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GOD of Gita - Shivratri Special

The Greatest of all truth - Incorporeal Shiva (Shiv) is the Gita God. Gita is categorized as the greatest scripture in the world since the word “God Says” is mentioned in it meaning Godly version which is the specialty of this spiritual text. Gita includes the essence of knowledge of all Vedas and Shastras. Therefore it has been given the status of Jewel of all shastras or scriptures.

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Now the biggest question arises “Who is really the God of Gita ?” Incorporeal (Formless) God who is beyond birth and death or Corporeal deity who come under the birth death cycle?

Due to replacement of the name of formless God – the creator with the corporeal creation Gita significance is rebutted or else Gita would have been worship worthy in the world because incorporeal God Father is accepted and worshipped in all countries and in every religion.

Before we begin,

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Finally, the Universal Light, The God Father has come at the end of the present ignorance dark night of Kaliyuga - the iron aged era for putting an end to this sorrowful, vicious, corrupted and violent world and creating a new Golden aged era referred as Ramrajya, Satyuga, Paradise, Heaven or Swarg, Jannat, Bahist etc in scriptures & religious text so that the earth regains its original strength and purity and become a beautiful place to live in. Since God is one he creates ONE RELIGION and ONE WORLD FAMILY.

He is the same Incorporeal God whose verses are expressed in holy scripture Shrimad Bhagvad Gita that I reincarnate in Bharat (India) through an ordinary chariot (body) of a human being when the irreligiousness and unrighteousness is at it’s peak in the world and create a new religo-politicial righteous world order based on one religion by teaching an ancient science of Rajyoga and Godly (Spiritual knowledge) in order to begin a new cycle. In present scenario all sorts of chaos, sorrows, corruption and sinful actions can be witnessed and experienced which prove that the world is at its peak as described.

To make this godly task of world transformation into a reality, firstly we the souls - the imperishable actors and the children of the supreme soul 1) must recognize our God Father- the creator of paradise/swarg / heaven/ jannant and known as Shiva/ Allah/Khuda/Jehovah/Omkar/infinite names in various religions/spiritual cults who himself reveals his true identity at the end of the world cycle 2) follow his shrimat ( dictates ) for cleansing or purifying our souls and discarding off our devilish traits encompassing vices & destructive instinct that has turned us down from the deity status and this beautiful planet from heaven into hell. He is the ONE CREATOR God and rest all are his creation including us (souls). But we have a spiritual eternal relation of father and children.

Now God father says: Recognize yourself as a soul – the conscious point of light and remember me your supreme soul father who is also the conscious point light form like you, shed off your bodily identifications and relationsin order to destroy your sins and have your God fatherly birthright of heavenly Kingdom before making your way back to your real abode (soul world) with me.

At present we are now at the peak moment of this world transformation and little final moment left for self-transformation and claiming the birthright of purity, peace and happiness in the coming heavenly world from the God father. Chance once missed will be a great miss forever…. Now or never. Awake Awake … before it is too late… and thereafter DO NOT COMPLAIN that GOD –THE BESTOWER OF FORTUNE HAD COME TO MAKE DESTINY AND WE WERE NOT AT ALL AWARE OF THE MESSAGE .

With hearty offering to God father

On God Fatherly service

In this video, there is a brief explanation about the period of incarnation of Gita God, Medium, Purpose, Contribution of us souls in the world transformation, Godly message and attention on acquiring birthright in the new heavenly world arriving in near future.

Video Version

GOD of GITA is Shiv - Revelation on Shivratri

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