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'Being Love' by Sister Shivani: Audiobook Part 3 of 3 | BK Smarth

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Being Love Part 3 -BK ShivaniBK Shivani
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Author➤Sister Shivani. Reader➤BK Smarth Goyal

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Book Description

Hear♪ PART 3 (last part) of the Audiobook series. You may have heard of "Awakening with Brahma Kumaris" and its popular series of episodes on "Being Love" hosted by Brahma-Kumari Sister Shivani and Suresh Oberoi.
✤ Chapters ✤
00:37​ - Children Absorbs Parents' Vibrations
17:15​ - A child is a Soul in a new body
32:30​ - Transformation from Inside Out
49:28​ - Karma and Relationships!
1:08:22​ - All About what YOU behold
1:24:09​ - Change your glasses, to change the World!
This is the official Audiobook creation. Read by Brahma-Kumar (BK) Smarth Goyal (India). Created and published by team of the "Shiv Baba Service Initiative".

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Transcribed by: Muskan Kapoor
Edited by: Aarti Narayan
Read by: Smarth Goyal
Publisher: Shiv Baba Service Initiative (BKGSU)

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