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Om Shanti - Meaning, Fundamentals

Now let us learn the meaning of 'Om Shanti', which is written as ॐ शांति in Hindi. You would have noticed that those who are connected with the Brahma Kumaris Godly University greet each other by saying - 'Om Shanti'. And it is a simple two-word phrase which means "I am Peace" or "My religion is Peace". Om here simply means "I or myself" and Shanti means "peace or silence". In fact, Om Shanti.. Shanti.. Shanti is an ancient slogan in Bharat (India) often spoken during holy gatherings, yagya, and before we take a meal. If you have done schooling in India, you would surely know as it is also sung in primary schools during lunch-break before the food is served. This phrase can be traced to a 2300-year-old prayer Asato ma Sadgamaya. The prayer appeals to God to come and restore peace, light of immortal knowledge, and righteousness in the world. But the meaning indeed is in respect of the soul, and not of the body. Now let us explore in greater detail. (Before that, must listen the audio given on this page)

Audio: Meaning of Om Shanti

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Om Shanti - My original religion is Peace

Om is remembered as the original sound of the Universe, the resonating holy sound which immediately brings unity in our thoughts and peace to our mind. The phrase 'Om Shanti' is used to remind us that 'peace' is our original religion. That is the nature of our supreme father (god) and we all souls are an embodiment of peace. Knowing that human beings are restless in search of true peace, true love, and true happiness, god the father comes and remind us that these are in fact your innate qualities.

"The peace or love for which you are searching outside is indeed within you."

You are Shanti - We remind to Nature

In wider context, when we realise that 'I am Peace', we also send the same vibration out to the universe. We remind the entire existence that 'You are Shanti'. The innate state of every soul is peace, as without this physical body, a soul on its own is merely a pure conscious point energy. God says: "Everything is made of the same vibrations, which you call peace, love, or bliss... Thus, we remind the rivers, the ocean, mountains, trees, the sky and land, the animals and birds, and the world in general. A Yogi soul's powerful vibrations definitely reach to every corner of the world. As we remind them of their original state, the process of transformation begins. Every living being or a non-living thing responds to our thought energy. Did you know that even a non-living thing like a plant grows fully if given high energy thoughts, like of love and peace; while it also dies early if given low energy thoughts, like of hatred or impurity. That is the power of our thoughts, which we are now using constructively (as per god's directions) to create the new world.

Discover the Self - Om Shanti

✱Term 'Om Shanti' and its relation to Murli

In relation to Sakar Murlis (murlis spoken by Shiv baba through sakaar/corporeal medium of Prajapita Brahma), the term 'Om Shanti' is fundamental which baba used to speak at the beginning and end of each Murli. You can also hear the original murlis.

Shiv Baba (God) explains- ''I am an ocean of peace. You, my children, are an embodiment of that peace."  Baba reminds us of this in beginning and end of every murli.

In an Avyakt Murli, BapDada said: "Just as easily you come in sound and speak using words, as easy you can practice to be in silence and convey the message through your elevated thoughts."

Explanation: We can convey our thought using words/language. This is by coming in the sound. But the soul can also convey the message at thought level. To remain in silence here does not mean to stop speaking, but that while speaking or while coming in conversation and while doing our daily tasks, our inner state should be at peace. Intellect is inert and the mind is calm. In such a spiritual stage, if a soul sends a thought to another soul, this adds the power of silence. Love and peace is the language of the soul. Thus baba continues to inspire us so that we become more aware of the self being a 'soul' and practice inner silence and thus radiating the same vibrations of peace in the world.

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