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The 7 Original Virtues (qualities) of the Soul

Essence: The Soul has seven innate qualities inherited from the Supreme soul (God). They are Purity, Peace, Love, Joy, Bliss, Powers, and Knowledge. Let us explore the said virtues and bring them in our every-day life.

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7 virtues of Soul (7 Qualities)
Purity - 7 Virtues of Soul

1. Purity

Purity is the first virtue and the mother of Peace and Happiness. 

The meaning of purity however, is not celibacy alone. In fact, its accurate meaning is to have purity in our mind, words, and actions. We generally consider the holiness as that of the body. But a person is said holy only if his thoughts are also pure. Thoughts are infact the immediate creation of our mind; and our mind is a reflection of who we are.

So if thoughts are pure, the words we speak will also be right. The subject of being holy (with the physical body) is called Brahmacharya. The subject of being holy in mind, word, and body is the first step towards spirituality. The soul is a point source of conscious light; and here we are leaning its seven innate properties.

Practice: I am a pure soul. My every thought is pure. I have well-wishes for all souls of the world. My every word is elevated and uplifting. There is no trace of negativity in my thoughts.

2. Peace

'Peace is a garland of your neck' - God father Shiv baba (Source: Murli)

Every human being today is urging for peace in life. But from where do we get peace? In actuality, peace is the natural stage of us souls. Think this, what if you have no burden, no question and no wasteful thought going in your mind. There is this stillness and in this stillness, everything is clear. This is peace. This is the natural stage of soul and for it to happen with our mind, we need to guide our thoughts towards the right direction. We cannot supress the mind not to think. It is the very purpose of our mind, to create thoughts. Hence, we only guide our thoughts to be positive. This is a training of the mind, which is a part of Raja Yoga or meditation.

Practice: I am a peaceful soul. Peace is in my original nature. I am sending out vibrations of peace, which are reaching all souls... calming, and comforting them.

Peace - 7 Virtues of Soul

3. Love

Love - 7 Virtues of Soul

'God is an ocean love', it is said.Love is a natural feeling of a soul. If you ask 10 people the same question 'What is Love' then you must expect unique answers. Since for everyone the definition of this feeling of love is different. Yet I tell you this, the most innate love of ours is when we realise an eternal spiritual love with the supreme soul (as our father) and with all souls (as brothers). Here on earth, we love someone or something that appeals to us, isn't it? When we forget this body and religions, casts and colours of this body and consider the self and everyone as a point of light (soul), then we see that all are both equal and unique.

When self-realisation is achieved, we realise that we are connected with every other living being, and the world, infact is One Big Family, then love will naturally flow.

Practice: I the soul is a child of the supreme soul. I am full of love, for all my brothers and sisters. I experience comfort in God's love and the same love I am spreading to the world.

4. Joy

Joy is a momentous feeling of freedom and attainment. 

Happiness depends on attainments (what we have achieved or earn). Many people feels joy on material achievements like wealth, fame, good family, respects, etc. Yet, the real joy of more of spiritual attainment. If one has peace and love in his life, it will be said that he is happy as well. Of course, as happiness is nothing but a natural feeling when there is peace and loving relationships in our life, isn't it? Also, there is a deeper joy - a joy of existence. Just because you exist. Think about this. Joy is 

Practice: I am a joyful soul. Whatever I do, I do it with joy. It has become my natural state of living. My every karma reflects my inner happiness.

Joy - 7 Virtues of Soul

5. Bliss

Bliss - 7 Virtues of Soul

Bliss is the superior stage of happiness (joy). 

It is beyond any worldly feeling of happiness and sorrow. Bliss simply means to become 'free' from the experiences of the 5 senses of the body. This freedom from worldly and bodily matters is the source of this utmost joyous experience.

Such stage was of ours, when we were in the Golden age. Soul experiences bliss, in the company of its spiritual father, the supreme soul. This can be experienced right in this world, living in this body, through the practice of Raja Yoga.

Practice: I the soul is detached from this body... detached from the physical senses, I am flying up the sky.. I see this beautiful globe (earth) from space... I am in the company of my most loving spiritual father Shiv baba... I am free, loved, protected, empowered, and sustained by God himself.

6. Powers

These are soul's spiritual powers, which we use in many situations of life. Soul has these eight innate powers within whether in merged or in emerged form: Power to Accommodate, Tolerate, to pack up, to Face, to Discriminate, to Judge, to Co-operate & Power to Withdraw. When these powers are in emerged form, they are being used. And when in merged form, they are not used. Yoga (RajYog) is the process by which these powers are emerged and experienced. Learn more on 8 Powers of Soul page.

Powers - 7 Virtues of Soul

7. Knowledge

Knowledge - 7 Virtues of Soul

True knowledge is the source of all virtues. It means knowing the creation and its almighty creator.

The source of spiritual knowledge is only one: the ocean of knowledge, the supreme soul. This knowledge is the very source of all attainments and the method to emerge our above said original virtues.

Knowing the truth about our existence (Who am I?) - the creator and its creation, i.e., God and the World cycle is called spiritual knowledge. Who will speak the truth about the creation? Surely the creator himself will, as no one else then he knows. The source of spiritual knowledge is Murli. The more the soul is filled with the knowledge, the more viceless (pure) and powerful it becomes. We all are such pure, peaceful, joyful, loving, and powerful souls, children of the Supreme soul (Shiv baba). This divine experience of the self is just one realisation away!

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