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  • BK Daily Murli Official Audio | Brahma Kumaris

    Daily Gyan Murli Read Murli Murli songs ♪ What is Murli? Official Murli Audio 25 Sep 2023 Listen to Daily Gyan Murli here . Shiv baba's Murli for today audio in Hindi and English to download in mp3. Plus get: Aaj ka Purusharth, Aaj ka Slogan, and Amritvela messages daily. Visit BabaMurli.NET to get daily murli in more languages (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, etc) Murlis are teachings (knowledge) and daily instructions (shrimat) given by Parampita ParamAtma SHIV BABA, our spiritual father, the Supreme soul. This is knowledge of creation and the creator, spoken by the creator himself. Murli is the source of divine wisdom, to attain a great fortune of happiness for many many births. Learn more आज की मुरली 25 Sep 2023 Hindi audio Brahma Kumaris 00:00 / 23:31 Today's Murli 25 Sep 2023 English Brahma Kumaris 00:00 / 22:19 आज का पुरुषार्थ PDF Amritvela Message ♪ Get Old Murlis Adv anc e M urlis Daily Murli in PDF To get Baba's Daily Murli on your phone, join our WhatsApp group swaman आज का स्लोगन (Today's Slogan) 25 Sep 2023 Qualities of a Brahman Soul (ब्राह्मण आत्मा की निशानियाँ) Purity Complete purity (Brahmcharya) is the seed of peace and prosperity and need of this time. जीवन में मनसा, वाचा और कर्म में सम्पूर्ण पवित्रता हो, यही हम ब्राह्मण आत्मा की निशानी है। Amritvela Yog Wake up around 4am in the morning and sit for intense remembrance of Shiv baba. अमृतवेला श्रेष्ठ समय का लाभ उठाए। बाबा से योग लगाए सर्व प्राप्ति करने का यह समय है। Study Murli Shiv baba's Murli is guidelines for us and the source of spiritual knowledge. Study murli 2 times. रोज की मुरली हमारे लिए बाबा की श्रीमत है और योग का आधार है, तो मुरली रोज २ बार जरूर पढ़े। Sakaash Being God's direct children, it is our prime duty to give vibrations of peace, purity, love and powers to the world. नुमाशाम रोज हम विश्व की आत्माओ को शांति, प्रेम, शक्ति की सकाश दे। Thought for Today General Articles

  • Thought of the Day » Brahma Kumaris

    Thought for Today Services Message for today in Hindi and English. Date: 25-09-2023 Messages Murli Today Avyakt Ishare Sept Calendars Full Calendar PDF Old Ishare Old calendars ➺ August 2023 (all) ​ July 202 3 (all) Dec 2022 (all) ​ Nov 2 022 (all) June 2023 (all) ​ May 2023 (all) Oct 2022 (all) ​ Sept 2022 (all) April 2023 (all) ​ March 202 3 (all) Feb 2023 (all) Jan 2 023 (all) August 2022 (all) ​ July 2022 (all) June 2022 (all) May 2022 (all) Baba says: ''See everything as light. You are light, me your father is light and every-thing is made of this pure light of love and peace. You are co-creators of this Universe. Imagine you the soul residing in the body made of light. '' ​ "In this time, being Godly children, it is our prime responsibility to spread the vibrations of peace, purity, love and healing powers. Practice giving sakash to world souls with a guided commentary given on this page ." ​ (Those souls who are in problem needs God's vibrations to overcome. Who will provide them? Surely we angels will, who can connect to the supreme soul and to the human souls, our divine brothers) ​ Watch this video of BK Shivani to learn the importance of the present time and How should we contribute in bringing peace to the world and heal those who are in pain. PDF collection A PDF collection of thoughts for today is given below. Positive thinking, inspiring and re-energising thoughts of the day. ​ Topic wise collection in PDF to view (read), download and print. Here is one of the way you can welcome the Self transformation slowly and sweety by walking the way God himself shows us. These thoughts are seeds for daily thinking and teaches us the way 'How to Think' and 'How to live'. Download all thoughts For m at A short description and main points from Today's thoughts --> Read this Thought ( PDF will open in new window ) Our 'daily thought' book starts in January 2019 1. New Year Resolutions - Returning within, Hope and Faith ➔ Read this thought 2. Creative thinking, Personal growth, turning virtues into Powers ➔ Read this 3. Self-control, attachments, Harmony in life ➔ Read this 4. Pessimist to Optimist, three mirrors of inner beauty ➔ Read this 5. Courage, Listen to your intellect, message ➔ Read this 6. Getting through the day, Absorbing spiritual light ➔ Read this 7. Diamond consciousness - Absorbing spiritual light ➔ Read this 8. Expand my heart, accepting criticism ➔ Read this 9. Healthy eating, Determination, Deep peace meditation ➔ Read this 10. Open mind, enjoying life, managing Relationships ➔ Read this 11. Power of choice, rising above expectations, self-transformation ➔ Read this 12. Become like a child, decision-making power, Honesty ➔ Read this 13. Harmony and purity in relationships, Karma, Self-respect ➔ Read this 14. Get Set Go (success), a Stable mind, changing Belief systems, State of mind ➔ Read this 15. Look at the Bright side, Have Patience, Relieving stress, overcome obstacles ➔ Read this ​ 16. Quiet Mind derives from God, royalty of soul is in being cheerful ➔ Read this ​ 17. Goodness, the Energy of thought and feelings, harmony in life ➔ Read this ​ 18. Peace of mind, spiritual education, positive feelings for all beings ➔ Read this ​ 19. A place of silence, Soul healing, Thought-destiny cycle explained ➔ Read this ​ 20. Big heart, forgiveness, Selfless love, changing old habits ➔ Read this ​ 21. Opportunity and Hurdles in life, Thought and Relationship ➔ Read this ​ 22. Power of Truth, change in Consciousness, learn from mistakes ➔ Read this ​ 23. Let go these 3 habits, God's identity, learn Patience, Faculties of Soul ➔ Read this ​ 24. Give gifts by the mind, words & hands, Mind-body balance ➔ Read this ​ 25. Art of living, Virtue of Peace, finish waste thoughts ➔ Read this

  • Brahma Kumaris » Main Website

    Brahma Kumaris 24 Sep 2023 "A disciplined mind set to a noble purpose does more good than thousands of ordinary deeds" #Follow : SoundCloud channel Creator ➤ Site Notice #Telegram channel: Join What's New? See More Daily Messages Welcome to the Golden website Message for today LIVE TV Satyug Images BK Sustenance BabaMurli.NET Daily Murli in 8 languages Soul Ref lections Daily Positive thou ghts for you . Daily Inspirations Daily thou ghts & q u otes that inspire you . About Us Who are Brahma Kumaris, Introduction to Shiv Baba, BKWSU, Murli, know our History, Revelations, and FAQs. Online Course The 7 days RajYoga meditation course: From Self-realisation to God-realisation through RajYoga meditation. Online Services Online Services on this website. Daily Murli, Forum, Blog, Daily Messages, Audio, Videos and Downloads. Murli Today Live TV BK forum (visit our official forum for life-guidance & insightful answers to general questions) In Brief About Brahma Kum aris, Murli & Rajyoga meditation ​ God has come. Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University's foundation was established in 1937 by the incorporeal God ' Shiv ' through his medium Prajapita (ancestor of all human beings) Brahma (earlier na me was Lekhraj ). Organization expanded during the 1970s internationally as many people benefitted from the RajYoga meditation and the spiritual way of living taught here. Today, the organization has grown to over 112 countries with more than 9200 centres . Since the beginning, the study of Murli (teachings of God), is the source of 'self-transformation' for those w ho became a BK (Brahma Kumari/Kumar). With spiritual wisdom, we transform our old sanskaras and adopt divine virtues of purity, peace, and love. God comes at the end of the world cycle to re-establish the kingdom of p eace , which is remembered by us as the Golden Age, Satyug, or Paradise (heaven). ​ Raja Yoga or RajYog is a Yog (meditation/a connection) in which we visualize the Self as a tiny point of spiritual light in the centre of the forehead; and then remember the Supreme Soul as our spiritual father who is an ocean of peace, purity, love, and all powers. Read More audio video imges We value feedback from regular visitors of this main BK website. You may also send us your suggestions. Om Shanti . Send Feedback '' I am a BK and I loved the eBooks provided here and much more. By far the most useful site for BK. Thanks Bapdada '' ~ Sneha Parikh (India) '' Very helpful website. I took the online Rajyoga course on this site and now I am following daily Murli also. Wonderful service. Om Shanti.'' ~Deepak Mehta (India) '' Om Shanti. I get something new from 'resources' section every time. Very useful site for Baba's children who live far from a centre.'' ~Suraj Patel (USA) '' This website is a 'treasure' house for Baba's children. I appreciate the efforts to spread the knowledge.'' ~unknown Audi o Library Video Library Images Gallery

  • Phone Call Guidance | SBSI | Brahma Kumaris

    Personal Guidance via Phone call This is our New service, under our Samadhan initiative to provide help and guidance over the phone. If you want written guidance to your problem, ple ase use our free service auto-form . The telephone guidance paid service is only available in the USA ($), UK (£), Brazil (BRL), Canada ($), German y (€), Ireland (€), Italy (€), Spain (€), Ne therlands (€) and Sou th Africa ($). Note : If you are in India, you can only pay using PayP al or Apple Pay. ​ Sk ip to Book a C all ​ Info rmati on Using this form, you can book a " call back request " and get personal spiritual guidance through a pre-arranged phone call. Please Note : We aim to call you within 3 days of submitting this form. This service is operated by the " Shiv Baba Services Initiative " and handled directly by the manager of this initiative from England, UK. This is merely a paid/premium support version of our free Samadhan service. ​ Fee s The payment collected here is an 'appointment fee' for giving dedicated time to listen to you, speaking to you, and giving special guidance that can help in your situation. ​ The Good Purpo se: The money collected from here is going to the " Shiv Baba Services Initiative fund " which is used to run Godly services through many platforms (including this website). To know more about the online services running under the SBS initiative, please visit this page . ​ Assur a nce This is 100% safe and legit. In case we could not talk to you over the phone for a reason, a full refund will be given within 5 days . Any data you submit here is protected by the GDPR policy of the UK. Please know that it is your responsibility to provide correct phone number & email on this form. form Book a Phone call Provide the required details, make the payment, and we will contact you within 3 days. Your Full Name Email Select your country code & please provide your WhatsApp number if possible. Code arrow&v Your Phone number Text me on: SMS WhatsApp Telegram Select the Topic Nature of your Problem arrow&v Your Message Select a Service Standard: upto 15 minutes talk - £10 Value: 20+mins ✚ written guidance - £16 Complete: 30+mins ✚ written guidance - £25 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹: 'Complete'✚regularly in-touch - £35 Select phone call date Select Language Hindi English Proceed to Pay Request sent. Please check your Email. Note : After submitting this form, you will receive our confirmation email with further information. Our Previous Web-Logos Prajapita Brahma Ku maris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya (Godly Spiritual U niversity) ​ Establi shed by God, this is the World Spiritual Un iversity for Purification of Souls with the knowledge and RajaYoga taught by the Supreme Soul (God), giving his most beneficial advice. Established in 1936, by today has more than 8500 centres in around 140 countries. World transformation is taking place. Come and know . more

  • Daily Inspirations » Brahma Kumaris

    ⇦ Services Messages ⇨ Daily Inspirations These daily inspirations will awakening you within, place you incharge of your life, and guide you to become a better version of yourself, heal relationships, and serve the world. Date Topic 2023-09-24 Create Vision 2023-09-23 Give Blessings 2023-09-22 Be Here Now 2023-09-21 You Are What You Think 2023-09-20 Transform Negativity 2023-09-19 Keep It Simple 2023-09-18 Coolness 2023-09-17 Big Heart 2023-09-16 Touch The Stillness 2023-09-15 Deadline Stress 2023-09-14 Recipe For Happiness 2023-09-13 Simplicity Is Beauty 2023-09-12 Don’t Miss The Essence 2023-09-11 Being With Myself 2023-09-10 Power On 2023-09-09 Think in A New Way 2023-09-08 Lasting Happiness 2023-09-07 Spiritual Make Up 2023-09-06 Letting Go 2023-09-05 Give Up the Habit of Worrying 2023-08-24 Values of True Friendship 2023-08-01 Pure and Positive Thoughts 2023-07-31 Original Peace 2023-07-30 Heart’s Call 2023-07-29 Letting Everything Go Its Way 2023-07-28 See Other's Point of View 2023-07-27 What Is Meditation? 2023-07-26 A Free Mind 2023-07-25 Just Like a Tea Bag 2023-07-24 Love and Discipline 2023-07-22 Illusion Of Dependency 2023-07-21 Be Unlimited 2023-07-20 Eye of the Storm 2023-07-19 All We Need Is Love 2023-07-18 Walk Quickly 2023-07-17 Forgive and Forget 2023-07-16 No Problem 2023-07-15 Need Nothing 2023-07-14 Eternal Star 2023-07-12 Choose Feelings 2023-07-11 Fragrance of Positivity 2023-07-10 Holiday Everyday 2023-07-09 Value Of Patience 2023-07-08 Resent Not 2023-07-07 Wake Up Early 2023-07-06 Choices, Our Decisions 2023-07-05 The Law of Karma 2023-07-04 Going with the flow 2023-07-03 Think BIG 2023-07-02 The Secret Ingredient 2023-07-01 Power of Positivity 2023-06-30 Thoughts, Words & Actions 2023-06-28 Ability to Bend Without Breaking 2023-06-27 Trust Grows From Faith 2023-06-26 Radiate Light 2023-06-25 Be A Trustee 2023-06-24 Forgetting & Remembering 2023-06-23 The Virtue of Sweetness 2023-06-22 Give Time 2023-06-21 True Success 2023-06-20 "Human Being" 2023-06-19 You Are What You Think 2023-06-18 Exercising the Mind 2023-06-17 Think In A New Way 2023-06-16 Drama Of Life 2023-06-15 Karma is A Ripple 2023-06-14 Mindful Moments 2023-06-12 "Make Time" 2023-06-11 Gift of the Present 2023-06-10 Go Deep Within 2023-06-08 Spotting Goodness 2023-06-05 Power Of Love 2023-06-04 Enthusiasm Within 2023-06-03 Learn To Love Ourselves 2023-06-02 Garden Of Your Mind 2023-06-01 Surrender Gracefully

  • Create Vision | Brahma Kumaris Inspirations

    ⇦ Inspirations Messages ⇨ 2023-09-24 Create Vision ⇦ ⇨ Never believe anyone who says we cannot change. Vision is one of the secrets of personal transformation. We are all artists, our mind is the arena of creation and vision is what we are constantly creating. What is your vision of yourself today – patient, relaxed, positive or tense, tight and negative? What do you prefer? So be creative – what does patience look like, feel like, what are you doing that is different when you are patient and you are expressing your power to...wait? Always start with a vision, not action. See it and you will be it. Be it and you will do it. This is how we create our own life. Suggested Link ➔ Film: "GOD's Letters" (English)

  • Message of the Day | Brahma Kumaris

    ⇦ Services SHARE Daily Messages Daily thought-provoking messages for better, happier & conscious living. (Date wise: Newest on top) Date Topic 2023-09-24 Positive in Negative Situations 2023-09-23 Give YourSelf Affirmations 2023-09-22 Traffic Jam: On Road or In Mind? 2023-09-21 Truth of Ganesh Chaturthi (P3) 2023-09-20 Truth of Ganesh Chaturthi (P2) 2023-09-19 Truth of Ganesh Chaturthi (P1) 2023-09-18 Eating Less, Eating Slowly 2023-09-17 Overcoming Worry (Part 2) 2023-09-16 Overcoming Worry (Part 1) 2023-09-15 10 Steps to Good Lifestyle (P3) 2023-09-14 10 Steps to Good Lifestyle (P2) 2023-09-13 10 Steps to a Good Lifestyle (P1) 2023-09-12 Time Cannot Heal 2023-09-11 Won God's Heart? 2023-09-10 3 Wrong Beliefs & the Truth (P2) 2023-09-09 3 Wrong Beliefs & the Truth (P1) 2023-09-08 Be Emotional or Not? (Part 3) 2023-09-07 Be Emotional or Not? (Part 2) 2023-09-06 Be Emotional or Not? (Part 1) 2023-09-05 A Fresh View for All 2023-09-04 Likes on Social Media Matter? 2023-09-03 Spirituality In Our Lives? 2023-09-02 Overcoming Work Stress 2023-09-01 Concentration Of Mind 2023-08-31 Apply One Value Each Day 2023-08-30 Celebrating Raksha Bandhan (Part 3) 2023-08-29 Celebrating Raksha Bandhan (Part 2) 2023-08-28 Celebrating Raksha Bandhan (Part 1) 2023-08-27 Living With Positivity (Part 3) 2023-08-26 Living With Positivity (Part 2) 2023-08-25 Living With Positivity (Part 1) 2023-08-24 5 Tips to Free from Hurry 2023-08-23 Love Yourself 2023-08-22 Know Your Strength & Weakness 2023-08-21 Beautiful Relationships (Part 3) 2023-08-20 Beautiful Relationships (Part 2) 2023-08-19 Beautiful Relationships (Part 1) 2023-08-18 Shield Of Positivity 2023-08-17 When A Loved One is in Pain 2023-08-16 Everyday Is A Perfect Day 2023-08-15 God’s Vision of India (Part 2) 2023-08-14 God’s Vision of India (Part 1) 2023-08-13 Be Easy, Not Busy 2023-08-12 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P6) 2023-08-11 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P5) 2023-08-10 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P4) 2023-08-09 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P3) 2023-08-08 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P2) 2023-08-07 Positive Energy Of Blessings (P1) 2023-08-06 Cleaning Mind Before Sleeping 2023-08-05 Trust in God (5 steps) 2023-08-04 Free From Hatred 2023-08-03 Rest, Refresh & Rejuvenate Mind 2023-08-01 Awakening the Positivity (Part 2) 2023-07-31 Awakening Positivity Within (part 1) 2023-07-30 Honor Every Commitment 2023-07-29 You Can Change Any Habit 2023-07-28 Is Reincarnation A Reality? 2023-07-27 Connecting Others With God 2023-07-26 Love Every Moment of Eating 2023-07-25 Making Office Space Spiritual 2023-07-24 4 Subjects of Rajyoga (Part 2) 2023-07-23 4 Subjects of Rajyoga (Part 1) 2023-07-22 Let Go Of Ego 2023-07-21 Art of Self Control 2023-07-20 Positive Living (Part 5) 2023-07-19 Positive Living (Part 4) 2023-07-18 Positive Living (Part 3) 2023-07-17 Positive Living (Part 2) 2023-07-16 Positive Living (Part 1) 2023-07-15 Self Realization (Part 2) 2023-07-14 Self Realization (Part 1) 2023-07-13 Be Happy, Be Healthy 2023-07-12 Who Writes My Destiny? 2023-07-11 8 Affirmations For Success 2023-07-10 Overcome Irritation 2023-07-09 Believe & You Will Succeed 2023-07-08 God Is Not Omnipresent (Part 2) 2023-07-07 God Is Not Omnipresent (Part 1) 2023-07-06 Enjoy Every Moment Of Eating 2023-07-05 Make Your Office Spiritual 2023-07-04 Don't Worry What Others Think (Part 2) 2023-07-03 Don't Worry What Others Think (Part 1) 2023-07-02 Co-operation for a Joyful World (Part 3) 2023-07-01 Co-operation for a Joyful World (Part 2) 2023-06-30 Co-operation for a Joyful World (Part 1) 2023-06-29 Inhale Strengths, Exhale Weaknesses 2023-06-28 Respect vs Regard 2023-06-27 The Ego Sacrifice (Part 3) 2023-06-26 The Ego Sacrifice (Part 2) 2023-06-25 The Ego Sacrifice (Part 1) 2023-06-24 Goodness Vibration 2023-06-23 Profitable Karmic Balance 2023-06-22 5 Ways To Take Blessings From God 2023-06-21 Recording Scenes Carefully 2023-06-20 Overcoming Anger (Part 2) 2023-06-19 Overcoming Anger (Part 1) 2023-06-18 7 Benefits Of Meditation 2023-06-17 Letting Go Easily 2023-06-16 Celebrating Happiness of Others 2023-06-15 Independant Self Esteem (Part 2) 2023-06-14 Independant Self Esteem (Part 1) 2023-06-13 My Will-Power is Strength 2023-06-12 Genius: Hard Work or Talent? 2023-06-11 Peace After a Conflict 2023-06-10 Experiencing Happiness in Journey 2023-06-09 Purifying Food Water Air (part 4) 2023-06-08 Purifying Food Water Air (part 3) 2023-06-07 Purifying Food Water Air (part 2) 2023-06-06 Purifying Food Water Air (part 1) 2023-06-05 A Diary of Gratitude 2023-06-04 5 Ways to Become Fearless 2023-06-03 Open to Changes in Life 2023-06-02 Our Attitude (Part 3) 2023-06-01 Our Attitude (Part 2) 2023-05-31 Our Attitude (Part 1) 2023-05-30 Affirmations For Peace 2023-05-29 Work-Life Balance 2023-05-28 Traffic Control 2023-05-27 7 Days Course (Part 6) 2023-05-26 7 Days Course (Part 5) 2023-05-25 7 Days Course (Part 4) 2023-05-24 7 Days Course (Part 3) 2023-05-23 7 Days Course (Part 2) 2023-05-22 7 Days Course (Part 1) 2023-05-21 Writing Letters to God 2023-05-20 Appreciating People Genuinely 2023-05-19 Increase Soul Power by Meditation 2023-05-18 5 Steps of Self Respect (part 3) 2023-05-17 Experience Peace While Busy 2023-05-16 5 Steps Of Self Respect (part 1) 2023-05-15 Original Quality Of Truth 2023-05-14 Gratitude For People 2023-05-13 5 Tips for a Virtue Baby 2023-05-12 Principles of True Success 2023-05-11 Attachment & its Types (Part 3) 2023-05-10 Attachment & its Types (part 2) 2023-05-09 Attachment & its Types (part 1) 2023-05-08 Stable In Appreciation 2023-05-07 5 Tips for Success 2023-05-06 Avoid Role-Induced Stress 2023-05-05 Benefits of Waking Up Early 2023-05-04 Say "I Will" not "I Will Try" 2023-05-03 Being Situation Proof (part 3) 2023-05-02 Being Situation Proof (part 2) 2023-05-01 Being Situation Proof (part 1) 2023-03-18 Death of a Loved One? 2023-03-17 Greet Everyone with a Smile 2023-03-16 Our Source of Wisdom (part 4) 2023-03-15 Our Source of Wisdom (part 3) 2023-03-14 Our Source of Wisdom (part 2) 2023-03-13 Our Source of Wisdom (Part 1) 2023-03-12 Art of Packing Up 2023-03-11 Stress Free Life (Part 3) 2023-03-10 Stress Free Living (Part 2) 2023-03-09 Stress Free Life (Part 1) 2023-03-07 Gratitude for Challenges 2023-03-05 Experiencing Freedom of Mind 2023-02-24 Heal Emotionally Overweight 2023-02-22 Respect Others' Perspectives 2023-02-21 Purifying Food & Water 2023-01-18 God: The World Purifier (part 2) 2023-01-17 God: The World Purifier (Part 1) 2023-01-16 Equal Spiritual Vision For All 2023-01-15 Develop Good Habits 2023-01-14 Becoming A Good Parent 2023-01-13 Positive Attitude (Part 3) 2023-01-12 Positive Attitude (Part 2) 2023-01-11 Positive Attitude (Part 1) 2023-01-10 Renew Spiritual Friendships 2023-01-09 Triangle Of Spiritual Energy 2023-01-08 "Law Of Attraction" 2023-01-07 Break Free of Approval Addiction 2023-01-06 Stop Criticising & Judging Others 2023-01-05 Being Patient in Daily Life 2023-01-04 Original State of Goodness (Part 3) 2023-01-03 Original State Of Goodness (Part 2) 2023-01-02 Original State Of Goodness (Part 1) 2023-01-01 Spiritual Resolution for New Year

  • Positive in Negative Situations | Brahma Kumaris Messages

    ⇦Main 2023-09-24 ⇦ ⇨ 5 Ways To Be Positive In Negative Situations 1 ● Any situation in our life can have a negative outcome or result. But very often we start thinking about the negative outcome and fearing it even before it has happened. An intellect full of wisdom and a mind full of positivity will visualize positive outcomes and results repeatedly in any situation to experience success. 2 ● The Law Of Attraction says that worrying is a negative energy we send to the Universe, which attracts a negative destiny of health, relationships, roles and wealth. Practicing affirmations full of positive wisdom and strength sends positive energy to the Universe, which helps in creating a positive destiny, full of success. 3 ● Every negative situation looks big at first, but as we move forward, we need to use our own positivity, God's power and help and a clean intellect to arrive at a solution soon. Practical experience says that after some time, situations seem smaller. So, never think negatively when they first come in your life, but look to resolve them. 4 ● A very powerful teaching of wisdom is that every situation shall pass. No situation is permanent. To remain stable and strong and not give up easily is the key to success. Also, our lives have given us a lot of experience of how situations go away sooner or later. We need to be determined and patient and free of confusion while they are there. 5 ● We also need to realize very deeply that every situation always has some benefit for us hidden in it. Negative situations not only make us more powerful and wiser, but they also make us think differently, which creates new realities in our lives and takes us on new paths of success, on which we would have never gone, if the situation had not happened. Suggested Link ➔ Video: "Maha Parivartan" Message for Today "Success comes through maintaining self-respect" Expression : Where there is self-respect, there is naturally a stable state of mind, even in the most challenging and difficult times. This in turn brings right judgement at all times, which allows discrimination between right and wrong. Right judgement leads to the right actions. So there is constant success for such a person. Experience : Self-respect is the state of mind where I am able to appreciate my own uniqueness and give regard to myself. When I am able to be in my stage of self-respect , I am able to be stable in all situations. This seat of internal stability keeps me light and easy under all circumstances. I am also able to experience constant success even in the most difficult and challenging times. Previous Next day

  • व्यर्थ संकल्पों के पेपर (अव्यक्त महावाक्य) | PDF | Brahma Kumaris

    व्यर्थ संकल्पों के पेपर (अव्यक्त महावाक्य) Book Description Read more "व्यर्थ संकल्पों के पेपर" अव्यक्त बापदादा के महावाक्य से प्रेरित वर्तमान संगम युग के विशेष पुरुषार्थ लिए ब्रह्माकुमार व ब्रह्माकुमारी के लिए है। इस छोटी पुस्तक में आपको इन्ही महावाक्यों का विशेष संग्रह मिलेंगा। इसे अपने सम्बन्ध संपर्क के बी.के भाई बेहनो के साथ साँझा करे। "Vyarth Sankalpo Ke Paper" is a collection of the 𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚒𝚘𝚞𝚜 𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 (verses) selected from the 𝕄𝕦𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝔸𝕧𝕪𝕒𝕜𝕥 𝔹𝕒𝕒𝕡𝔻𝕒𝕕𝕒. B̳e̳ ̳i̳n̳s̳p̳i̳r̳e̳d̳ ̳b̳y̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳m̳. Please SHARE this page and send it to BK brothers & sisters in your collection. View this eBook Author Avyakt BaapDada Tags for this book Avyakt Murli, Mahavakya, sustenance, Purusharth Also See➤ Book: "Kumari Jeevan" Original Avyakt Murli Listen to Audio-Books♫ ➤ Please SHARE this eBook/page. More eBooks Resources Read ● Understand ● Become

  • 'Yagya' » Brahma Kumaris History and Story

    History & Story of Shiv Baba's Yagya (Gyaan: Knowledge , Yagya: Sacrificial holy fire) Read in Hindi SHARE History of Brahma Kumaris Year Wise History Old pictur es gallery One in their life, cannot listen or witness such a story that relates directly to God Himself. How can there be anything more superior than knowing who God is, what is our relationship with him and when & how does that supreme being appear before us? This is that story, called 'Yagya'. (holy sacrificial fire of knowledge, in which all our vices shall be burned). The History and how everyone who had Shakshatkaras (visions) of either New world (Satyug) or Sri Krishna (a deity of Satyug) or Shiv baba (God), surrendered their life to live in the company of a small group called 'Om Mandli'. ​ It is important to know that at that time, no knowledge was clear. No one knew about Shiv baba. Not even the one through whom Shiv Baba was speaking the Murli . Though merely out of love and for visions they had, they surrendered in the Yagya. A group of about 180, surrendered at first. And this was beginning of Om Mandli (a group where the holy word 'Om ' was pronounced). This was time around 1937. A school was introduced by Dada Lekhraj upon godly inspiration, where small children were taught spirituality (with English and other subjects) for free. apart from this school, there was a Satsang (gathering for spiritual study) arranged by dada Lekhraj around 10:30 am every morning. Many mothers use to come after finishing their housework. During this time, upon listening Om Dwani, many use to have visions and they go in trance (a state of bliss or higher consciousness). The word spread around the Hyderabad, Sindh. Many came to personally experience this. Some of them who received divine vision/s were called as Sandeshi and this is how the incognito part of god began. Shiv baba yet didn't' enter the body of Brahma for speaking murli. We will discuss this later. In October 1937, Dada Lekhraj surrendered all his wealth to a trust formed of 5 females (including mothers and kumaris in which was Mamma was the main) ♫ Now let us listen to the Story of Divine - the Work of God (to transform the World) - WHEN & HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN... Part 1 of History ('Om Mandli - the Beginning' -narrated in Hindi) Yagya History Part 1 Dadi Prakashmani 00:00 / 1:26:26 (download Part 1) 1938-39. This period was a difficult time for Yagya. Now we shall discuss about the obstacles and even beatings that were faced by mothers and young girls who took a vow of Purity as asked in the Murli in those days. Note that Murli in those days was not spoken, but was written in the early morning (2:30 am) by inspirations that Brahma (dada Lekhraj) receives. Early days Murli was told on two subjects: Purity and sacrifice. Mothers and girls at first faced many obstacles. They were locked in a room the whole day so that they cannot go to the Satsang . This hard time was also faced by Dada Lekhraj (later known as Brahma Baba ). People used to do picketing around his house and throw stones and break windows. Also, they went and cased against him telling that he is forcing the innocent mothers to live their homes. In truth, they are unaware about God, the Supreme who is working through that body of Dada Lekhraj. However, the case ended when Mamma (early name was 'Radha') gave her statement in the court and amazed the judge. Mamma explained that: 'We are not going to met this dada, but to meet the entity speaking through him, he is our father. Does a child have a right to go to its father! And what is wrong is purity (celibacy), when we are willing to remain Pure, no one has a right to stop or harm us, to lock us in a room .'' ​ Following this, the Om Mandli group of about 180 people decided to settle somewhere else. Dada was a wealthy businessman (Diamond merchant) and now has surrendered everything. Now Mamma has to manage the spending for Yagya, including preparing daily food for nearly 180 and making (weaving) clothes. With that money, the group settled in Karachi (presently in Pakistan), a semi-isolated, peaceful place as Shiv baba (through Brahma) directed to do 'Tapasya' at this place, which continued for nearly 14 years. This is a part of history called 14 years of Tapasya (1938 to 1950) Listen Part 2 ('Karachi -Tapasya and Visions/Shakshatkaar' - narrated in Hindi) Yagya Story Part 2 (Hindi) Dadi Prakashmani 00:00 / 1:02:04 (download Part 2) coming soon...

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    Audio Books (in Hindi & English) PDF Books Main Page Here is a library of Hindi and English Audiobooks, written and narrated by various authors and narrators . The Hindi books are edited by Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu; while English audiobooks are from various authors . You no longer need to print books to read, as you can now listen to this invaluable spiritual knowledge while working, cooking, driving, or resting. It is said that "Listening is better than reading" . You may also download the audio file (mp3) on your computer or smartphone. ​ Topics cover : Self realisation (Soul), ParamAtma (God/ Shiv baba), Jeevan ke Satya aur Mulya (truth, virtues & divine values), RajYoga course, and more. Advance topics: Purpose of Life, the Way to God, secrets of the Universe, the Dharma of human beings, God's task in the world, nature of the consciousness, soul, time & space, etc. ​ Audiobook speakers : BK Jagdish bhai, BK Shivani, BK Smarth, Eknath Easwaran, Neale Donald Walsch, Alan Watts, and more. Hindi Audiobooks 1. Parampita ParamAtma ka Parichay View 2. ParamAtma Shiv Ka Avtaran (Part 1) View 3. ParamAtma Shiv Ka Avtaran (Part 2) View 4. SatyaNarayan ki Sacchi Lok-Katha View 5. Karma ki Guhya G ati (karmic patterns) View 6. Sahaj RajYog KarmaYog ki Sthiti View 7. Jeevan me Sukh aur Shanti ki Prapti View 8. Tanaav-Mukt Jeevan (stree-free life) View 9. Brahma Baap Samaan Farishta (angel) View 10. Jeevan ko Heere (diamond) Jaisa Ba naye View 11. DRAMA: Vishwa Natak Chak ra (S pARC wing) View 12. Shanti ki Shakti aur Prayog (S pARC) View 13. Shanti ki Shakti aur PraYog ( Part 2) View 14. Sankalp ki Shakti: Thought Power (SpARC) View 15. Kumari Jeevan: Part 1 (SpARC) View 16. Kumari Jeevan: Part 2 (S pARC) View 17. RajYog course in Hindi Au dio View 18. Mamma Saraswati ki Jeevan Kahani View SHARE Use fu l Links Maga zines Online S e rvices BK audio so ngs Search Website English Audiobooks 1. Bhagavad Gita by E. Easwaran view 2. Conversations With God (Book 1) view 3. Conversations With God (Book 2) view 4. Upanishads by E. Easwara n view 5. Being Love (Part 1) by BK Shivani view 6. Being Love (Part 2) by BK Shivani view 7. Being Love (Part 3) by BK Shivani view 8. The Dhammapada by E. Easwaran view 9. Revelations on World Transformation by BapDada view 10. Awakenings From The Light (NDE insights) view

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    ⇦ Reflections 2023-09-23 Punctuality: The Good Habit ⇦ ⇨ We all know someone who frequently arrives late and blames slow traffic or a car breakdown for the delay. Punctuality as we know, needs to be a life-long habit, since it is unethical to misuse time. Yet, few of us have a casual attitude about it. Punctuality is not only about our own on-time presence, but also about respecting people’s time. Do you face moments when people don’t seem to respect your time? Do they arrive late to meetings, don’t follow deadlines, or drag you into worthless conversations? More importantly, do you pause and check how well you respect your time? ➤We all want time to co-operate and be in harmony with ourselves. It is possible when we develop a relationship – one of love and respect - with time, just as we create good relationships with people. Thereafter, whether we want more achievements, better relationships, improved health, or beneficial habits, time will favour us. Time is energy and every second matters. Let us utilize the first 30 minutes of the day to energize our mind. Thereafter we will create nothing but the right thoughts, words and behaviors that will save us a lot of time as we go about our tasks and commitments. Being punctual, not wasting time in unnecessary actions and interactions, carefully honouring commitments and respecting other people’s time are crucial. ➤From today start being punctual in all your activities. Ensure you are always on time or ahead of time. Let punctuality come naturally to you. Start your day early, plan your day in advance and strictly follow your schedule. Have a set time for all tasks and have time for everything that needs to be done. Don’t delay and don’t wait till the last minute. Do it immediately. If you have to reach somewhere, give yourself extra 15 minutes to manage unexpected delays and reach on time or before time. It does not matter how casual or formal the situation is, have the discipline to be punctual. ➤Give every task your complete focus, have time to think clearly, take right decisions and implement them. Your punctuality makes you reliable and efficient. Even if people around you are not punctual, don’t give up your habit. Despite your planning and best intentions if there is a delay, communicate in advance and ensure not to repeat. Apart from building a reputation, you also remain stress-free by eliminating the uneasiness about getting late. Remember when we start valuing time, time starts valuing us. Suggested Link ➔ Course: "8 Powers of Soul"

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