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40 Points of World Drama Play

Here are 40 points to churn on the World Drama play (cycle of 5000 years). How the Drama of day and night works. A great reflection that: 'There is always a balance in the world.' This article is also served in Audio record (video on this post). Want to download/print? Here is PDF version of this article.

When we say DRAMA, it means that there must be 'actors' and there must be a 'director'. This life is a REAL DRAMA of happiness and sorrow, of knowledge and ignorance. This is where souls play their roles and learn. This Drama is however flexible. If a soul decides to change itself, it can. God, the director helps each soul to re-remember its original virtues and he empowers the souls to play the finest possible part in Drama.

World Drama cycle of 5000 years

Because of not knowing that World is really a drama and we are souls (actors), we become so attached to our parts and hence fall down. God uplifts us by showing the light of knowledge. Now we know. Knowing this great secret, we regain our originality.

The world drama wheel is a 5000 years eternal play of karmic account repeating every cycle. This cycle is wonderfully balanced and precise. Drama play can be shortlisted by only understanding the two polarities (opposites) on which the Drama is made possible:

1. Arrival and departure

2. Today and Tomorrow

3. Soul consciousness and Body consciousness

4. Half Liberation in life and Half Bondage in life

5. Bharat’s (India) defeat and Bharat’s victory (from Maya /5 vices)

6. Righteous to Unrighteous and Unrighteous to Righteous

7. Mistake minded to Perfection

8. Knowledge and Illusion (ignorance)

9. Paradise and Graveyard

10. Salvation and misery

11. Godly community & Devil community

12. Past Present and Future

13. Knowledge & devotion (worship)

14. Knowledge, Devotion and Renunciation

15. Becoming Diamond-like an becoming stone-like

16. Our Victory and our defeat (on Maya or 5 vices)

17.Godly kingdom and Devil kingdom

18. Inconscient and Conscient

19. Prabhu ( Lord) and Maya Ravan (Illusion)

20. Holy land of Bharat to Unholy land of Bharat

21. Worship-worthy to a Worshipper

22. Becoming Prince and becoming Beggar

23. Drama of Light and Darkness

24. Pure world and Impure world

25. Becoming Pure to Impure and Impure to Pure

26. Drama of Night and Day

27. Ram kingdom and Rawan kingdom

28. Acquiring kingdom and Loosing kingdom

29. Remembrance - Forgetfulness

30. World of Truth and World of False

31. Shivalaya ( Shiva’s abode/temple) - Vaishyalaya ( brothel)

32. Peace - Unpeace

33. Real Joy and Sorrow

34. Becoming Beautiful and Ugly

35. Morning rich and Evening beggar

36. Becoming Solvent and Insolvent

37. Becoming Wise and becoming Fool

38. Completely pure - Completely impure

39. Rise and Fall

40. Inheritance - Curse

* Video Version *

40 points to understand the Wold Drama (Hindi Audio)

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