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FAQs about Brahma Kumaris

  • Who are Brahma Kumaris ?
    BK (Brahma Kumari or Brahma Kumar) are those who have taken a vow from God, of complete purity (of soul & body), and are walking on the path shown by God and in his elevated Murli (flute of nectar knowledge). They strictly follows the directions given in Murli and are on world service with their mind, body and wealth or whatever they have. They are direct children of Godfather created through Prajapita (father of humanity) Brahma, after whom they are known as Brahma Kumar or Kumaris. In English, Brahma Kumar or Kumari simply means 'Daughters of Brahma'. Who is brahma? - Brahma is Adam (first human, in whom God the incorporeal supreme soul has entered for creating a new world) To know more, visit our About Us (Introduction) page.
  • How to Join Us ?
    Many ask us about the procedure to join the Yagya, or become a BK (Brahma Kumari/Kumar) or 'How can I live at a centre and surrender?' Hence we have in-detail guidelines with 4 steps, following which, you shall be considered as a member of our Godly family (a BK). These guidelines are in accordance with the Gyan Murli which we study every day. To know the procedure, the 4 steps, to access the "online registration form" and the "surrender letter" in English & Hindi, visit How to Join Us page.
  • Who is the Head of Brahma Kumaris?
    When such a large organisation is run all around the world, it becomes important to have a representing head for many many reasons. Hence since 1969, we have the following heads of the organisation: Mamma, (1937-65) Didi Manmohini (1965-83) and Dadi Prakashmani (1965-2007) Dadi Janki (2007-2020) Dadi Gulzar (2020-21) Dadi Ratan Mohini (2021-present) Current Head: Dadi Ratan Mohini In actuality, we are one big family, Brahman family, where we all consider each other as only Brothers and Sisters. Nothing else. We all consider God as our father, teacher and guide. We all study Murli daily from the supreme teacher. Hence we all also consider ourself only a student. Even the current head of BK (Dadi Janki) always says this: 'We all are students.'' How is a Head selected? Answer: Since 1950s, when our first administrative head (Mamma Saraswati) was present, baba have been the prime director of all undertakings. In Murli, baba would point out what to do and whom to give major responsibilities. Hence for instance in 1969, after the passage of Brahma Baba, then Dadi Prakashmani and didi manmohini were together as the head of family. This was a direction of Avyakt BapDada (murli dated 21 01 1969) When Dadi Janki became the head (in 2007), then it was apparent because Dadi Jani was elder of family and since she had handled the foreign services since 1974.
  • What and Who are the source of funding ?
    The Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University runs on voluntary financial contributions, from mostly the students (those who are surrendered) and also from those who are wealth enough and are benefitted from the Knowledge which is given and wisdom where acheived. It is only being inspired to serve the world with whatever we have. We can proudly say that this is our big family of brothers and sisters and we have One Father, who is also our teacher and guide. Whenever a need arise, it is solved by selffess effort and contribution by many of our BK brothers and sisters. Funds from philanthropists, national or international organisations are sometimes received as a contribution for humanitarian and environmental initiatives (solar energy projects, spiritual prgrams, health, educational and social events)
  • Your Questions - Our Answers
    First time, since June 2018, we had started forum section called Question Answers where we posted the answers with the questions asked by you all through the contact form (email). We posted only the general and non-personal questions with their answers written by us, as a response to their questions. Purpose: This would help many in future who had similar queries. They will get their answer in detail and accurate as written by us on the Forum Question and Answers page.
  • What we do, the subjects of life?"
    There are these 4 subjects of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University that we the students (BKs) learn and practice. Study – The daily study of spiritual knowledge (Gyan Murli) gives nourishment to the soul to remove the weaknesses and vices, to realise and re-energise the self. This godly study is the source of inspiration for the self and world services. Raja Yog Meditation – RajYoga (meditation) is a direct connection to the supreme soul (shiv baba), through which we souls receive the powers, peace, love and spiritual comfort in god's lap. Practise of virtues – The awareness of the self as a soul awakens our original and innate divine virtues, giving the inner strength to overcome negative self-beliefs and the freedom to be the true self, that does relate to the god father. Service to World – Being is seen as the basis for serving – bringing the virtues of the soul into whatever role one happens to be playing. Source: 4 subjects of Brahma Kumaris
  • Any special lifestyle disciplines ?
    The journey towards self-realisation involves observing certain lifestyle disciplines, which are recommended and not imposed. Brahma Kumaris' environments are nurtured by observing these disciplines. Spiritual study and practice underpin an individual's spiritual journey. It is the responsibility of each person to discern and choose what lifestyle disciplines they are ready to implement, and at whatever pace suits them. The two main lifestyle disciplines observed are: Sattvic (pure) diet: a vegetarian or vegan diet contributes to general well-being and helps develop clarity and concentration. No substance abuse, including not using any alcohol or tobacco. Celibacy is the basis for cultivating spiritual knowledge in our intellect. This is the must followed princle for us as this being the greatest virtue of a human being. God has directed us to become pure in this last birth. We view celibacy as fundamental to self-realisation and to enjoy a loving relationship with God and to creating a new world where peace and soulful love is the way of life..
  • What is the core curriculum of Brahma Kumaris?
    At the heart of the Brahma Kumaris teachings is the Foundation Course in Raja Yoga meditation. This course provides a practical understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter, as well as an understanding of the interplay between souls, God and the material world. The main course of 7 days Rajyoga is as follows: consciousness and self-realisation connection and relationship with God the law of karma the cycle of time the Tree of Life a spiritual lifestyle The lessons are offered in two parts: Part 1: offers the basic knowledge and practice of Raja Yoga meditation. This is for people who are interested in only learning how to meditate as a regular practice. Part 2: offers the teachings of Raja Yoga as a study. The teachings take the aspirant into the depths of universal truths. The goal of the teachings is to learn how to concentrate the mind and to discover the innermost core of the soul's divinity. This is for people who want to exercise their own reason and judgment; who want to learn from the authority of their own experiences and sustain a lifestyle on a more elevated spiritual plane
  • Is white dress important ? Dress code?
    There is no specific dress code, although casual, modest dress is generally appropriate, when attending BK courses or activities. White is the colour that you will see a BKs (Brahma Kumari /Kumar) wearing, as it reflects the inner aspirations towards living a life of simplicity, purity, cleanliness and truth – qualities to which the practice of Raja Yoga meditation gives rise and empowerment. Also, as directed no dress has any importance, but the virtues has - white only signifies purity and truth. Hence only acceptance of such virtues is important.
  • Knowledge and Meditation - How this transforms my life ?
    Teachings of Gyan Murli are set within the context that the world is at a turning point at which a transformation of consciousness is taking place. One of the main teachings is that the tree of humanity has one seed, God, the Supreme Soul, who stays eternally full of all divine qualities. As children of the one Seed, human beings (souls) are one family. By making a subtle shift from an outer, material identity to an inner, spiritual awareness, human beings realise their true selves and recognise our father, God, the supreme soul and then restore themselves to their original nature of peace, purity, bliss, truth and love. Raja Yoga is study of the essence of all spiritual knowledge. Understanding of the knowledge is essential to its practice and application. The aim of Raja Yoga (meditation) is self-sovereignty and self-mastery. The process of learning is a simple one: listening to and understanding the teachings of God through the murli that we read or listen daily; and then chirning it and making sense of how to apply this knowledge in life; inculcating the wisdom and emerging the original qualities into the awareness of the self, and deciding the quality of one's actions (Karma) Knowledge is the source of all happenings in world. If they use the knowledge of Science for good of humanity, then it is like a nectar. Otherwise it is a poison for world destruction. Here also, the godly knowledge is the source of self transformation and thus world will be transformed into a new, where the souls are full of divine virtues, where there does not exist any vices and sorrow. Such a world is now being created by the heavenly God father (Shiv)
  • How to Contact Us?
    To get answer to a Gyan related question, or spiritual guidance to resolve a personal problem (related to health, relationship, education, mental health, or you need any general advise; you can use any one of our 3 services: 1. General auto-response through our Get Help form (recommended) 2. Join our Samadhan WhatsApp group for Q and A. 3. Book a special "phone call support" to get guidance over the phone (paid service)
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