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24 June 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 24/06/18 Morning class Mateshwari Saraswati Mamma - Om Shanti Revised 24/04/65

The third eye of knowledge (wisdom) is the basis of happiness and peace in life.

Song: People of today are in darkness…

Om shanti. In the song you heard that we people are in darkness. However, today, the world thinks that we are very enlightened (in a lot of light). There has been so much enlightenment! We can go up to the moon, we can travel to the sky and the stars. What can people not do today? Seeing all of these things, people think that there has been a lot of enlightenment. However, in the song it then says: We are in darkness. So, in what sense is there darkness since they are researching so much and having the courage to go to the moon and the stars? While there is all of this, they do not have the things you need in life; life that should be full of happiness and peace is not so. People are not advanced in this aspect, are they? Instead of them experiencing happiness and peace in life, sorrow and peacelessness are increasing even more: this shows that people are having less and less of what they need. There is darkness in this sense. Now, just see how, while sitting at home, they are able to see things somewhere else, they are able to talk to people in other places – they have all the things such as television, radio, etc. but they still do not have what we call happiness and peace in life. There is darkness in this sense and this is why it is said that the people of today are in darkness. Today, people are creating so many medicines and finding cures for illnesses and diseases but, even then, the number of sick people is continually increasing, and so sorrow and peacelessness continues to increase for them. This is why they call out: You have to come now! Who are they calling out to? They are not calling out to a person for this, they are calling out to God. People do not have anything to give. When we say ‘people’, sages, holy men and great souls are all included in that. Those who you think are going to take you across are themselves human beings, and all human beings are in darkness and this is why we are not able to find what we want. Then, we call out to God and also sing: You are the Stick for the Blind. However, in what way are we blind? It is not that we do not have eyes with which to see. Although we have eyes that enable us to see all the material possessions and everything else, we do not have that eye which is called the eye of knowledge. We do not have the eye or the wisdom to see how we can bring complete happiness and peace in our lives. However, that eye of knowledge is not going to stick out here (on the forehead). Because the third eye of the deities has been depicted in the pictures of the deities, some people think that perhaps there were human beings with three eyes. However, such human beings with three eyes cannot exist. The ornaments that have been depicted in the pictures have to be understood. Human beings can never have three eyes, whether they are deities or anyone else. It is human beings that are deities and human beings that are devils. That is the qualification of human beings. However, it isn’t that the form of a human being can change such that someone would have four arms or someone would have three eyes; or that if someone is devilish, there will be something different in his form. When a person is disqualified, he is called a devil and when he is filled with all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless in his qualifications, then he or she is a deity. However, there cannot be any difference in the make-up (form) of the body: there can definitely be a difference in their qualifications, whether you call it pure and impure, full of virtues or defects, or you call it being elevated or corrupt. All these terms apply to the behaviour.There is a meaning behind the four arms – two arms of a woman and two arms of a man. So when man and woman are pure, they have the double crown of being the four-armed image shown as a symbol of the kingdom. When such a kingdom existed, all men and women were happy in that kingdom, so they have portrayed that with the four-armed image and they have shown Ravan with 10 heads. This too is symbolic; there cannot be any person with 10 heads. This is a symbol of the vices. When there is an impure household, there are five vices of a woman and five vices of a man, and so altogether, they have shown the 10 heads. When men and women are impure, the world is so unhappy and when men and women are pure, the world is happy. When people are pure, they are naturally healthy; there can be a difference in their make-up, features or natural beauty. It isn’t that they would have three eyes or 10 heads.The Father says: Look, this is the eye of knowledge. It is only with this eye of knowledge that you can attain happiness and peace for all time. Here, all human beings have got tired searching. The more they search, the more their sorrow and peacelessness increase. Look, they are searching for happiness and yet they still keep making things that cause even more sorrow. Just look at the bombs etc. that they have invented. If this very science were to be used in a better way, they could experience happiness from lots of things. However, they have divorced intellects at the time of destruction and this is why all the work done by those intellects is wrong. This is the time for destruction and this is why the intellects do everything wrong. They only think about the destruction of the world and this is why it is said, “A divorced intellect at the time of destruction”. What is the intellect divorced from? From God. So no one now has love for God. Everyone has love for Maya.Some then think that whatever they see with their eyes is Maya, that even these bodies are Maya, this world is Maya, this wealth and prosperity is Maya. However, all these things are not Maya. Even the deities had wealth and prosperity. Even the deities had bodies and they too existed in the world. So was that Maya? No. The five vices are said to be Maya. The vices are Maya and Maya causes sorrow. Wealth and prosperity are not things that cause sorrow. Prosperity is a means for happiness, but who made that prosperity impure? The five vices (Maya) did that. Because of the vices in the form of Maya, everything has become a reason for sorrow. Now, there is sorrow from wealth, sorrow from the body; sorrow is received from everything because Maya now exists in everything. This is why the Father says: Now, get rid of Maya and you will then receive happiness for all time from your body, from your wealth and from the world, just as the deities did.To be saved from Maya does not mean that you leave of the body, or that you do not come back into this world. There are some people who think that the world is Maya, or they say that the world is an illusion, but the world is not an illusion, the world is eternal; it has been made false. It is because of the vices that people have become unhappy. This world now has to be made pure. This world was pure and deities used to reside in that pure world. They too were human beings of this world. The world of the deities was not up above. When we human beings were deities, that world was called swarg, heaven. We human beings were residents of heaven, that is, that was the time of heaven and our generations continued in heaven. We have to understand all of these things and finish Maya, that is, we have to conquer Maya, because even the wealth earned from actions based on vice is filled with sorrow. Because bodies are created through vice, they are diseased. There continues to be untimely death through which there is sorrow. Otherwise, our bodies were not diseased. There was never untimely death because they were made with the power of purity (being viceless). Now, they are made out of vice and this is why there is sorrow in that. Now, in order to come away from that sorrow and for this world to be made happy, people call out to that One (the Supreme Soul). So, look, the Father is now giving us the third eye of knowledge (understanding) which we have to imbibe in our intellects. We Brahmins have the third eye of knowledge, the deities do not have it. Previously, we were shudras; shudras means those who indulge in vice. Now, from being vicious, we have stepped onto the path of purity. So we have become Brahmins. It is only Brahmins who have the third eye, and when we are deities, we experience the reward. The deities do not need the eye of knowledge and this is why all the ornaments they have been portrayed with – the shell, discus, mace and lotus – belong to the Brahmins, not to the deities.This is the shell of knowledge, but on the path of devotion, they have taken all these things to be physical. The mace means we have conquered the five vices. The discus is of the four ages. At first we were deities and then we came down. The Father has now come to elevate us once again. We have now completed our cycle. So, this is the discus of self-realisation, that is, the self has had a vision of itself. Some may ask how the world becomes old. Oh, this is a law of nature. Everything has to become old with time. When something becomes old, then the new is created. All of these things have to be understood. Every object and every situation has its own natural law and this is why we have to make effort and elevate ourselves; we have to become new. You cannot say: Since the Father exists, why did He let us fall? He did not let us fall, but if we hadn’t fallen, how could the Father come to elevate us? It is because we have fallen that He has come. He is remembered as the One who purifies the impure. If there were no impure beings, how could we say that He is the One who purifies everyone? We have to become impure and then we have to become pure and then we have to become impure from being pure. This is a cycle and therefore this cycle has to be understood and we have to make ourselves pure from impure. We have to become worthy of worship, for it is only then that we are praised. Praise is sung of those who become that and the One who makes you become that. So, there have to be the two – the one who becomes that and the One who makes you like that. It is not that the One who makes others that is the same one who becomes that. “The soul is the Supreme Soul and the Supreme Soul is the soul”. It is not like that, is it? The ones who become that and the One who makes you become like that are different and this is why you must not be confused by these things. We have to become that, we have to elevate ourselves, we have to make effort. The Father comes and gives us the understanding of what real effort is. What is the effort for elevated attainment? He comes and teaches us that. For all this time, no one taught us how to make that effort, because all those who teach are themselves caught up in the cycle. The One who elevates us has come now and He shows us the effort we have to make to become elevated. To the extent that we imbibe this, accordingly we receive a reward. We have all of this knowledge in our intellects. For this, we have to pay attention to what we have to do and what effort we have to make. The cycle has to continue in its own time.The Father has now become present to carry out such an elevated task and we have to benefit ourselves fully from that. Christ, Buddha or whoever came and carried out their tasks; however those tasks are different, they are of our descending period. Now, this is our ascending period and so we also have to understand time. This is the time when all souls are taken back, when they are taken up above. Those religious founders who come in the copper age and the iron age have to come down. So, they have to come down, they have to become impure from pure and this is why it cannot be said for them that they are the ones who make impure ones pure. No, it is only the One who comes and purifies the impure, that is, He takes all souls into liberation and salvation and so it is the responsibility of just the One. No matter how great a soul may be, when that soul first comes down, he is pure and then he has to descend, because the cycle turns in that way and so he has to come down. According to each one’s time, everyone has to go through the cycle. So, it is now the time to ascend and only the One is the Instrument to take us up high. Therefore, we now have to claim that fortune from the Father. Achcha.Now, you are earning a huge income here. From one, you are earning a hundred-fold or a thousand-fold. When you do something with enthusiasm, you receive the reward of that enthusiasm. Those who do something under compulsion, those who do something with great difficulty, because they are distressed by it or they are doing it for show, they receive a reward accordingly. Many people think that the world should know about the things they have done. When some people donate, they do it to show everyone, so that everyone knows about it. Half the power of that donation is lost and this is why incognito donation has a lot of significance. There is power in that. You receive a greater reward of that, whereas by making a show of it, its value is reduced. So, there is a way of doing it. There is an account of doing everything in a satoguni, rajoguni or tamoguni way. How can we make our actions elevated and how should we do everything so that we make our fortune elevated? So, you need to know the way to do that too. If you are moving along in a good way, then your fortune is definitely becoming elevated too. Achcha.Love, remembrance and good morning from BapDada and Maa to the sweetest, very good and worthy children.

Blessing: May you be a master world benefactor who has an unlimited attitude, the same as the Father.

“An unlimited attitude” means to have a benevolent attitude for all souls. This is what it means to be a master world benefactor. It is not that there should only be benefit of yourself or the limited souls for whom you are an instrument, but that you have an attitude that is benevolent for all. Those who move along while content with their progress, with their attainment and their contentment are benefactors for themselves.However, those who have an unlimited attitude and who remain busy with unlimited service are said to be master world benefactors, the same as the Father.

Slogan: Those who maintain equanimous in praise and defamation, in respect and insult, in benefit and loss are said to be yogi souls.


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