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Question Answers on God (Shiv Baba)

Questions on God, his role and nature were asked by Deepayan from India. Here is the explanation given via email.

Good Morning Deepayan

Your letter is recieved and read. To get the perfect answer, you have to understand MANY things. What you need to know is:

1. Who is called as GOD?

2. What is our 'relationship' with God?

3. What does God create and when does he come in world?

4. Does God control the behavior of animals and human beings?


1. God is the supreme soul, the creator of heaven the golden age. God is the highest authority, the supreme truth that exist without a reason. It is a point of light and energy - a tiny point of spiritual light and might (energy). God does not have a body or a form like us.

2. 'Father'. God is the father (creator) of all human souls (us). Just as a father gives inheritance (property) to his children - so God gives his property of Peace, Purity, Bliss, Love and Powers to us. God is the ocean of 7 virtues (knowledge, love, purity, peace, happiness, bliss, power). He gives us all this virtues as an inheritance.

We have and can experience every direct relationship with God. Shiv Baba as our father (we get inheritance of happiness), a mother (we get unconditional love), a teacher (we get knowledge of entire creation), a friend (we can share any secret), a guide (he takes us back to home of peace)

3. God comes at the end of kaliyug (old world) and creates NEW WORLD. This is a detail explanation. Visit History page.

4. Does is one - ever detached from world. He DOES NOT interfior with anyone's part in world drama. He is world benefector. Only comes 1 time in entire cycle - at the very end, when all are in sorrow. He frees us from sorrow and takes back home, our sweet silence home. Visit World Drama Cycle page to learn more.

Animals have this nature of killing other animals to live - this is NOT given or decided by God. It is a nature of animal souls. We human souls are all different in our nature. Some are extremely wise and good, while some are not wise or not good. This all is results of our own Karma.

Hope you have received the understanding that is needed to start the journey.

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~~ Our View on Religions of World ~~

This letter is for you. Clarify all you doubts.

1. All religions are created to show a better path to humanity. No religion is bad. Any religion does not propogate violence.

2. There may be kings in past who destroyed Hindu temples. That DOES NOT mean that Islam or Christainty is wrong.

3. Everything happens arroding to DRAMA. Bharat (India) is most ancient land. Richest and diverse. Bharat is the donor of wealth and wisdom. Hence Islam, Buddhist and Christain religions were sustained by Bharat's wealth and wisdom. This is in World Drama.

4. Now you may see, that christains are donating wealth to India. There are ONLY returning what they received in past. This is all done by God's inspiration.

5. In near future, Bharat will again become the most important land, the richest. How?? When they will know that their Godfather (Shiv baba) has come in Bharat (ancient land) then they all will support to make Bharat the golden age (again).


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