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Dadi Janki's NEWS - 27 March 2020

Namaste to all who are reading this news. Beloved Rajyogini Dadi Janki ji has left her corporeal body (2:10 am in the morning of 27th March, 2020) and reached baba to play a part in the subtle world (Sukshma vatan) to give Sakaash to the world souls and to help bring our new satyugi world... Dadi spent the last few days in the Global hospital in Mount Abu. She left the body in the morning Amritvela time while the body was suffering with difficulty in respiration and digestion.

Dadi Ji, a great soul of Baba's Yagya has taught us unnumberable lessons of life. As baba says, "There is nothing to be sad or shed tears." We all are Godly children who know that the 'soul' is immortal. 'I am a Soul'. I the soul will play my part using this body, and then it is time to leave to play another part at another place with another body. Dadi has become Avyakt (imperson) just as many souls in yagya already are playing their part in the ''Advance Party'' to transform the old world. Baba has sent the message with Bhog sandesh of 27-03-2020 (Friday). Full video of this ''bhog sandesh'' is on this blog post.

Dadi Janki - Brahma Kumaris

✿ A request to all of you ✿

➜ We request everyone at our BK centres and those who know Dadi ji personally to sit for Yog for 1 hour specially for Dadi's soul who can feel our vibrations of love... We all give our regards and blessings to this special soul of Shiv baba's Yagya.

This is a signal of time, that the time for Purusharth is also coming to an end... Our new world is just about to come...


✦Please read ➜ The official letter from Madhuban (Hindi) after Dadi leaves body. Dated: 27-03-2020

Notice: Please do not phone to madhuban or do not come out of your homes as per government's guidelines for the present time.


1. Janki dadi once said - ''I do not want anyone to spend yagya's money on me for any reason.'' Today, we observed how Baba granted her even this small wish. Today, it is made impossible to come out of home or gather people for funeral. This also saved yagya's money.

2. Dadi lived a great life full of sacrifice, unconditional love and service to humanity, giving the message of God to souls of all religions living around the globe. Those who were close to Janki dadi knows that how she served everyone tirelessly.

We welcome you to know about Dadi's life story (journey) on our official Biography page -> Dadi Janki's Biography in English


3. Dadi's funeral has taken place around . You can watch the 'funeral video' given on this blog post.


1. Experiences with Dadi Janki | BK Jayanti | March 2020

2. 'Bhog Sandesh' on Dadi Janki's arrival in Avyakt Vatan (Sandeshi : Sister Sashi behn)

3. Dadi Janki's funeral video released by 'Brahma Kumaris' channel


watch short Funeral Video ->

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