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Lost and Found, Our Story (English)

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Video Description

Lost and Found... This is an animated short video that beautifully describes our own story. How we came in the world from our 'soul world' to play our role in the world drama. First, we attained limitless happiness in the golden and silver ages (known as 'Heaven'), and how our world become from a blissful heaven into a sorrowful iron-aged world. How we started calling the father to come and free us from sorrow, to take us back home... ➤At the end time of the world cycle, God arrives. He gives us the true knowledge of the soul, the supreme soul, and this eternal world cycle. Upon this knowledge, our soul consciousness re-awakens, and so as our original virtues (peace, purity, love, powers). We realise and experience a direct relationship with our supreme father (Shiv Baba). He purifies us and takes us back home. This is the story. We go home to refresh, ready again to enter the next cycle. This is a story of YOU the soul. Written by: Inner Space Manila, Mumbai, India. Narrated by: Chrissy Mahoney Video was produced by "Natimar Foundation" (Animation by Caven Studios, Inc.) ~ Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University (
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