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Significance of ZERO and Meaning of word 'Shiv'

ZERO is nothing. But what if you keep it at right place? GOD is a subtle point of light and might. Shiv is the name of GOD. Here is the significance of the meaning of word Shiv, who is the supreme soul, almighty, the creator of world (( ZERO )).

In many cultures the name for God means * ZERO * In Sanskrit the word *‘SHAMBHO’* is a name for God, meaning a 'Self creator, who exist without a reason - ZERO. One interpretation of *‘SHIVA’* is *‘ZERO.’* and hence he is worshipped as an oval shaped stone. The Zero has a name : *Bindu* *Always Shiva - Sada Shiva* * IN WHAT RESPECT IS HE ZERO?* He remains Zero i.e. * ZERO DESIRE *, in His attitude towards the physical world (Sakar Duniya -in Hindi) In relation to the physical world : ☆ He *OWNS* nothing ☆ He *NEEDS* nothing ☆ He *LOSES* nothing

☆ He *GAINS* nothing ☆ He *MISSES* nothing ☆ He *LACKS* nothing ☆ He *IDENTIFIES* with nothing ☆ He *FEELS* nothing ☆ He *KNOWS* that He has entitlement to nothing ☆ He *TAKES* credit for nothing ☆ He *EXPECTS* nothing.

and yet that supreme being is Ocean of all Information (is knowledgeful and THE ONLY one who knows the past, present and the future of the world)

He remains *FREE* from the WEB, the TRAP, the BONDAGES, of the physical world. He cannot be compared with anything of this world. Supreme soul is a point of metaphysical light (of consciousness, of knowledge and of bliss) When you look *"AT"* a zero, you see nothing. When you look *"THROUGH"* a zero, *YOU SEE EVERYTHING*! . Since *GOD SHIV (baba)* has zero bondage, it allows Him to experience the ‘OCEAN.’ Only him can tell you whether you are right, have you done right or wrong. Hence God is said as the judge.

He experiences and is: Ocean of Knowledge

Ocean of Bliss. . . Ocean of Love. . . Ocean of Contentment . . . … unlimited 🧘🏾‍♀ treasures within ....

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