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235 Points Of Swaman (Affirmations)

Updated: Feb 16

Full article post on "235 POINTS OF AFFIRMATIONS PRACTISE (SWAMAAN ABHYAS)" written by a Godly service team within the BK organisation.

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Angel of God (Shiv Baba)

Image source: Angel images

1. You are a lucky star who always remains ever-present, face-to-face with Baba.

2. You are now ever-ready to become a Karmateet, like Brahma Baba.

3. You are a Yogi as well as worthy, and this is why you have special happiness.

4. You are self-sovereign.

5. You have claimed the right over a long time through practice.

6. You are being sustained through blessings of the Bestower of blessings.

7. You are an elevated star who experiences constant spiritual success.

8. You maintain a stable stage of consciousness and bring light to the world.

9. You always stay with the Sun of Knowledge and the Moon of Knowledge.

10. You have faith and intoxication and constantly claim your rights.

11. You constantly maintain a deep stage of humility.

12. You are a sparkling star of the Godly constellation.

13. You constantly move forward as a light-house and might house.

14. You give divine insight to all souls.

15. You are one who with truth and good wishes is free from obstacles and makes your unlimited Godly fortress strong.

16. You are the one who transforms your brother-souls with the powerful attitude of being a great donor and bestower of blessings.

17. You are a Holy Swan.

18. You are a clever child with a broad, elevated, and clean intellect.

19. You are an enlightened soul who uses all the powers according to time.

20. You area close soul who has the constant zeal and enthusiasm to become complete and equal to Baba.

21. You are an elevated soul who makes an intense effort to be the most elevated among human beings.

22. You observe the highest code of conduct by being fully knowledgeable, careful, and cheerful.

23. You have the blessing of purity as your birthright.

24. You have the experience of a yogi life that is constant, consistent, and unbroken.

25. You constantly, in every thought and at every moment are a true server.

26. You are a pure and elevated soul, who loves and serves the world.

27. You have become the instrument responsible for unlimited service.

28. At every step you experience the blessings of service from Baba, and also from innumerable others, and whilst attaining those you are experiencing the flying stage.

29. You have the total authority of truth.

30. You are an elevated soul who reveals all newness and greatness.

31. You are a child who is a true server.

32. You keep the balance of love and authority.

33. You are an elevated soul who claims the rights of all blessings from Baba in every action.

34. You claim the true and imperishable jewels.

35. You play an imperishable part.

36. You are a child who is a master who has claimed eternal treasures, from the true Father, the Creator of the world, the true Teacher, and the true Guru.

37. You are an elevated soul who is master blissful, knowledge-full, powerful, successful, cheerful, and careful.

38. You are a child who gives every thought and every action for the benefit of the world.

39. You are a trustworthy child who constantly follows the Father.

40. You are an elevated soul who has a right to tile inheritance as well as blessings.

41. You are an elevated soul who is a master almighty authority.

42. You are a contented soul who constantly spreads waves of contentment.

43. You are a great soul who gains success through the activities of God.

44. You are an elevated, powerful soul who makes use of all powers in a time of need.

45. You are a child who is a fast effort-maker.

46. You constantly bring about tile success in service desired by the heart through self-


47. You are a child with a happy heart.

48. You remain clear in front of Baba the Comforter of Hearts.

49. You are a supremely pure soul.

50. You are constantly a mother of peace and purity.

51. You constantly remove the pain and sorrow of innumerable souls through your power of purity.

52. You are the embodiment of success through the method given by God.

53. You are a bestower of peace.

54. You are a great introverted soul.

55. You are an elevated karma yogi soul who performs actions in a constant stage of solitude.

56. You are an elevated yogi soul who constantly uses the power of silence.

57. You are a courageous child.

58. You are a worthy soul who receives constant help from Baba.

59. You are an elevated soul who constantly achieves success through the method of the law.

60. You constantly move along with the method of study and effort until the final moment like Brahma Baba.

61. You are an elevated, great child who is equal to Baba.

62. You are a constant, raj rishi child.

63. You constantly rule the self.

64. You carry out the activities of your kingdom with victory and are free from obstacles.

65. You are a child who is a sovereign, who has an attitude of constant unlimited disinterest.

66. You are a true Rishi Kumar or Kumari.

67. You are a child who is detached and loving.

68. You carry out each task with love for Baba and with detachment.

69. You are a faithful child who constantly follows Brahma Baba.

70. You constantly use all treasures according to the time.

71. You are a child who is great with a broad and clever intellect.

72. You constantly experience yourself as complete and give this experience to others.

73. You are a child who has the authority of experiences.

74. You are a sensible child.

75. You make the listening and the doing the same.

76. You follow BapDada in every thought and every word.

77. You are a star of success.

78. You are a lucky star, a star of hope.

79. You are a child who has the right to achieve your aim completely.

80. You are a child who is the proof, who shows your fortune through your image.

81. You use your every second and thought for the benefit of all souls, like tile Father.

82. You are a constantly sparkling star.

83. You remain lost in love.

84. You constantly remain stable on the seat of faith while carrying out each task.

85. You remain unshakeable and immovable in every situation.

86. You are always close and co-operative.

87. You constantly play a hero part with the Zero.

88. You are a deity, one who bestows.

89. You make yourself and Baba well-known throughout the world.

90. You fulfill all the desires of all souls of the world.

91. You are an angel who lives iii the world of angels.

92. You always fulfill your promise.

93. You are very close to and loved by BapDada.

94. You make matter your slave.

95. You are constantly unshakeable and immovable.

96. You who are fearless.

97. You are stable in pure thoughts.

98. You achieve success through your thoughts.

99. You are constantly free from the bondage of karma.

100. You stabilize yourself in the Karmateet stage.

101. You are constantly co-operative in BapDada's elevated task.

102. You do service with such an unlimited broad intellect that you serve many souls through your thoughts.

103. You are a constantly tireless server like the Father.

104. You are a worthy child who shows the proof.

105. You are a victorious jewel who celebrates the day of victory.

106. You are wearing the eternal tilak of victory on your forehead.

107. You are constantly seated on the immortal throne.

108. You are an image of immortality to all souls.

109. You are an elevated soul who liberates others from their bondage.

110. You are yog-yukt, full of love, and understand all secrets.

111. You are constantly victorious.

112. You remain in the intoxication of all rights.

113. You are an elevated soul who stays in the intoxication of self-sovereignty and the intoxication of the kingdom of the world.

114. You are great and full of all specialties.

115. You are worthy of praise and worthy of worship.

116. You are doubly non-violent.

117. You are one who has the practice of spiritual drill.

118. You constantly have a right and are a world benefactor.

119. You make each thought successful and are the embodiment of success.

120. You, like Baba, make matter subservient and work for you.

121. You are one who is an all-powerful child.

122. You bring your elevated thoughts into practical life.

123. You give co-operation as the return of love.

124. You are constantly merciful and stable in the stage of a world benefactor.

125. You are a lamp of the world.

126. You are a child who is seated on BapDada's heart throne.

127. You are constantly hopeful.

128. You bring about transformation in the self and the world.

129. You constantly have pure feelings of world benefit like Baba.

130. You fulfill the desires of all souls.

131. You are an intense effort maker.

132. You are a world server who uses time and thoughts for world service.

133. You are an elevated soul who is a world benefactor.

134. You are a loving child who constantly remains merged in the love of the one Father.

135. You are one who is to glorify BapDada.

136. You are an instrument who is to receive the rosaries of victory from all other souls.

137. You are a victorious soul who is like Baba.

138. You are one who will reveal all virtues in a corporeal way.

139. You use all the powers for service.

140. You are a child who has a right to BapDada's throne.

141. You are one who shows BapDada's picture through your fortune.

142. You are always like a lotus and remain beyond temporary attractions.

143. You stabilize yourself in the holiest and tile highest stage of self-respect, like Baba.

144. You reveal Baba's love, form and relationship to all souls.

145. You are constantly a great donor.

146. You fill all souls through your attainment.

147. You enable beggars to claim all rights.

148. You are one who makes weak souls powerful.

149. You are an ever-healthy, wealthy and happy soul.

150. You have and show the characteristics of making yourself into the stars of success.

151. You have a right to all the powers.

152. You have a right to all attainments from Baba.

153. You have a right to the Brahm element and the world.

154. You are a victorious star who is a conqueror oh Maya.

155. You are a light-house and might-house.

156. You are one who has finished a great deal of spinning and now spins the discus of self-realization.

157. You have claimed the right to become a master of the tile world.

158. You take each step according to Baba's shrimat.

159. You earn an elevated income of multi-millions at each step.

160. You are a moth who remains merged in love.

161. You are a soul whose form is of fire.

162. You transform all perishable desires into elevated and pure feelings.

163. You are one who in the form of a great donor and bestower of blessings gives the last temporary fruit to the bhagats.

164. You are a bestower and bestower of blessings.

165. You are one who always gives like Baba, the bestower of Wisdom.

166. You are a complete angel who fulfils the desires of others.

167. You are a world-transformer.

168. You transform the night into day.

169. You are a Brahmin who stabilizes yourself in the stage of the most elevated religion (dharma) and karma.

170. You are an image that gives visions and who is equal to Baba in this way.

171. You fulfill the desires of all souls.

172. You constantly remain in the stage of being the highest authority.

173. You stay in your personality of purity.

174. You constantly sing the praise of your fortune.

175. You are a bestower who constantly bestows.

176. You are a soul who is a great donor.

177. You are an egoless one who wears all the ornaments.

178. You are to become viceless and stabilize yourself in the incorporeal stage.

179. You are constantly victorious.

180. You are a constantly burning lamp, who lights up the whole world.

181. You are a lamp of BapDada's eyes.

182. You are one who makes your aim and characteristics (qualities) the same.

183. You are constantly liberated and liberated in life.

184. You know all the accurate methods.

185. You are always content & happy.

186. You are tireless, humble, and a constantly burning light.

187. You have a right to the world.

188. You give respect and claim respect from the entire world.

189. You are one who is to be worthy for the world to bow to through your humility.

190. You put a full stop to that which has passed and becomes full of all virtues.

191. You are one who constantly remains an equal companion.

192. You are a moving lighthouse.

193. You create the fortune of others through the picture of your fortune.

194. You are one who reveals Baba at all times.

195. You are ever-ready to take a paper in any situation.

196. You are a constant example and inspire others.

197. You are a child who is a constant Mahavirs.

198. You are constantly a jewel of contentment, who makes others content and spreads

the sparkle of contentment.

199. You are one who constantly makes yourself worthy to claim the first right in the first birth by being a fast effort-maker.

200. You are one who constantly uplifts other souls.

201. You -are one who constantly pleases the Lord with a true heart.

202. You keep a balance between a true heart and a clever head.

203. You constantly make yourself an instrument for world transformation.

204. You are an elevated soul who transforms the self.

205. You move forward considering yourself to be an elevated servers.

206. You are one who experiences all types of fortune.

207. You are the one who always says "Hanji" ('yes' to godly service)

208. You are an elevated soul who has a right to Baba's help.

209. You are one who constantly remains content in the mind instead of raising questions in the heart.

210. You are a yogi soul who is worthy of praise.

211. You are one who is always weightless like an angel, that is, who is double light.

212. You finish the past accounts and accumulate for the future in every second with every thought.

213. You are one who stabilizes yourself in the stage of being a world server and a great donor, who donates treasures to all souls.

214. You are one who is to become complete with the treasure of your own powers and become a bestower of blessings through these powers.

215. You are one who has become an instrument to create your future fortune (bhagya).

216. You are one who shows the fortune of tomorrow through yourself.

217. You are an almighty child who constantly gives a return to the Father.

218. You are a special soul who always gives the return of Baba's love.

219. You are one who constantly stays stable in the stage of being the image of tapasya.

220. You are a soul who is close to Baba.

221. You constantly put the characteristics of the aim of becoming equal to Baba into a practical form.

222. You are a soul who constantly stays in pleasure.

223. You are a great soul who constantly brings about newness in yourself.

224. You are an elevated soul who is to become an angel and therefore a deity.

225. You are a religious soul with the authority of elevated religion.

226. You are the embodiment of spiritual endeavor with the authority of unlimited science.

227. You are a soul who has the right of self-sovereignty with the authority of ruling.

228. You are a karma yogi soul with the authority of elevated action.

229. You are an elevated soul who has had the determined thought to change yourself and the world through tapasya.

230. You stay in a constant stage with the power of concentration (ekagrata).

231. You are a child who is constantly present in different types of service.

232. You are an elevated soul who has a right to the kingdom.

233. You are a special soul who constantly claims a double throne.

234. You are a soul who has claimed the blessings of making the powers of thinking and doing equally.

235. You are a child with an honest heart who constantly fulfills the responsibility of God's love.

Note: This is a special article you can read online and even download/print the PDF version.

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