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Celibacy in Life (Brahmacharya)

Celibacy in Life - Brahmacharya

Book Description

Celibacy or Purity in thoughts, words, and deeds- is our first subject. It is also known as 'Brahmacharya', which simply means- to stay pure throughtout life and not engage in lust related activities. But however, now we understand 'Brahmacharya' as much more in depth than just staying celibate. God guides us to the path of "spiritual purity", with a consciousness of brotherhood for all souls of the world. In essence, purity, aka brahmcharya simply means: "Soul Consciousness". With a consciousness that "I AM A SOUL", and all human beings are my soul brothers, and our father is the supreme soul, we experience natural purity in our thoughts. And this also inspire the flow of right words, and the same is reflected in our deeds. MUST read this Book if you have become a BK newly, and wish to know the depth of purity (celibacy) as directed by God (Shiv Baba) in the murlis, which we study daily. This book is provided to you for free from the "Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University", Madhuban. This is PDF version, which you can download and print. To buy hard copy, search on amazon, or our book store: (Get all links) "Read - Understand - Become"~ with this Godly knowledge, bring transformation in your life, take the inheritance of peace, purity, love and powers from our long lost and now found spiritual father- Shiv Baba. (Visit WISDOM section on this website, to take our online '7 days RajYoga course'.


BK Jagdish bhai

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