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History & Story of Shiv Baba's Yagya

(Gyaan: Knowledge , Yagya: Sacrificial holy fire)

History of Brahma Kumaris

One in their life, cannot listen or witness such a story that relates directly to God Himself. How can there be anything more superior than knowing who God is, what is our relationship with him and when & how does that supreme being appear before us? This is that story, called 'Yagya'. (holy sacrificial fire of knowledge, in which all our vices shall be burned). The History and how everyone who had Shakshatkaras (visions) of either New world (Satyug) or Sri Krishna (a deity of Satyug) or Shiv baba (God), surrendered their life to live in the company of a small group called 'Om Mandli'.

It is important to know that at that time, no knowledge was clear. No one knew about Shiv baba. Not even the one through whom Shiv Baba was speaking the Murli. Though merely out of love and for visions they had, they surrendered in the Yagya. A group of about 180, surrendered at first. And this was beginning of Om Mandli (a group where the holy word 'Om' was pronounced). This was time around 1937. A school was introduced by Dada Lekhraj upon godly inspiration, where small children were taught spirituality (with English and other subjects) for free. apart from this school, there was a Satsang (gathering for spiritual study) arranged by dada Lekhraj around 10:30 am every morning. Many mothers use to come after finishing their housework. During this time, upon listening Om Dwani, many use to have visions and they go in trance (a state of bliss or higher consciousness). The word spread around the Hyderabad, Sindh. Many came to personally experience this. Some of them who received divine vision/s were called as Sandeshi and this is how the incognito part of god began. Shiv baba yet didn't' enter the body of Brahma for speaking murli.  We will discuss this later.

In October 1937, Dada Lekhraj surrendered all his wealth to a trust formed of 5 females (including mothers and kumaris in which was Mamma was the main)

♫ Now let us listen to the Story of Divine - the Work of God (to transform the World) - WHEN & HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN...

Part 1 of History ('Om Mandli - the Beginning' -narrated in Hindi)

Yagya History Part 1Dadi Prakashmani
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(download Part 1)

1938-39. This period was a difficult time for Yagya. Now we shall discuss about the obstacles and even beatings that were faced by mothers and young girls who took a vow of Purity as asked in the Murli in those days. Note that Murli in those days was not spoken, but was written in the early morning (2:30 am) by inspirations that Brahma (dada Lekhraj) receives. Early days Murli was told on two subjects: Purity and sacrifice. Mothers and girls at first faced many obstacles. They were locked in a room the whole day so that they cannot go to the Satsang. This hard time was also faced by Dada Lekhraj (later known as Brahma Baba). People used to do picketing around his house and throw stones and break windows. Also, they went and cased against him telling that he is forcing the innocent mothers to live their homes. In truth, they are unaware about God, the Supreme who is working through that body of Dada Lekhraj.

However, the case ended when Mamma (early name was 'Radha') gave her statement in the court and amazed the judge. Mamma explained that: 'We are not going to met this dada, but to meet the entity speaking through him, he is our father. Does a child have a right to go to its father! And what is wrong is purity (celibacy), when we are willing to remain Pure, no one has a right to stop or harm us, to lock us in a room.''

Following this, the Om Mandli group of about 180 people decided to settle somewhere else. Dada was a wealthy businessman (Diamond merchant) and now has surrendered everything. Now Mamma has to manage the spending for Yagya, including preparing daily food for nearly 180 and making (weaving) clothes. With that money, the group settled in Karachi (presently in Pakistan), a semi-isolated, peaceful place as Shiv baba (through Brahma) directed to do 'Tapasya' at this place, which continued for nearly 14 years. This is a part of history called 14 years of Tapasya (1938 to 1950)

Listen Part 2 ('Karachi -Tapasya and Visions/Shakshatkaar' - narrated in Hindi)

Yagya Story Part 2 (Hindi)Dadi Prakashmani
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