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Guidance on Solving health problems with Raja Yoga (RajYog)

We receive many emails describing their health related problems and seeking guidance for the right way to practice the Raja Yog meditation to treat and cure the disease. Simply known as the healing RajYog. For more info on healing RajYog, visit:

Here is one such email received and our given advice and guidance. For all those who need to know this.

Original Email received from Rajesh Roj

Dear Suraj bhai, I am from Bhubaneswar.I m 41 years old. I m suffering from Severe Gastritis problem, IBS. One week ago I had also done right eye surgery for Glaucoma. Now I m facing very difficulty in working in private office & maintain family life.Your MASTER ALMIGHTY word inspired me a give me powerful thoughts to get cured completely both mentally & contact me.9439864084

Our Response

To: Everyone reading

Dear Divine Brother/Sister

Good Morning

As you have known about Swamaan (master almighty, I am a peaceful soul, pure soul..) then you just know that by sincere practice of swamaan, many souls are benefitted in health problems.

Swaman (Hindi):

Our body is combined to i the soul. Hence body faced the result of karma performed by soul. Then souls leaves one body to get another. Life and death goes in cycle. Then soul gets next life according to the Karma and karmic account it has in present life.

Practice swamaan every day. This is our advice.

You will see a difference in how you feel both inside and outside.

Waiting for your response




* Further Conversation *

Email by Rajesh ji on26th Sep :

dear siva baba,

i am glad to receive mail from you. U have instructed to practice swamaan every day. Pl guide me how many times. Shall i meditate in open eyes, as closing eyes creates pressure in my right eye as it is operated for glaucoma. shall i use head phone and listen to swamaan" I m master almighty & I am a peaceful soul, pure soul..I want to cure my body, eye & improve spiritually. Now can i meet Suraj bhai. a lot more to tell. can i talk to suraj bhai. my mobile no. 9439864084. pl give suraj bhai no.


loving rajesh

Our Response

Dear Divine Brother

Swamaan is best practised in early morning - 4 am to 5 am, or even 5 am to 6 am/

As told, practice swamaan with given commentaries daily 3 times. 1 in early morning, 2nd in evening (3pm) and once before sleep (10 pm).

Sit for about 15 minutes and listen and experience soul consciousness. You are a soul, a divine point of light. Read about Soul:

Also, you can practice RajYog meditation with this commentaries:

Swamaan and RajYog both for 10 minutes each. If you get more time in morning, sit for 30 minutes .

Practice this:

You can also imagine - the powerful rays of light and might are falling on my body and body is healing.





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