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Guide to Raja Yoga Meditation

As discussed in ancient texts of Bharat (India), one of the four types of yoga, and in fact the highest one of them is Raja Yoga (pronounced as RajYog)

What is RajYoga meditation?

Raja is the Hindi word for 'King' and Yog or Yoga means a union, a connection or a relationship. Raja Yoga is the Supreme Yoga through which we the souls become a master (a King) of our senses (physical organs and mind) by simply remembering our original nature and our eternal relationship with the Supreme Soul. There are two inter-connected steps to learn and master the Rajyoga meditation.

1. Self-realisation - One has to practice the stage of soul consciousness. This is a matter of self effort-making (purusharth) as we are now have become body-conscious. We have forgotten that we are a tiny metaphysical Soul who is operating this body through the brain. Taking an inward journey within, we discover our spiritual identity. When we recognise and experience the self as a 'soul', we also emerge our original, innate virtues of peace, purity, love, bliss, and spiritual powers. To attain a natural stage of soul consciousness, we highly suggest to practise "affirmations" for which we have guidelines and guided commentaries in this Guide Letter (pdf⇗)

Tip: Watch our film: Who am I? to begin.

2. God-realisation - As we put soul consciousness into practise and it becomes a natural stage of consciousness, we now proceed to recognise our spiritual father who lives in the soul world, away from this material world. He is the ocean of all virtues and powers. We now remember him. Just as I can easily remember the father of my body who gave me this birth, so as I naturally remember the father of all souls. A clear knowledge of god is needed in order for us to experience a clear connection and to derive powers. This becomes natural as we practise with dedication. The soul enjoys the company of its beloved father, the supreme soul.

Tip: Watch our film: Soul & the Supreme Soul

Practise: 'RajYoga' is a direct connection or relationship with the Ocean of Peace, Purity, and all Powers (God, the Supreme Soul). In RajYog, we remember (visualize) first the Self as a Soul and then remember (visualize) the Supreme Soul, keeping in mind his virtues (peace, purity, love, bliss, and knowledge). Parallel to this, we experience a connection with our own innate nature. Thus, with this meditation on God, we deeply transform our sanskaras and experience life at its fullest. There is no chanting or praying involved.

Process: In Raja yoga meditation, the soul experiences a connection, or mental link, with the Supreme Soul. The process of establishing this link begins with a journey into one’s inner world to discover one’s own spiritual identity.

How to Meditate?

5 visually guided steps

BK Shivani on Yoga Day

Sister Shivani guides the true path of Raja Yog meditation (Hindi)

Useful Links

➤ The process of going within, experiencing oneself as a spiritual being or a divine soul, which is a self-luminous, divine point of energy, and then connecting with the Father, the supreme source of energy and virtues, empowers the self in a long-lasting way.

➤ This process of self-empowerment is entirely voluntary and involves no element of suppression of the mind. It is in fact freedom from all limitations of mind that we had drawn. It is also a process of aligning one’s thoughts, feelings, words, and actions with the soul’s original qualities of peace, purity, love, bliss, and truth. This is the way shown by God for our Self-transformation - from being vicious to become viceless.

Raja Yoga meditation

Purpose of RajYoga

Through this easy RajYoga or meditation, we Souls experience true Peace, Purity, Love and Happiness and receive Powers from the Almighty. The main purpose that God teaches us this RajYog in this time called the Confluence Age (Sangam Yug), is that through remembrance of (Supreme Soul), we Souls are purified from all our past sins of past births. We are taking birth when we enter a body, and when we leave the body, it is called death (of the body, not of the Soul). The soul is eternal. There is a beautiful relationship of us with God, as our Father (who creates us), Teacher (gives us knowledge of entire creation) and Guide (liberates from sorrow and takes us back Home). Learn RajYoga and experience it yourself, what is experienced by millions of Souls todayOm Shanti (I am a Peaceful Soul)

Method of RajYoga

RajYoga means- to recognise and experience your-self as a Soul (a tiny point of divine light), and in this soul-conscious stage, remember the supreme soul (our spiritual father). This is just as how you remember your physical father or mother, who gave you birth. You remember them naturally. Just as that, when we are in a 'soul-conscious' stage, we can remember the Supreme soul naturally. Hence becoming "Soul-conscious" is the first step to RajYoga.

Tip: Read in details on our PDF hand-book: RajaYoga Step-by-Step

He is the supreme soul, whom we have been calling as God, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Allah, and so on. We have been calling him for many many births. Now he has come, to give us the true knowledge, to purify us, and take us back to the 'soul world', from where we all souls come in this physical (corporeal) world to play our roles.

God says: "The world cycle is at its end. Now I have come to take you all children back to our sweet home. For that, first, become pure. Remove the 5 vices (lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment). These 5 vices have given you sorrow. Now awaken your original virtues of purity, peace, love, bliss, and knowledge. As you become more and more aware of the self, as a SOUL, you will experience my presence, just above your head. My sweet children, my love for you is eternal. I have come to free you from sorrow and establish the world of Golden age, which you still remember as 'heaven'. Those who will follow my directions will definitely earn the fortune of many many births."

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