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How to Control the Thoughts and Mind during meditation?

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

How to control the mind in a positive way and bring some stillness and clarity? During meditation, is try to think positive, then the mind opposes that - well this is what Maya is. When you are trying to change then only this force (called Maya) is experienced. The more you will TRY to go ahead in spirituality, the more the force of maya oppose you. Hence Baba gives us the best advice for How to progress every day through the "Aaj ka Vishesh Purusharth" which is published daily on our Sound Cloud channel and on our BLOG. We strongly recommend you to listen to this daily Purusharth if you are in Gyan.

Question received:

Om Shanti and Namaskar. I know the importance and the power of thoughts and I have been trying hard to follow it. My mind acts very strange without me wanting that situation to happen. Many-a-times when I start thinking positively in the morning or during meditation for example - instead of thinking that I am very ‘sukhi’, my secret mind pops up and says ‘dukhi’ instead... My mind tells me to say negative words and I cannot control it. I know these are my old sanskaras and I definitely want to change them. Sometimes I am scared even to meditate thinking that I may think of a negative thought instead which I don’t want. This has been going on for some time and I am obviously unhappy about it. Can you please send me any tips on how can I train and control my mind?


Our mind is a great magical gift imparted to us by Creator. It has tremendous power to materialize our wish like an Alladin lamp or Kamdhenu cow mentioned in our Scriptures. Since it is a store-house of thoughts it works what type of thoughts we feed and accordingly it creates our destiny. Hence, it is rightly said Our destiny is what our thought make, or as we think so we become. You have rightly identified that it is due to old sanskars. Sanskars are formed out of habit and habit is formed out of repetitive thoughts and actions. Once the habit is created either good or bad, it is difficult to break.

Now, since your are Baba’s Child you must be very well aware of the hard sanskars formed due to vikarmas perfomed in our last 63 births from Dwarpar Yuga to Kali Yuga. Now, the only way to stop these negative sanskars which you have mentioned is to transform them to positive or elevated sanskars. But remember, it need not to be suppressed but transformed. Just as a pot of muddy water is replaced with the clean water if the tap water is continuously flowing, the old muddy thoughts of our pot which is brain will get replaced if we go on pouring positive and elevated thoughts.

➤ Baba has given us beautiful Swaman practice and 5 Swaroop abhyas (Panch swaroop/5 forms of soul). If we practice it regularly and sincerely, I am sure it will benefit you after tirelessly continuing it for minimum 3 weeks to 3 months. Any thing if practiced for 3 months gets absorbed in our blood and becomes an habit.

➤ I had a similar problem before coming in Gyan as my mind was beyond control. At that time I tried to channelize my thought energies in reading the gyan murli and making notes in my notebook. I also started churning murlis and writing it segregating it topic wise. After Baba gave the practice of 5 swaroop, I have been practising it which has really helped to bring mind under control and keep it calm and still in any adverse situation. Recently, Baba had made me to prepare a project on 10 different methods to practice 5 forms. It is really very effective and beneficial. It will put a break on the waste thoughts and try to bring your mind on 5 forms (Soul as a point of light, Deity form, worshipped idol form, Brahman - BK form, and farista - angelic form). Besides traffic control practice is also very effective which I follow regularly.

Hence as explained, the panch swaroop (5 forms of soul) practice + listening to these songs + studying murli daily morning + traffic control shall best help you to make the Yog (meditation) an easy and pleasing experience.

➤ Controlling the mind is not a subject. Instead the mind is our 'creation'. Just as a child is a creation of its parents. So does parents show love to their child by trying to control him in all ways? No.

Baba explains ➤ 'You are a master creator.' When we children understand this completely, we shall stop complaining of life and situations and will constantly fly towards the right way of life discovery. God has come as a Father (gives us the inheritance of heaven), a Teacher (gives us the knowledge of the creation and the creator), and a Guide (frees us from sorrow and takes us back to the home of peace)

➤ Lastly, one must not stop mediation (Yog) with a fear of thinking negative. We must face it through our will-power. Once our positive thoughts and aura increase these will go on subsiding. Besides, we have God's power and support in addition. So be positive and hopeful. If you are hopeful and do not lose your zeal and enthusiasm (Umang & Utsah), half the battle is won and with the practice and an undeviating faith in almighty Shiv Baba, we are assured a victory in this battle with maya.

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