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Our Christmas Message

A special Christmas message from senior RajYogis of Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University~ Dadi Janki, Dadi Prakashmani, BK Jayanti (London), BK Suraj bhai, Sudesh Didi (Germany), BK Santoshi (Russia). These videos are recorded from all around the world and here you get on this official post from madhuban. We wish you a Happy Christmas!

Here in these video messages from Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University's senior members, the spiritual meaning (spiritual significance) of Christmas celebration is explained (most videos are from 2018). God's message is given with a background to Christian faith.

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Christmas message poster: Brahma Kumaris

May this Big day bring new hope and light to your life. May your relationship with the Self, with God (our spiritual father), and with all souls (our brothers/sisters) become more beautiful and loving.

➥This year (2020) has brought many changes all around the world. And we have seen a year of global medical emergency, protests against governments, and people uniting for noble purposes. With that, we have also witnesses great deeds from people: like raising donations for providing medical care for the injured, providing food for the poor and flood victims, and safety for those who were vulnerable.

➥We know and now even understand that these all great deeds are inspired and sponsored by the Supreme Soul, whom we now have recognised as our spiritual father, whose name we speak in heart: Shiv Baba.

✿ Now without any delay, please continue and watch the below video messages:

1. Message from Dadi Janki (The head of BKWSU)

The late administrative head of BKWSU (Janki Dadi ji) speaks during the time of Christmas, which should be regarded as a 'Christmas message'

2. Message from BK Suraj bhai (senior brother ~Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu)

Brahma Kumar (BK) Suraj is a senior Rajyoga teacher living at Mount Abu. He is famous speaker also, who has appeared on TV series: 'Samadhan'. This video is from 2018.

3. Message from BK Jayanti (English- London)

Sister Jayanti, who is incharge of Europe zone (all BK centres in Europe) shares her words on the special day of Christmas (BIG day) and explains in essence, the learnings from this festival's celebrations.

4. Message from BK Sudesh Didi (Germany)

Brahma Kumari (BK) Sudesh Didi, who is incharge of all BK centres in Germany, speaks and shared her thoughts in this special message recorded for Christmas in the year 2018.

5. Message from Santosh Didi (Russia)

Brahma Kumari (BK) Santosh Didi, who is incharge of all BK centres in Russia, speaks and shared her thoughts in this special video recorded for Christmas in the year 2018.

Christmas special program - Samadhan - BK Suraj bhai

MUST watch this special episode of "Samadhan" Hindi series on "Merry Christmas" where BK Suraj bhai explains some deep secrets behind the beliefs related to Christ and Christmas.

Christmas Day Greetings by Dadi Prakasmani ji (2001)

Prakashmani Dadi (Kumarka) was the second chief of BKWSU (from 1969 till July 2007). In this rare recorded video, she gives greetings for 'Christmas Day' in madhuban.

Spiritual Significance of Christmas - BK Sister Veronica (USA)

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