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How to Control Mind and take better decisions?

Question was asked to us by Shashi from West Begal, India on 20 July 2018 and here is our response.

Question by email:

Hello sister shivani...i do not know how to control my mind & take better decision in father is my inspiration bt now a days i feel like he is controlling my life..i live with my family from 1 & half year after completing graduation.i wanna do pg in higher college..i do not want to do job..because i belong to middle class so i dont have another option..i cant handle my job with studies..i do not want to live in home..tommorow my father said that undergraduation exam is very easy as compared to post graduation..from 1 & half year my performance is decreased day by day..i do not understand what can i i anger on my family blaming for dis ol things...please help me..

Our Answer:

To: Shashi (and everyone reading)

See, whatever can be done, only YOU have to do. Take a decision. Do not have to be influenced by anyone. You parents will say which is good for you, isn't it?

But it is you who will make your own decision. If you really wish to study more, than you will have to pay money to university, for which you have to do job (which you do not wish to do).

Then 2nd option is: leave further study and do a nice job that you like. Help you family.

We cannot make a decision for you. Only you can.

Baba says: :'This is your last birth. Whatever you do is going to be remembered. You should always stay in company of God, God has come. You must also fulfill family duties and whatever you wish to do in your life. Just follow 1 guideline (shrimat) of baba - ''Never give sorrow to anyone. Never take sorrow from anyone.''

You business should be to spread happiness and take happiness. Always embed Purity in life. Purity is the mother of all virtues. Whatever you do in life, do what you enjoy. You should NEVER compromise the human values to earn money. This is your motto.

And if there is a question of controlling the mind, it means that one should be able to take a right decision . This needs a divine intellect.

What is a Right decision?

Answer: A decision which not only benefits the self, but also others (world) and empowers the virtues and vaules within. That decision will bring peace of mind, which is free from selfish desire.

7 Virtues of Soul:

8 powers of Soul:

What is Rajyog meditation?:





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