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Daily Thoughts: January 2024

January 2024 official post: Get daily thought of the day written and sent from Madhuban (Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu, India). These are inspirations for our Purusharth and for better living in general. Get thought messages of the entire month on this post. Please SHARE and send this post to BK brothers & sisters in your connection.

1 Jan

When I am courageous, but at the same time honest in the efforts that I put into achieving success, I'll never have ego. I will be able to get the cooperation and good-will of all, and especially the protection and help of God.

2 Jan

When you find someone not cooperating with you, check within yourself why you are performing that task. If there is the slightest feeling of trying to prove yourself, remove it. Let there be the thought in the mind that you want only success in the task and nothing else.

3 Jan

For the one who earns the blessings of others at every step, there is easy success. There is positivity and speciality revealed in every action and benefit for the self and others. Even the most difficult circumstances, don't deter such a person, but he has the power and the courage to move on.

4 Jan

When I am able to free myself from waste and negative words, I am able to use the resource of my words in a positive and useful way. My words will be for the benefit of all. I would also notice that my words would be filled with the power of positivity and faith, faith in the self and faith in others.

5 Jan

When I train my mind to think creatively I'm able to keep my mind busy. In this way, I'm able to free myself from thinking negatively and wasting it. Also, I find myself enjoying every scene that comes in front of me and I also find myself constantly progressing.

6 Jan

When I have mercy for others, I can accept their feelings, emotions and behaviour and provide them with the right kind of mental support. Then I can give them courage without being influenced negatively by their feelings of pain and sorrow.

7 Jan

Even when my best plan and ideas are rejected or criticised, I can remain cool and light because I regard others and their ideas. Because of this I am able toconstantly learn and experience progress.

8 Jan

When I learn the art of forgiving I free myself from the burden of negative and waste thinking. So there is never any difficulty in giving corrections when necessary. The mind is free from the attitudes of the past and it creates harmony in relationships even if the opinions or personalities don’t match.

9 Jan

Some people remember God more when they find a difficult change in their lives to deal with. But it's wiser to remember God all the time. The deeper the connection the sooner God gives us directions protects us in the wave of change and also guides us through it.

10 Jan

What one cannot achieve with pressure can be very easily achieved with patience. Patience brings a state of calm inside which helps in finding the answers that already lie within. It gives courage to work on the problem in a cool and relaxed way till the solution is found.

11 Jan

When I continue to have positive thoughts, I create a foundation for a beautiful life. I enjoy the beauty of whatever situations come up in my life. I am able to strengthen this foundation further because each positive thought multiplies as time passes by. So I am able to create a fertile ground for getting the best fruit from life.

12 Jan

If your physical weight increases, the first result is that your physical appearance is affected. In the same way, if your thoughts are heavy and pile up, then your inner beauty is affected. After every hour, pause to check for any thoughts of stress, anger, fear, worry or pain. Change them immediately.

13 Jan

When I have courage, I have hope. I will not give up the task mid-way, but will put in continued effort. Because of this, there is no difficulty experienced even whilst putting in extra effort but I do everything with enthusiasm and happiness.

14 Jan

To be an embodiment of experience means to learn from everything that happens. So when I become an embodiment of experience, I am able to feel mastery over every situation that comes my way. The power of my experience enables me to move lightly through all situations.

15 Jan

The one who has faith has total faith in the self and the progress of the self. The one who has faith is always successful because he gives his best in everything he does. He is never deterred by obstacles but progresses constantly.

16 Jan

When I am able to have this one desire to help others be more happy, I am able to make a contribution to others' happiness and progress. I then find that others naturally appreciate my selfless contribution and their good wishes help me feel light and experience progress.

17 Jan

When I have the power to fly, i.e., to go above the situations, I do not feel the bondage of the situation. So when I am up above everything down below (even the biggest mountain) seems very tiny and insignificant. So there is quick and steady progress experienced even when there are difficult situations in my life.

18 Jan

When I am able to be enthusiastic under all circumstances, I am able to be tireless. This tirelessness gives me the courage to move on and experience constant success. I become aware of my own resources and make the best use of them.

19 Jan

When I am ever ready I am able to be EASY. Because I am easy, all tasks seem easy for me and effort put in for the success of the task also becomes easy. So I don’t have to do a lot of effort but give my best. Thus I experience success every moment in all situations.

20 Jan

Anything that brings benefit to people is that which brings contentment. Through out the day, if I pay attention to this one aspect of bringing contentment to people, I will be able to add meaning and significance to everything I do.

21 Jan

There is always an expectation of getting respect from those around. The one who is totally dependent on others for their own sense of well-being tends to react to situations, even if they are very insignificant ones. On the other hand, the one who is able to give respect to the self gives respect to others too and so gets respect himself.

22 Jan

When I remain happy even in negative situations, I am able to maintain my internal state of calm. And this is the best frame of mind where I am able to see things objectively and in a detached way and I am able to make the right decisions. So I find myself becoming a source of support.

23 Jan

Real contentment is visible in such a way that others too are able to feel the happiness that is created. When there is real contentment, all thoughts, words and actions are filled with quality.

24 Jan

Every human being in this world whom we connect to, is God's special child and angel. Making all our relationships full of contentment and God's qualities and goodness is a return to God of His deep love for us. The more we do that, the more God feels happy and blesses our hearts constantly.

25 Jan

Several times we find things happening unexpectedly. Yet, there should be the understanding that nothing is unexpected or a matter of chance but everything depends on the seeds previously planted. When there is this understanding there is no passiveness but there is an ability to take responsibility and better the situation.

26 Jan

When I have an easy nature, I am able to put a full stop in a second with great ease. I am not caught with the waste questions and exclamations. So I am able to enjoy everything that comes my way and move forward constantly with lightness.

27 Jan

Since I am able to look at the weakness only and am trying to finish it, I will be free from negative feelings of dislike and hatred. There would be a genuine feeling of love, which in turn provides the right environment for the other person’s growth.

28 Jan

An actor on a drama stage never identifies with his role and does not ever get attached to it. He knows the role is temporary and he has to return home to reality at the end of the day, after the role is played. One of the most significant causes of stress is the thought – I am the role, which is an incorrect consciousness. The correct consciousness instead is that I am a soul, a spiritual actor and the role is my act.

29 Jan

Any thought which is added with determination automatically brings confidence. This confidence naturally fills the thought with power. When there is the thought, 'I can do it', there is surely the power to do it. Then there are no distractions, nor is there any comparison with others.

30 Jan

When I act according to my thoughts and words, I am able to take inspiration to do more. For every positive action that I do, I experience support and good wishes from others which encourage me constantly. My account of positivity is always full and it takes me further to a cycle of positivity making it a habit.

31 Jan

When I have love & compassion for others, I am able to accept their feelings, emotions and behaviour and provide them with the right kind of mental support. Then I am able to give them courage without being influenced negatively by their feelings of pain and sorrow.

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