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Understanding the Law of KARMA: Pen to Write our own Destiny

Understanding Karma

Book Description

This book focuses on Understanding the Law of KARMA, which is the divine Pen to write our own Destiny. This is a 35 pages short PDF book which includes a sweet conversation with God, of an average Kaliyugi (iron aged) soul who is under an influence of Maya (vices) of anger and impurity and does wrong karma. He questions God on his life and receives a detail understanding on the wisdom of karma. God explains: "What is happening in your life at present is a result of your own karma of this life or a past life. I cannot interfere in this. I am your spiritual father, an ocean of peace, love, and happiness. How can I give you sorrow! My sweet child, I am bestower of happiness, creator of the Golden age, where you children lived in a perfect world. Now follow my directions, become pure through my remembrance (RajaYog) and create a great fortune of many many births.." "Pen to Create your Destiny" is written by BK Burhanuddin Ali of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Publisher: Healhy Wealthy Happy club, Ahmedabad. Distributor: Farishta Collections, Shantivan, Mount Abu (Brahma Kumaris HQ)


BrahmaKumar (BK) Burhanuddin Ali, Mount Abu.

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Karma, moral, spirituality

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