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Murli related Question-Answers

Murli related Question-Answers

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These are 'Murli or Gyan related' questions and their answers given by BK Anil bhai (Mumbai) who is in Gyan since 18+ years. Answers on gyan related queries based on Baba's daily murlis. For example: on World drama cycle, Karma, Shrimat, and Yog. ✶Languages: Hindi, English This book is provided to you for free from the "Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University", Madhuban. This is PDF version, which you can download and print. "Read - Understand - Become"~ with this Godly knowledge, bring transformation in your life, take the inheritance of peace, purity, love and powers from our long lost and now found spiritual father- Shiv Baba. (Visit WISDOM section on this website, to take our online '7 days RajYoga course'.


BK Anil, Brahma Kumaris

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