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Namaste to all who are reading this. Beloved Dadi Janki ji has left the corporeal body (at 2:10 am on 27 March 2020) and reached baba to play a part in the subtle world (Sukshma vatan).

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Please continue below to read the Life story of this great soul - Dadi Janki ji.

Early Life Story

Dadi (elder sister) Janki aka Janak was the Administrative representing Head of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University. Dadi was born in 1916 in the northern Indian province of Sindh, now in Pakistan. From her earliest days, a concern for the well-being of others was a driving force in her life. Her childhood memories include travelling around on her father's horse and carriage to explain others, the benefits of a vegetarian diet, and sitting with the sick and elderly to help lift their spirits. She spent only three years in formal education and then went on many pilgrimages in her search for truth and the understanding of God. Dadi Janki joined Yagya (institution) at an age of 21, at its very beginning (around 1937) with a great faith in God and in his Yagya (his task). Dadi joined 1 year late than most others, so she immediately dedicated her life in this and started reading Murli 5 to 6 times a day.


Dadi joined the group of 180 who came to Karachi, Pakistan for living the new spiritual essenceful life. This group devoted their time to intense spiritual endeavour. The exploration of soul consciousness in meditation awakened a deeper awareness of the original and eternal identity as a source of all spiritual attainments. The practice of remembrance of God was mastered as the method for self-transformation. This all happened between 1939 and 1950. In 1950s, Dadi was sent on service around cities. Dadi always kept going according to directions of BapDada. 

Mateshwari (Mamma) was a mentor for Dadi Janki during services. Baba also wrote many letters to Dadi giving directions and Murli. Mamma became Avyakt and passed in 1965, after that Baba became Avyakt in Jan 1969. After this, elder dadis, including Dadi Janki now had many more responsibilities than before. Doing work of Yagya, Dadi also kept pace in growing services. New centres began to open more rapidly after 1969.

International Services

Avyakt BaapDada directed Dadi Janki to London in 1974 to begin international services..Dadi hesitated to go at first because she didn't know English nor its culture. But understanding God's will and having faith, Dadi left for services. London became the first centre to open in Europe. It began by teachings of Rajyoga meditation and then followed by studying Murli. Dadi will not speak much, but teach the power of silence. She also conducted classes where a sister translates to English. Dadi successfully planted the roots of spirituality, divinity and values in minds of those BK who joined. She became a medium for world service. These roots are now widely spread all over the world in more than 140 countries.

As a Head of BKWSU

In August 2007, after passing of Dadi Prakashmani ji, Dadi Janki took responsibility for the whole Yagya. Then Dadi shifted to Madhuban and since then from Madhuban, she guides all centres. BK Jayanti was appointed as director of all Europe centres. By this time, many BK became spiritually matured enough to guide others and take decisions. Even at the age of 103 (last days of life), Dadi served not with the body, but with good wishes and vibrations. Dadi's early life and spiritual life, both were full of sacrifice and service to the world.

Interview (English)

Dadi Janki Talks on :

"Janak is a Care-free King, a yogi without worries and one who plays and stays in the company of one father, and is caring like a mother."  ~Avyakt BaapDada

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