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Sangam Yug (Confluence Age)- Most Important Time

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

In this article, we will briefly guide you to the most important time of the entire World Drama Cycle (the present time), when God, the supreme soul himself comes and impart true knowledge, and plays his role in the process of World transformation. In this special article, we try to highlight this very time period of the world cycle, and thus explain the great importance of the present time. MUST read this article if you wish to know about Sangam Yug (confluence age) in details.

The human drama world cycle is of 5000 years. Each cycle is 5000 years only & is divided into 4 major parts/ages of 1250 years each. It starts with the Golden age, also called Satyug, Swarg, Heaven, Bahisht, Paradise, etc. It was a land with limitless peace, happiness and with complete purity. There was a kingdom of Shri Narayan and Shri Lakshmi with only one Religion - Deity Religion. Yes, there was Heaven in this world! The Golden age lasts for about 1250 years and the next 1250 years is called the Silver Age. So, together for about 2500 years, all the souls were living in complete purity and the world was in a state of limitless happiness with all worldly prosperity. This time (the first half cycle) is known as 'heaven'.


To learn more on Sangam Yug, please read our eBook: संगम युग का समय (a PDF collection of points on Avyakt murlis). And visit the General Articles section to find more such articles in English and Hindi.

Sangam Yug - Confluence Age

➥ The next half is again divided into two ages called The copper age and the iron age. Copper age is when the soul forgets its original identity and considers the self as the physical body. We started shifting from soul consciousness to body consciousness the 5 vices named lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego gradually trapped the soul. This is the age where the soul started its search for God and began worshipping his eternal father, God Shiva. Later, religions like Muslim, Christians, Buddhist, etc. came into existence in this age. Gradually, the population of the world started increasing as souls from all those religions will follow their respective religion's father. And by the time we shifted in the Iron age, souls were completely under the influence of vices. It is in Iron age when all the sinful acts like corruption, truthlessness, battles, etc. started in the world.

➥ Since this is a cycle (World Drama Cycle), the world has to get back to its complete pure stage again post completing the whole cycle. But the question arises, how will this happen? And here the most important age of the cycle comes into the picture, the climax of this world drama act. At the end of iron age, around 100 years before the start of the Golden Age, God Shiva, the Supreme Father incarnates in the body of Prajapita Brahma (the soul which was born as Shri Krishna in its first birth) to impart the truth (spiritual knowledge) of the creation and the creator, and thus to liberate all the souls free from the vices, fulfils them with their original virtues like peace, happiness, purity, love, bliss, etc.

➥ We all have this question & confusion in our mind, when will God come finally? Of course, when the whole world is in a complete downfall, sorrow & impure stage, then the father of the world has to come to uplift the entire humanity and re-establish the True deity religion again and transform the world. This is the most auspicious and crucial phase of the entire world cycle which is called the Confluence Age. This is the time when God meets all of his children, teaches them about what is soul, God, world cycle, karma philosophy, etc.  And with his powers & knowledge, we can get back to that complete pure stage again & establish Heaven in this world.

Watch the below video, beautifully explained with animation, our own story since we first came down to the world (Golden age, in our original state of complete peace, purity and bliss) till the end of the cycle (end of Kaliyug / Iron age)... and How God the supreme father himself comes at this time (end of world cycle) to impart knowledge, fill us with virtues and powers, and take us all souls back to our sweet home (paramdham, or home of souls)

Video: Lost and Found (Our Story)

The time when we truly meet and greet our eternal, spiritual father. The time when all His virtues and blessings are for us. The time when we realize our true identity (soul). A time when God himself comes and gives us the fruits of our devotion of the last 2500 years. A time when God himself is our guide and teaches us to become an angel & a deity in the upcoming new world. A time when God himself is our companion, our best friend and our true guide. A time when all the souls are in search of the father and the true 'self', the luckiest souls are helping hands of God in creating the new Golden age. A time when God himself protects us always. A time when the entire world is in search of true love, the ocean of love is always with us. A time when everybody wants peace of mind and happiness in the World, ocean of peace and happiness is our Partner. God’s incarnation is the biggest event of this Confluence Age or in other words, the confluence age starts with the incarnation of God Shiva. At Confluence Age, we receive knowledge from the Ocean of Knowledge about What is soul, who is God, what is World Cycle, etc. and thus it leads to the upliftment of all the souls and thereby the world. At this time, all the Human souls get rid of ‘body-consciousness’ and emerge, it’s original ‘Soul-consciousness’, which is the foundation to experience super-sensuous joy. The transformation from the old world (Iron Age) to the new world (Golden age) takes place in the Confluence Age.  A time when the establishment of the Original Deity Religion and thereby the destruction of the other religions takes place. Deity Religion is the root of all the other religions. Through God Shiva, the establishment of Sacrificial fire, named as ‘Ashvamedha Avinashi Rudra Gita Gyan Yagya’ takes place. A time when God Shiva composes Brahma and Brahmins. A time when the true Mahabharat takes place. A time when there is a war between Ram and Ravan, where Ram wins over Ravan (5 vices). A time when a confluence of evil sanskars and deity sanskars takes place. A time when the establishment of kingdom ship and closing of democracy takes place. A time when we receive the true knowledge of Heaven and Hell. The importance of this Confluence Age is endless and cannot be defined in words.

How will He do that? God is an Incorporeal entity. He doesn’t come in this cycle of birth-death as we (souls) do. The God Shiva descends on earth during the last 100 years of the cycle of 5000 years and started His task of Creating a new world through the mouth of Brahma. He guides us to the path of liberation from Vices and Sorrow. This is the true path of upliftment and fulfilment of life. Those words of Truth are called Murli, which when heard and churned by us every day. As we are now at the end of the Cycle (Confluence Age), we can observe our journey- from Deity to Shudra, from Golden age to Iron Age. We have experience from both Heaven and Hell and now it’s the time to pack up and go back to our home (The soul world).

God Says:

“The world cycle is at its end. Now I have come to take you all children back to our sweet home. For that, first, become pure. Remove the 5 vices (lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment). These 5 vices have given you sorrow. Now awaken your original virtues of purity, love, bliss and knowledge. As you become more and more aware of the self, as a Soul, you will experience my presence, just beside you. My sweet children, my love for you is eternal. I have come to free you from sorrow and establish the world of Golden age, which you still remember as ‘Heaven’. Those who will follow my directions will definitely earn a place in the coming heavenly world.”



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