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BK main centres Address Book (Worldwide)

Centres Address Book

Book Description

This is an 'Address Book' listing addresses and contact details of all our international RajYoga centres (only main centres accross India are listed + all regional centres around the world)

1. First, find the country in which you live (for example: United Kingdom)
2. Then under the country name, find your regional centre. You will also see the contact details (telephone numbers, email, and website related to that particular BK centre)

★NEW: visit our "Centre Finder"➥ (click this link to visit)

If you are new to Brahma Kumaris, we first invite you to take our introduction course (7 days course), which is the essence of all spiritual knowledge as taught by God, the incorporeal supreme father himself. This is called "RajYoga course", which you can take FREE via two means:

1. Visit a nearby BK centre and attend daily 1 hour class for 7 days.
2. 'Online' - take the enitre course online with help of literature, images, videos and audio provided. At last, you can also read our articles and watch our selected videos.
★ Online Course ➝

Welcome to the divine godly family.

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Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University

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