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Avyakt Baba Milan Dates 2021-22 (online programs)

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Avyakt Baba milan programs are regularly held at Madhuban, Mount Abu (main headquarters of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay). These are 'final' dates for year 2022 (and end of year 2021). Official post by the Shiv Baba Services team.

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Please Note

Since the lockdown period in India, we have organised 'online' programs on the dates of Avyakt BapDada Milan to maintain physical distance and safegaurd all brothers and sisters coming from all over India and abroad. And it is a signal of Drama to practice 'antar-mukhi' stage and do the Purusharth of soul consciousness and meet Shiv Baba and BaapDada in an Avyakt stage (in Sukshma vatan). In this Avyakt milan program begins with a 1 hour class by BK Suraj bhai, followed by 30 mins Yog with red light. After this, 'bhog' is arranged and the sandeshi (Sister Rukmani or Sashi) goes into trans and brings baba's message (if any).

  • We will maintain 'online milan programs' for the year 2021-22.

Baba Milan Dates

10 October 2021 (Sunday): UP zone

23 October 2021 (Sunday): Bhopal zone

15 November 2021 (Monday): Indore zone

30 November 2021 (Tuesday): Indore zone (Kamla behn)

15 December 2021 (Wednesday): Rajasthan zone

31 December 2021 (Friday): Gujarat zone

18 January 2022 (Tuesday)➤ Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai

31 January 2022 (Monday)➤ Delhi-Agra zone

15 February 2022 (Tuesday)➤ Nepal (new kumaris)

28 February 2022 (Monday)➤ Punjab zone

13 March 2022 (Thursday)➤ Tamil Nadu, Varanasi, West-Nepal

28 March 2022 (Wednesday)➤ Karnataka zone

IN HINDI ➤ बाबा मिलन विशेष याद पत्र दादी रतन मोहिनी द्वारा मधुबन से: Click Here

अव्यक्त मिलन की तारीख़े

(Hindi) Official dates for Baba milan online programs ➤

Avyakt Baba Milan dates 2021-22


मधुबन से प्रोग्राम LIVE कैसे देखे?


The LIVE scenes of madhuban are broadcasted via these 2 YouTube channels:

मधुबन से अव्यक्त मिलन का प्रोग्राम इस YouTube चेनल पर LIVE दिखाया जाता है :

  1. Madhuban Murli LIVE, and

  2. Avyakt Murli (get all video recorded Avyakt murlis here)

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