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Diwali Article: Message & True Significance

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Diwali, or Deepawali, as said by tradition is an age-old and significant festival recognised and celebrated in India by almost all of its religions (Hindu, Sikh, Jain, SwamiNarayan, South cultures). Deepawali, while it marks the beginning of a new time (New Year), it also marks the final victory of good over evil forces, of light (knowledge) over darkness (ignorance); and therefore we do light up a Diya (a small lamp) to remind ourselves of our own inner light of peace, purity, love, and spiritual joy. Some also celebrate this festival as a remembrance day of lord Rama's return to his kingdom, which again makes the same sense when we say "When the final victory over the inner vices is achieved, God's kingdom is established on earth"

This is a complete article on Diwali, for the year 2022. Written and published by the team of the "Shiv Baba Service Initiative". Please SHARE this article with your relatives. Visit General Articles to read our selected most useful articles in English and Hindi.


Video 1 (BK Shivani)

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Note: There is more than one meaning to the rituals and beliefs connected with Deepawali festival. And we will cover all those aspects and explain the spiritual meaning behind them. Read this article till the end.

Diwali Message 2023 - Brahma Kumaris

Festival of Lights!

The image of light holds a very deep meaning in many faiths. It is the symbol of the image of God and also the image of one’s true identity- the spirit or the soul. Just as the sea of lights guided Rama back to his kingdom, so too do we have the ability to walk towards the ultimate light- that of God through following a spiritual path of self-discovery.

What does a Diya represent?

A Diya is lit up in all houses. It is a symbol of the soul's Diya (light or consciousness) being lighted up in the presence of the supreme soul. Diya also translates into 'given' or 'donated'. Diya would mean: "I give all my weaknesses to God", and in return, we do receive his pure energies. With his powers, we can transform ourselves. This festival also reminds us "To Give" whatever we have in excess. This is the way of living in which we not only provide for others who are in need but also bring benefit ourselves self by doing such good deeds.

Watch this video ➜

Significance of Diya ~ Diwali message by BK Shivani

BK Shivani behen explains the meaning behind lighting up a Diya on the night of Diwali. Also marks a new beginning. *To watch more videos by Sister Shivani on 'Diwali significance', visit the Full playlist on YouTube.

Soul & the Supreme Soul

Raja Yoga, which means “an intellectual connection with God (Supreme Soul)” is a form of meditation that focuses the attention of the mind on one’s true identity as a light, a point of spiritual conscious energy- the soul. The soul is residing at the centre of the forehead and using the brain and senses to write this article. The "Tilak" marked on the forehead is to remind us that the self is a pure divine soul.

The light – the soul – is the core of our being. One of the greatest spiritual truths mentioned in the Gita is the understanding that every human soul consists of several original qualities – like the genetic makeup of the soul. They are: Peace, purity, love happiness, and wisdom. (Refer to: Original Virtues of Soul). Just by turning my awareness within and releasing these original qualities, I will be able to experience them. That is what gives us the power of Hanuman, the wisdom of Krishna, or the courage of Rama.

Diwali brings Cleanliness

In India, as a child as well, we all would have observed that our parents operate the cleaning of the entire house during the time of Deepawali; and we also helped them clean. But what is the purpose of this only during the time of Diwali? What does cleanliness signify?

The real purpose is to clean our thoughts, clean our impure sanskaras, find out our weaknesses and throw them away, and in all clean our inner self and reflect upon our life.

"This body in which I the soul live is also my home, which I should keep pure and clean."

This is the true significance of cleanliness observed during the new year (and Diwali). Such introverted and spiritual aspects are forgotten with time as we become extroverts. Now is the time when God (Supreme Soul) himself explains what we have forgotten.

Diwali brings Newness

New clothes, new accounts, presents, sweets, colourful decorations, lighting everywhere, traditional dances- these are all pretty common experiences in the time of Diwali! They all add to the joyous nature of the festival- and it is indeed a "glorious" festival, which also unites families as they gather during its 10 to 18 days long national holiday which is one reason it is loved by so many.

Shri Lakshmi visits our Home

The belief is widespread in India, that Shri Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) visits our home during the time of Deepawali. And therefore we do cleaning in our house and at the workplace. There is a spiritual meaning behind this belief as well. Till now, we have learned that this festival reminds us to become soul-conscious, to clean our thoughts and heart, to donate whatever we have in excess, and to spread happiness to everyone. And when we do all this, we become a great soul, after whom all prosperity follows.

"Prosperity of peace, wealth, health and happiness comes to those who adopt divine values and virtues."

Takeaway: Plant and cherish divine virtues of purity, peace, selfless love, truth, mercy, kindness, and knowledge in your life; and all prosperity will follow you.

Watch this video ➜

What Do We learn from Diwali? (BK Shivani)

BK Shivani explains the meaning behind Diwali celebration and the significance of these four days (Vasu Bras, Dhan Teras, Diwali day, and Lakshmi pooja)

Essence of Diwali Article
  • "Festival of Lights" is the remembrance day of our victory against evil forces (5 vices- lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment)

  • We clean the house (which signifies the cleaning of our thoughts, words, and karma)

  • We light a Diya to signify the 'awakening' of the soul, that God comes and makes us conscious of our own self a divine point of light (soul)

  • We light up our souls with the fire of spiritual knowledge of "self-realisation".

  • As we become 'soul-conscious', we attain innate inner peace, joy, and happiness.

  • As we attain a victory over these vices, then Shri Lakshmi (symbol of wealth and prosperity) comes into our life.

  • Diwali marks the beginning of a new way of living. Everything is new! Hence a 'New Year' is celebrated the day after Deepawali.

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