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RajYoga Meditation Commentary Text Part 1

Below are Rajyoga guided commentaries in English (text). Selected useful in everyday life. Video links and PDF version is given at the end of this article.

* Let go

I calm down my mind and I let go everything. Whatever worries, whatever tensions, whatever troubles I have, I just let go everything. I accept the situation as it is. I don’t fight with the situation because fighting with the situation, drains all my energy and I become weak so I accept the situation as it is whether the situation is good or bad. Whether I like the situation or I don’t like it I accept it. I also have the knowledge that situation will come and go so why I should disturb myself. Also by getting disturbed I cannot change the situation. With disturbed mind the situation will get worse only.

* Accepting the situation helps me in keeping my mind calm and cool.

I calm down my mind and let go everything. Whatever circumstances, whatever situations I just let it go. I let go even my failures. I know failures do come in life of everyone and these failures come to teach me something. I just let go everything. I even let go my weaknesses. I know everyone has some weaknesses. I should not get disturb by the weaknesses. One day I will be able to overcome all weaknesses. Keeping hope in myself that one day I will definitely overcome all weaknesses. Things don’t move as per my wish, everything takes time.

I calm down my mind and let go everything. So I should not look at failures of present because they are laying foundation of success in future. Failures are good teachers they teach me where I need to improve. So now I take failures in positive way and calm down myself. Main thing on which my focus should be is that I should not get disturbed by anything and remain stable. Whatever is happening, let it happen.

I just let go everything. I should not worry for future also. Whatever is there in drama that is going to happen. I cannot change the drama. The only thing which is there in my hand is my mental state, my own thinking. I can control only my thinking and by accepting the situation

I calm down my mind. I let go my old beliefs. The beliefs which trouble me, I let them go. I let go my mistakes, I know I have done blunders in my life but instead of getting affected by mistakes I just let them go. I know I have to pay big price for my mistakes but let it be. Now I cannot change my mistakes, what I can do is to accept the mistake done and let it go so that it no longer troubles me. I know mistakes do happen in life. In the path of perfection, time come when mistakes occur but I should not get disturbed by them. I should learn a lesson from them, so that they don’t repeat again. I should not take things so seriously that it starts affecting me. I just let go everything and accept everything as it is.

I let go all expectations, I know non fulfilment of expectations cause hurt. So I let go all the expectations, expectations from self, expectations from others, expectations from situations, expectations from god. I just let go everything. I even let go this expectation that everything good should happen to me. I know that life is a series of events, in these events some events are good, while others don’t seem good to me. But I just accept the situation as it is and let go everything. In this way by accepting the situation and keeping a hope that everything good will happen in future, I have attained a peaceful state of mind. I enjoy this peaceful stage. Omshanti…

* Charging the Soul to Play Role in Better Way in World Drama

I am a soul. I am an actor in this world drama and I am playing my role through this body. This corporeal world is my work place. My original home is far beyond this world. My home is beyond these five elements and I cannot reach there by using any physical means. To reach my home I have to use my spiritual powers mind and intellect. So now I use my mind and intellect to reach my home, shantidham. This is world of peace, where all around there is complete silence and peace. After reaching my home, I am enjoying the silence.

I am silent, calm and still. I am feeling the vibrations of peace coming from some particular place in shantidham. When I focus my attention towards that point, I see shivbaba, the supreme light, the bright shining divine star. He is very tiny point but he is the supreme source of peace. He is father of all souls and now I am looking at supreme father in shantidham, the abode of peace. This is silent world and I silently watch father. I am there with him. I have nothing to say to him. As after coming here and meeting shivbaba, all my desires have fulfilled automatically. This place is beyond sound and I am silently watching supreme father. I have become speechless in front of him. I am in region of light and here everywhere there is light and only light. Here I am with shivbaba, the supreme power who is remembered by all souls of world. Very few people know him as he is but everyone remembers him. He is so powerful that everyone receives power and energy from him but still his energy don’t deplete. I am in close proximity of him and so I am feeling very high energy from him. At present I am in direct field of shivbaba. I am feeling strong vibrations coming out from him. The strong vibrations of shivbaba are charging me making me strong and powerful. Shivbaba you are highest of high and in your company I also feel high. Shivbaba whenever I come in your company I feel so good and my mental state changes completely. All my worries, tensions slip away and I feel light. Shivbaba it is such a beautiful experience to be with you. Nothing can be compared with this experience. Baba I automatically feel elevated in your company.

Baba you have given me true knowledge. You have told me that whatever is happening in this world is as per plan of drama. This drama is perfect and it cannot be changed nor it can be questioned. Whatever is happening, everything has a reason. If I understand reason behind any scene of drama, question will not arise in my mind. Baba application of your knowledge calms down my mind and the chattering of mind stops. Shivbaba, in your divine presence, I understand the divine laws. Knowledge is called strength. Application of your divine knowledge in life makes life easy. Shivbaba I am very much grateful to you that you have given me your divine knowledge. Your knowledge has open up my mind and now I am able to play my role in world drama in better way. You have taught me not to get disturbed by looking at any scene of drama and play role in detached manner. After getting charged completely , I am going back to corporeal world to play my role. Omshanti

* Giving Sakash to Globe

I am a soul. I am a point of non physical light. From me the light is coming out and spreading in all directions. I see myself as separate from this body. This body is separate and I am separate.

I am immortal soul. This body is mortal but I am immortal. I the soul, I am not from this world, I am from world of souls. I am from world of peace. I have come to this world to play my role in this world and once all my roles will finish and this world drama will come to end, I will go back to my world to take rest and get prepared for new drama. Now I have this knowledge that I am an actor and now also mentally I can cut off from my role, cutoff from this corporeal world and mentally I can reach home. Now I decide to cutoff myself from my role and this body which is my costume. Once I cutoff myself from this body and my role, mentally I can reach my home, the world of silence. Now I have reached my home, paramdham, where every where there is peace and silence.

Here I am in my silent stage. There are no roles to play, no action to be performed. I am in my complete silent stage, full of peace. I am enjoying this stage. Here in this sacred and peaceful world, I see shivbaba in front of me. He is shinning like a bright star radiating peace, love and happiness. I am in front of Baba. Baba is showering his light in all directions, his vibrations are very powerful. I am in light of Baba absorbing his energy of love. Shivbaba is supreme source of all positive energies and I am receiving all his energy. I am getting completely charged in the light of Baba. Now after getting charged fully I go to subtle world and enter my subtle body. Just as I enter my subtle body, the whole body illuminates and golden light start coming out from all parts of body. Now I invite Shivbaba to come to subtle world, and on my request Shivbaba descend down from paramdham and stay just above me showering his divine light and might.

Now both of us travel to corporeal world and we stand just in front of globe. From shivbaba the light is coming to me and from me the light is reaching the globe. The globe which was dark and gloomy is now becoming bright on receiving the golden light from me. I am focusing the golden light of Baba to whole globe. On receiving these vibrations, souls are becoming golden. All the souls start feeling good. Their mental status is now getting elevated and they are experiencing peace and happiness. Thus all the souls residing in globe are getting charged on receiving these vibrations. After charging all the souls of globe, I return back to corporeal world in corporeal body, ready to play my role with new zeal, enthusiasm and new outlook.

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