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सत्य-नारायण की सत्य लोक कथा (True story of becoming Narayan)

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Satya Narayan ki Satya KathaBK Jagdish bhai
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Book author and speaker➤BK Jagdish bhai (Mount Abu, Brahma Kumaris)

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Book Description

In this audiobook, you will know the true story of becoming a Narayan (elevated and perfect human being) by following the directions of God as given in the Gyan Murli.
♫ इस ऑडियो बुक में सुने- भारत की सच्ची यथार्थ कहानी - भारत कब स्वर्ग था, और वहा कौन राज्य करते थे? श्री लक्ष्मी, श्री नारायण कौन थे? भारत कैसे स्वर्ग से नर्क बनता है? फिर कैसे परमात्मा आकर स्वर्ग की रचना करते है? - यह सब आपको जानने मिलेगा।
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The book, written and spoken by BK Jagdish bhai (Mount Abu) guides us to the journey of becoming Shri Narayan (a pure, perfect and elevated human being) from an ordinary and vicious human being.

➥ This audio book also reveals the story of Bharat (ancient land of India), on which, once it was the kingdom of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. It was heaven, the golden age. Every thing was in its perfect stage. Human souls, animals and nature - all were pure and perfect. It was a kingdom of peace, purity, love, and prosperity. There was happiness upon happiness, with limitless wealth. There was no trace of sorrow, since there were no vices.

➥ Such a world is established by God, the incorporeal supreme soul now, in the time (age) called 'Sangam Yug'. This present time is the end of kaliyug and the beginning of satyug. This process of transformation is done only in the presence of the supreme soul (Shiv Baba).

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