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Surrender Letter to Shiv Baba

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

This is the letter to surrender in the Rudra Gyan Yagya, a letter to our Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba. We suggest all BK brothers and sisters to print this letter and sign it. You may keep the signed letter with yourself, or submit to us.

NOTE: Download the PDF version of Surrender letter to print & sign. There are 2 ways to submit a signed surrender letter:

1. Post the printed letter to any of our centres (or directly to Mt Abu, the main centre).

2. Scan (or take a picture) and send via email to (recommended)

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Shiv Baba point of light

The Surrender Letter

On Godly permissions, we present you this unique surrender letter upon following and submitting which, you shall declare yourself a complete follower of God’s shrimat. This is surrender letter for all Brahma-Kumari and Brahma-Kumar who wishes to submit this surrender letter to Shiv Baba as a mark of starting a new life. Keep this always saved. This will remind you the promise you made to the supreme father – Shiv baba.

To: Shiv Baba (the Supreme Father, Teacher, Guide)

From: (your name) ➔

I am writing to you today... You are the most beloved personality and everyone knows, worship and remember you. They call you God, Ishwar, Allah, Jehowah, Khuda. Yet no one knows you, your identity and the task which you do for the world. O supreme father, I have now recognized you. I am your long lost and now found child. You have reminded me that I am not this physical body, but am an eternal soul, a point of divine consciousness who resides in this body and performs actions. You are the supreme soul. I also have now known your identity. You are an ocean of peace, purity, love and knowledge. I received all of these when I remembered you. You are a point of light and you are beyond this drama of world cycle. You have come to purify all the souls and take us back to our supreme home of peace and light, from where we all have come.

Upon your directions, I have taken a vow of complete purity for rest of my life. You have told us that this is our last birth in world cycle. We have now recognised our true spiritual identity. Dearest Baba, I promise that I will remain pure in my thoughts, words and action. I never will give or take sorrow from anyone. Like you, I will become a giver of happiness, love and knowledge. I also declare myself as your helping hand in your elevated task of World transformation. I will always stay in spiritual service with my mind, my mouth and my hands, whenever possible. You have become the word of my mouth, elevated thoughts of my mind, and the power of my hands.

Shiv Baba, you give us the fortune of heaven. You are the heavenly God Father whom we all prayed for half of the Kalpa. You have now come to make us equal to yourself. You are most the kind and merciful. Your love, knowledge and powers are limitless. No one is like you. You never say a word and you explain everything. Make me as you are. I am all yours. I give all my time, energy and attention in your Gyan Murli, in your task of world service and in you O creator of world, O remover of all sorrow. Me, with your support, shall uplift as many soul brothers to the true liberation in life.

At last, I declare that from today, from this second, I surrender myself to you. Whatever you have said in your Murli is locked in my mind. Your advise is my priority. Your knowledge is my food. And benefit of the entire world, benefit to my all brothers and sisters is purpose of my life. I am now a world servant and also a master of all your wealth of knowledge and powers.

Yours now and forever, Your Signature: (sign below)

(your name)


Following are the important guidelines before you submit this form to your nearest BK centre or to Mount Abu Madhuban centre or email us.

You must read and accept all the below points.

1. By submitting above form, you have taken a vow of Purity (celibacy) to God himself. Hence you have to be very careful. You accept that the teacher is Shiv baba and no one else. Him as the father, mother, friend, and the guide.

2. God is incorporeal and does not possess a body. Hence the teachings are taught through the medium of Brahma (Prajapita) whom we remember as the first human (Adam). Through Brahma, God (Shiv baba) has adopted us for giving inheritance of the New world. You declare: 'I have understood this clearly.'

3. You declare: 'I understand that I will listen or read the Gyan Murli regularly as I took a vow to surrender. I will try my best to transform myself according to the elevated direction (shrimat) given daily in Murlis.'

4. You declare:Murli is the source of all understanding. Hence in case I do not know the answer to an asked question, I will direct the asker, to listen to Murli instead of giving an inaccurate answer.’

5. You declare: 'I promise to Shiv baba that I will become a good child, a sincere student and an obedient follower of your Shrimat.'

Once again, I confirm that this surrender letter is completely followed by me and I will try my best to follow each and every guidelines given in this letter. Time left is very less and hence I would have to be quick in my Purusharth (spiritual effort making) to become pure, powerful (spiritually) and virtuous.

Yours now and forever, Signature: (your name)

NOTE: By signing and sending this letter, you are accepting all the above BK guidelines that you will follow in your life.

Visit our Main Website: OR

My Details:

Your Full Name: Number of Years since in Gyaan: Residence and nearest centre: Date of Letter submitted: Your Signature (below)

NOTE: Download the PDF version of Surrender letter to print & sign. There are 2 ways to submit a signed surrender letter:

1. Post the printed letter to any of our centres (or directly to Mt Abu, the main centre).

2. Scan (or take a picture) and send via email to (recommended)

Useful: Write Daily Letter (पोतामेल) to Shiv Baba using our online service at Shiv Baba Letter (on BK Google)

On Godly World Service,

The Shiv Baba Services Initiative


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