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Avyakt Baba Milan Dates 2022-23

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Avyakt Baba milan programs are regularly held at Madhuban, Mount Abu (main headquarters of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay). These are 'final' dates/fixtures for year 2023 (and end of year 2022). Official post by the Shiv Baba Services team (

Please Note

Since the lockdown period in India, we have organised 'online' programs on the dates of Avyakt BapDada Milan. And it is a signal of Drama to practice 'antar-mukhi' stage and do the Purusharth of soul consciousness and meet Shiv Baba and BaapDada in an Avyakt stage (in Sukshma vatan).

➥ Avyakt milan program begins with a 1 hour class by BK Suraj bhai, followed by 30-45 mins Yog (meditation) with red light. After this, 'bhog' is arranged and the sandeshi (Sister Rukmani or Sashi) goes into trans (vatan/subtle world) and brings baba's message.

  • We will have 'online milan programs' for the year 2022-23. That means, Avyakt murli of a selected date will be revised, along with other regular programs & classes be televised from madhuban.

Baba Milan Dates

12 October 2022 (Wednesday): UP, Banaras, Nepal zones

2 November 2022 (Thursday): Indore zone (Aarti behn)

17 November 2022 (Thursday): Karnataka zone

1 December 2022 (Thursday): Indore zone (Kamla behn)

16 December 2022 (Friday): Gujarat zone

31 December 2022 (Saturday): Punjab, Haryana, Himachal & Jammu zones

18 January 2023 (Wednesday)➤ Delhi, Agra

2 February 2023 (Thursday)➤ Maharashtra (Mumbai), Andra Pradesh

17 February 2023 (Friday)➤ Rajasthan zone

2 March 2023 (Thursday)➤ Eastern zones, Nepal

20 March 2023 (Monday)➤ Bhopal, Tamil Nadu

IN HINDI ➤ बाबा मिलन विशेष याद पत्र दादी रतन मोहिनी द्वारा मधुबन से: Click Here

Baba Milan Dates 2022-2023
Baba Milan Dates 2022-23 in picture


मधुबन से प्रोग्राम LIVE कैसे देखे?


The LIVE scenes from madhuban are broadcasted via these 2 YouTube channels:

मधुबन से अव्यक्त मिलन का प्रोग्राम इस YouTube चेनल पर LIVE दिखाया जाता है :

  1. Madhuban Murli LIVE, and

  2. Avyakt Murli (get all video recorded Avyakt murlis here)

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