Daily Messages SHARE⇗ Daily thought-provoking messages for better, happier & conscious living. (Date wise: Newest on top) Date Topic 2024-07-23 Free From Desire (P2) 2024-07-22 Free From Desire (P1) 2024-07-21 Being Solution-minded 2024-07-20 Spiritual Vision For All 2024-07-19 Patience in Life 2024-07-18 Original Goodness (P3) 2024-07-17 Original Goodness (P2) 2024-07-16 Original Goodness (P1) 2024-07-15 Influence & Inspire Others 2024-07-14 Thoughts & Vibrations 2024-07-13 Law Of Attraction 2024-07-12 Renew Friendships 2024-07-11 God Purifies The World (P3) 2024-07-10 God Purifies The World (P2) 2024-07-09 God Purifies The World (P1) 2024-07-08 Free From Criticizing 2024-07-07 Dealing With Death 2024-07-05 Spiritual Success (P3) 2024-07-04 Spiritual Success (P2) 2024-07-03 Spiritual Success (P1) 2024-07-02 Be Happy for Others 2024-07-01 Taking Care Of Mind 2024-06-30 Change Life with Rajyoga 2024-06-28 Knowledge to Wisdom 2024-06-27 Personality For Success (P3) 2024-06-26 Personality For Success (P2) 2024-06-25 Personality For Success (P1) 2024-06-24 Let's Co-operate 2024-06-23 5 Tips for Peaceful Sleep 2024-06-22 Mind Is Your Child 2024-06-21 Feeling People’s Vibrations 2024-06-20 Enjoy The Present (P4) 2024-06-19 Enjoy The Present (P3) 2024-06-18 Enjoy The Present (P2) 2024-06-17 Enjoy The Present (P1) 2024-06-16 36 Qualities Of Deities 2024-06-15 5 Qualities Of Deities 2024-06-14 Be Humble & Give Regard 2024-06-13 Living Happiness (P3) 2024-06-12 Living Happiness (P2) 2024-06-11 Living Happiness (P1) 2024-06-10 Do Not Think Of Others 2024-06-08 Addiction To Gadgets 2024-06-07 High Self-Esteem 2024-06-06 Is Life A Competition? 2024-06-05 Soul Realisation (P3) 2024-06-04 Soul Realisation (P2) 2024-06-03 Soul Realisation (P1) 2024-06-02 Nothing New 2024-06-01 Being Stable In Criticism 2024-05-31 Create A Positive Destiny 2024-05-30 Making Earth Beautiful 2024-05-29 Permanent Happiness 2024-05-28 Dealing with Differences 2024-05-27 Churning Knowledge (P3) 2024-05-26 Churning Knowledge (P2) 2024-05-25 Churning Knowledge (P1) 2024-05-24 Don't Be Controlled 2024-05-23 Close Relationship With God 2024-05-22 Compassion For People 2024-05-21 Desire To Change? 2024-05-20 Fear Of Public Speaking 2024-05-19 The Lost Paradise (P3) 2024-05-18 The Lost Paradise (P2) 2024-05-17 The Lost Paradise (P1) 2024-05-16 Tolerate With Acceptance 2024-05-15 Forgiving & Forgetting 2024-05-14 Create Happiness 2024-05-13 Every Moment Precious 2024-05-12 Experience Peace & Love (P3) 2024-05-11 Experience Peace & Love (P2) 2024-05-10 Experience Peace & Love (P1) 2024-05-09 Bringing People Closer 2024-05-08 Taking Care Of Eternal 2024-05-07 Gratitude Attitude 2024-05-06 Joy of Good Parenting (P3) 2024-05-05 Joy of Good Parenting (P2) 2024-05-04 Joy of Good Parenting (P1) 2024-05-03 Being Happy First 2024-05-02 Give & Receive Blessings 2024-05-01 The Ability To Face 2024-04-30 Perfection In People 2024-04-29 7 Vitamins for the Soul 2024-04-28 The Mind In Control (P3) 2024-04-27 The Mind In Control (P2) 2024-04-26 The Mind In Control (P1) 2024-04-25 Do You Believe In God? 2024-04-24 Dealing With Pressure 2024-04-23 Withdraw From Outer Chaos 2024-04-22 Dont Copy, Be YourSelf 2024-04-21 Overcoming Jealousy 2024-04-20 New Beginnings in Relationships 2024-04-19 8 Steps To Success (P3) 2024-04-18 8 Steps To Success (P2) 2024-04-17 8 Steps To Success (P1) 2024-04-16 5 Tips For Pure Diet 2024-04-15 Accept Without Expectations 2024-04-14 Understanding God’s Beauty 2024-04-13 Control to Concern 2024-04-12 Personality Of Truth (P3) 2024-04-11 Personality Of Truth (P2) 2024-04-10 Personality Of Truth (P1) 2024-04-09 Energy Of Thoughts 2024-04-08 Adaptability Quotient 2024-04-07 Intention for Good Karma 2024-04-06 Choosing Assertiveness 2024-04-05 Heal With Blessings (P3) 2024-04-04 Heal With Blessings (P2) 2024-04-03 Heal With Blessings (P1) 2024-04-02 Creating Good Destiny (P2) 2024-04-01 Creating Good Destiny (P1) 2024-03-30 Reversing Flow Of Love 2024-03-29 Rising Above Limits (P3) 2024-03-28 Rising Above Limits (P2) 2024-03-27 Rising Above Limits (P1) 2024-03-26 Time is Enough 2024-03-25 Spiritual Meaning of Holi (P2) 2024-03-24 Spiritual Meaning of Holi (P1) 2024-03-23 Surviving vs Serving 2024-03-22 Keep Aura Clean 2024-03-21 Practical Spirituality 2024-03-20 No Gossip, No Criticism 2024-03-19 Tolerate With Pleasure 2024-03-18 Negative to Positive 2024-03-17 Soul Consciousness in Action (P3) 2024-03-16 Soul Consciousness in Action (P2) 2024-03-15 Soul Consciousness in Action (P1) 2024-03-14 5 Affirmations for Health 2024-03-13 Stress-Free Living 2024-03-12 Keeping Mood Happy 2024-03-11 Accepting Failures 2024-03-10 Filling Qualities & Powers 2024-03-09 Relationships On Thought 2024-03-08 Maha Shivratri Message (P4) 2024-03-07 Maha Shivratri Message (P3) 2024-03-06 Maha Shivratri Message (P2) 2024-03-05 Maha Shivratri Message (P1) 2024-03-04 Resolve Relationships Issues 2024-03-03 Becoming Angel (P3) 2024-03-02 Becoming Angel (P2) 2024-03-01 Becoming Angel (P1) 2024-02-29 5 Keys To Constant Happiness 2024-02-28 Pause Choose Respond 2024-02-27 How To Study Murli? 2024-02-26 Overcome Artificialness 2024-02-25 Treasure Of Blessings 2024-02-24 Unintentional Hurt 2024-02-23 Creating Forgiveness (P4) 2024-02-22 Creating Forgiveness (P3) 2024-02-21 Creating Forgiveness (P2) 2024-02-20 Creating Forgiveness (P1) 2024-02-19 Learning from Past 2024-02-18 Release Expectations 2024-02-17 Don’t Justify Reactions 2024-02-16 Radiating Happiness to All (P3) 2024-02-15 Radiating Happiness to All (P2) 2024-02-14 Radiating Happiness to All (P1) 2024-02-13 Checking the Filters in Life 2024-02-12 Bless People & Situations 2024-02-11 Steps to Create Paradise 2024-02-10 Heal Mind to Heal Body 2024-02-09 Time Management (P3) 2024-02-08 Time Management (P2) 2024-02-07 Time Management (P1) 2024-02-06 Mind & Its Creations 2024-02-05 Spiritual Qualities of Doctors 2024-02-04 Worrying is Not Caring (P2) 2024-02-03 Worrying is Not Caring (P1) 2024-02-02 Create Success 2024-02-01 God (Father, Teacher, Guru) 2024-01-31 Handle Impatience 2024-01-30 Believe & Achieve 2024-01-29 Distractions Cannot Heal 2024-01-28 We Change Others Change (P3) 2024-01-27 We Change Others Change (P2) 2024-01-26 We Change Others Change (P1) 2024-01-25 Helping God in His Task 2024-01-24 Hold On to Your Values 2024-01-23 Spiritual Medicine for Cancer 2024-01-22 Give Respect to All 2024-01-21 Unconditional Love for All 2024-01-20 Attitude Of Abundance 2024-01-19 Thoughts & Relationships (P3) 2024-01-18 Thoughts & Relationships (P2) 2024-01-17 Thoughts & Relationships (P1) 2024-01-16 Freedom From Guilt 2024-01-15 If Someone Confides in You 2024-01-14 Positive At Every Step (P3) 2024-01-13 Positive At Every Step (P2) 2024-01-12 Positive At Every Step (P1) 2024-01-11 Tolerant in Relationships 2024-01-10 Natural Remembrance of God 2024-01-09 Create Happiness 2024-01-08 Block Negative Energies 2024-01-07 Diet for the Mind (P4) 2024-01-06 Diet for the Mind (P3) 2024-01-05 Diet for the Mind (P2) 2024-01-04 Diet for the Mind (P1) 2024-01-03 Assertive In Relationships 2024-01-02 Good Health Affirmations

  • Free From Desire (P2) | Brahma Kumaris Messages

    ⇦Messages 2024-07-23 ⇦ ⇨ Being Free From The Desire For Praise (Part 2) Always remember that as an actor in the world drama, I have to perform all actions to my best capability, but it is not possible to always please everyone with my performance all the time. This is because we have woven webs of negative karma with a large number of souls in our previous births as well as in our present birth. Because of this sometimes even our good actions are seen as negative ones or sometimes not noticed by some. 1 ● When we understand this hidden secret of karma, we will perform nice actions only for our happiness and not to please others or receive their respect, which may or may not come. Suppose I talk lovingly and sweetly with someone who is negative and angry with me, do they always respond in the same manner? So, should I also stop being nice to them? So praise for my actions from others is less important than praise from myself and even God, who is always noticing what I do the whole day and how I behave. 2 ● We are all also brothers at the spiritual level. As brothers, we share a bond of spiritual love with each other and to love, care and respect for each other is our natural spiritual duty. But when we consider serving others as something for which we should get recognition, we have forgotten the same. God serves the whole world in different ways. He helps us in different ways, but sometimes we do not realize it. ➤ Does He look for recognition? No. So, 𝐚𝐬 𝐆𝐨𝐝’𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐧, 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐝𝐮𝐭𝐲 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐞 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭, 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧. We commonly say we are misunderstood by this person. And then we feel hurt because the other person did not appreciate us. So serving selflessly is the key to contentment and inner freedom from the desire for praise. (Continues tomorrow...) Suggested Link ➔ Read "How to Enjoy Life" Message for Today "There is good in every step in fulfilling my promise" Points to think about : Often we swear to ourselves and others . Even if we are honest at the time , in practice sometimes the promise is not fulfilled. Truth becomes useless if we do not implement our intentions. Procedure : When I make a promise to bring about change within myself , I need to immediately plan a process to help put the truth into practice . I also need to understand why fulfilling that promise is important to me. Until that task is accomplished , it is necessary to remind myself again and again of the responsibility I have assumed. Previous Next day

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    ⇦ Services SHARE⇗ Messages ⇨ Daily Inspirations These daily inspirations will guide your thinking, place you in charge of your life, help you become a better version of yourself, heal relationships, and serve the world. Date Topic 2024-07-23 Courage 2024-07-22 "Angels" 2024-07-21 Resolve Conflict 2024-07-20 Making Choices 2024-07-19 Readiness 2024-07-18 Go with the Flow 2024-07-17 Tranquil Mind 2024-07-16 Pack Up Your Thoughts 2024-07-15 Faces Of Love 2024-07-14 Que Sera, Sera 2024-07-13 The Truth About Illusion 2024-07-12 Seed of Peace 2024-07-11 Positive vs Negative 2024-07-10 Knowledge is Wealth 2024-07-09 Open Heart 2024-07-08 Self Mastery 2024-07-07 Fear Nothing 2024-07-06 How Peaceful Am I? 2024-07-05 How Not to Get Tired 2024-07-04 The Consciousness of Trustee 2024-07-03 Love, Purity, Peace, Wisdom 2024-07-02 Spiritual Identity 2024-07-01 You are what you think 2024-06-30 Being Gentle 2024-06-29 Fruit Of Spiritual Wisdom 2024-06-28 Be Solution Focussed 2024-06-27 Slow Down, Relax 2024-06-26 Listen To Your Intuition 2024-06-25 Embrace Simplicity 2024-06-24 Don't Lose Today 2024-06-23 Let Go Of Past 2024-06-22 Remind Yourself 2024-06-21 Think In A New Way 2024-06-20 Overcome Worrying 2024-06-19 Simplicity 2024-06-18 Kindness 2024-06-17 Mother's Love 2024-06-16 Thought-Energy 2024-06-15 Gossip and Slander 2024-06-14 New Perspective 2024-06-13 Embracing Optimism 2024-06-12 Determined Thoughts 2024-06-11 Addicted To Praise 2024-06-10 Success in Co-operation 2024-06-09 Gentleness 2024-06-08 No Limits 2024-06-07 React Positively 2024-06-06 Congratulate Now 2024-06-05 Good Wishes 2024-06-04 New Perspective 2024-06-03 Giving 2024-06-02 Solutions To Problems 2024-06-01 Radiate Light 2024-05-31 Enjoying Every Moment 2024-05-30 Appreciate Inner Beauty 2024-05-29 Language of Silence 2024-05-28 Exercise and Diet 2024-05-27 Speak Sweet & True 2024-05-26 Peaceful Being 2024-05-25 Knowledge vs Ignorance 2024-05-24 Anger 2024-05-23 The Best In Someone 2024-05-22 Return to the source 2024-05-21 Your Vision 2024-05-20 Our True Nature 2024-05-19 Thoughts, Words, Deeds 2024-05-18 Simplicity in Life 2024-05-17 The Pitfalls of Comparison 2024-05-16 Power of a Peaceful Mind 2024-05-15 Manage Emotions 2024-05-14 A Moment Of Solitude 2024-05-13 Thoughts are Seeds 2024-05-12 Smile Please 2024-05-11 Stillness Of Mind 2024-05-10 Journey Of Life 2024-05-09 Law of Attraction 2024-05-08 Influence Of Gossip 2024-05-07 Thoughts Like Star 2024-05-06 Dance In Happiness 2024-05-05 Valuable as a Diamond 2024-05-04 Spiritual Tolerance 2024-05-03 Total Appreciation 2024-05-02 Be Gentle On Yourself 2024-05-01 Think No Evil 2024-04-30 Bye Bye Bad Habits 2024-04-29 Fill The Gap 2024-04-28 Get Past the Past 2024-04-27 Be An Angel 2024-04-26 Forgive to Give 2024-04-25 Dealing With Failure 2024-04-24 Anger Vanishes Wisdom 2024-04-23 Maturity 2024-04-22 Raja Yoga Meditation 2024-04-21 The Beauty Within 2024-04-20 Consider The Consequences 2024-04-19 World of Happiness 2024-04-18 Celebration 2024-04-17 Honesty 2024-04-16 Enjoy Everything You Do 2024-04-15 Quality of Introversion 2024-04-14 Perceive Positively 2024-04-13 Chance to Change 2024-04-12 Remaining focused 2024-04-11 Depth of Humility 2024-04-10 Doing the Right Thing 2024-04-09 Letting Go of Hurt 2024-04-08 Positive Thinking 2024-04-07 Healing 2024-04-06 Seeds Of Peace 2024-04-05 Being Cheerful 2024-04-04 Daily Decisions 2024-04-03 Silence Is Gold 2024-04-02 Power to Tolerate 2024-04-01 Sharing Abundance 2024-03-31 Inner Power & Protection 2024-03-30 Seeds of Hope 2024-03-29 Light Hearted Soul 2024-03-28 Virtue of Co-operation 2024-03-27 Virtue of Sweetness 2024-03-26 Fulfilling life 2024-03-25 Surrender Gracefully 2024-03-24 A Great Soul 2024-03-23 Learning Meditation 2024-03-22 Success in every step 2024-03-21 Finding Courage 2024-03-20 Be Creative 2024-03-19 Like A Star 2024-03-18 Change Skill 2024-03-17 Recipe of Success 2024-03-16 Power Of Silence 2024-03-15 Solutions To Problems 2024-03-14 Eye of the Storm 2024-03-13 Virtue of Contentment 2024-03-12 Spiritual Love 2024-03-11 Go Deeper 2024-03-10 BE GOOD 2024-03-09 RajYog Meditation 2024-03-08 Self-Management 2024-03-07 Thinking Too Much? 2024-03-06 The Ripple Effect 2024-03-05 Act of Giving 2024-03-04 Constant Renewal 2024-03-03 Stability 2024-03-02 Respond Positively 2024-03-01 Comparison with Others 2024-02-29 Point Of View 2024-02-28 Spiritual Maturity 2024-02-27 Kindness 2024-02-26 Focusing on Virtues and Strengths 2024-02-25 The Secret of Happiness 2024-02-24 Open Heart 2024-02-23 Get Deep 2024-02-22 Ignorance & Wisdom 2024-02-21 True Peace 2024-02-20 Remaining Focused 2024-02-19 Spotting Goodness 2024-02-18 Want Not 2024-02-17 Peace & Good Feelings 2024-02-16 An Ancient Peace 2024-02-15 Mindful Moments 2024-02-14 Radiating Love 2024-02-13 Virtue Patience 2024-02-12 Attitude Creates Atmosphere 2024-02-11 Going with the flow 2024-02-10 Letting Go of Sorrow 2024-02-09 Love Your-Self 2024-02-08 Garden of Your Mind 2024-02-07 Surrender Gracefully 2024-02-06 Give Happiness 2024-02-05 Seeing Things Truly 2024-02-04 Subconscious Mind 2024-02-03 Enjoy Every Moment 2024-02-02 Create Continuously 2024-02-01 Think Like Stars 2024-01-31 Choices 2024-01-30 Seeing the Mirror 2024-01-29 Silence Power 2024-01-28 The Secret Ingredient 2024-01-27 Speak Sweetly 2024-01-26 Forgive to Give 2024-01-25 Power of Positive 2024-01-24 Life Nurtured by Attitude 2024-01-23 Start Early 2024-01-22 Time Out 2024-01-21 Good Vibrations 2024-01-20 Attachment 2024-01-19 Letting Everything Free 2024-01-18 Think First 2024-01-17 Listen to Intuition 2024-01-16 Pure Peace 2024-01-15 Get Past Your Past 2024-01-14 About Meditation 2024-01-13 Need Nothing 2024-01-12 Best Help to Give 2024-01-11 The Present Moment 2024-01-10 Gentleness 2024-01-09 Give Happiness 2024-01-08 Honesty & Clarity 2024-01-07 Eternal Star 2024-01-06 A Calm Mind

  • Courage | Brahma Kumaris Inspirations

    ⇦ Inspirations Messages ⇨ 2024-07-23 Courage ⇦ ⇨ Make courage your companion and you will continue to succeed in everything you do. Courage is essential for personal growth and achieving success, as it empowers individuals to face challenges, take risks, and pursue their goals despite fear or uncertainty. It allows people to step out of their comfort zones, embrace change, and seize opportunities that lead to new experiences and personal development. Courage fosters resilience, helping individuals to overcome obstacles and bounce back from setbacks with determination and strength. Suggested Link ➔ Satyug (Golden Age) images Please SHARE this page link

  • Free From Desire (P1) | Brahma Kumaris Messages

    ⇦Messages 2024-07-22 ⇦ ⇨ Being Free From The Desire For Praise (Part 1) A very common feeling in our everyday lives which some of us experience is a desire for praise for what we have done. It is commonly said that perform good actions for yourself, for your family and friends as well as for the world but do not desire praise in return for those actions. This is sometimes easy to remember but difficult to practice for many. Some people say is it not natural to expect recognition for what I do in society or in my office or at home. Some people also feel that their good actions must be seen by a large number of people. Otherwise, they don’t feel inspired to perform them. ➤Let’s look at an example of an actor. When an actor performs well, he receives praise for his performance. When he does not, people talk against the performance. So he feels happy and sad depending on his performance, as perceived by people, although he has worked hard, with equal dedication, for both his performances. ➤In the same manner, a sportsperson, who is famous and successful, loses his fame to a considerable extent, once he retires and other younger sportspersons take his place in the same sport, who sometimes succeed more than him. So, it’s not wrong to feel happy when you get praise. But it’s not good to base your happiness on praise, because then it becomes a dependency. ➤Also, perform actions with a sense of detachment, because you may or may not get praise for those actions, but you should remain equally happy in both cases. In this message, we look at a few simple methods to become free from such desires. (Continues tomorrow...) Suggested Link ➔ Read "How to Enjoy Life" Message for Today "The one desire for perfection ends all other desires" Expression : The desire for perfection brings the capacity to keep on learning from all situations. There is something new to learn and so there are no other desires. Since the mind is busy with bringing about perfection, there is no time for waste and negative. There is the ability to transform negative to positive. Experience : Love for perfection makes me experience constant progress. I have no thought about what I have to get but continue to attain from each moment and each situation. I am then naturally free from all other desires. Previous Next day

  • "Angels" | Brahma Kumaris Inspirations

    ⇦ Inspirations Messages ⇨ 2024-07-22 "Angels" ⇦ ⇨ An angel is a guest for he cleans up behind him. Where there has been misunderstanding he returns to clarify; where there has been hatred he offers love. A spiritual angel is considered a divine or celestial being that acts as a messenger or intermediary between the divine (God) and human souls. Often depicted in religious and spiritual traditions, angels are believed to offer guidance, protection, and support. They are thought to embody pure, positive energy and represent attributes such as love, compassion, and wisdom. Suggested Link ➔ See "Angels images" (gallery) Please SHARE this page link

  • Being Solution-minded | Brahma Kumaris Messages

    ⇦Messages 2024-07-21 ⇦ ⇨ Being Solution-consciousness Sometimes we face times when situations are challenging or people are difficult to manage. If we focus on the problem, we get upset, we worry, we fear, we blame and we complain. All these deplete our energy, and in a depleted state, our problem appears even bigger. We need to save our energy and focus it on creating solutions. Do you often keep talking about your problems more than solutions, and dwell on negative feelings? During a crisis do you get stuck ruminating, thinking, and discussing – Who was responsible, why did it happen, how could things go so wrong with me? Or do you remind yourself and others involved, to simply focus on what is to be done now? However bad our situation is, its solution is the only thing that really matters. Loading the mind with overwhelming questions drains our energy apart from wasting time. ➤We need to 𝐬𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝, not allow it to go on with thoughts of blame, feeling like a victim, criticizing or rejecting the situation. These thoughts deplete us, deplete others, and deplete the energy of the situation. This approach magnifies the problem. Details of the problem can be thought of later, the immediate need is to shift to solutions. Let’s accept the problem. It has already happened so we need to focus on the present moment. Let’s divert our every thought to seek a solution, create a solution, and implement it. Remember your responsibility and empower everyone to focus on solving the problem together. ➤Today, when you are in the middle of a difficult situation or with a difficult person, tell yourself your life is perfect and every scene is beautiful. Direct your energy towards solutions whenever there is an issue, big or small. Accept the situation, the person. Do not waste your energy in questioning scenes or behaviors. Know that it is people’s sanskars, know that it is your past karma, you had written this scene in your destiny. ➤Focus on yourself, your actions, your behavior. Focus on your objectives, on the next scene, and use your energy to be in the present. Your power is in the present. So remain calm. Focus on the solution, think of the solution, talk of the solution, and create a solution. Finally, the solution must be implemented and the situation crossed. This is being solution-oriented and the key to positivity, happiness, and stability. Suggested Link ➔ See "Angel images" Message for Today "The power of stability can change any situation" Points to think about : In difficult situations , often our first thought is negative. We are likely to be swept away by a storm of negative thoughts. Such thoughts are of no use. This further distances us from solutions. Procedure : Thinking a positive thought every day helps me maintain my inner stability. Regular practice helps me to remain confident even in the most difficult situations. It prepares me to face any situation that comes my way and makes me alert and gives me the necessary strategies to overcome difficult situations. Previous Next day

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