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Avyakt Murli Churning 31 12 2019 (English)

Hearty wishes to all brahmin children for new year 2019. In the old year, time was given to finish old nature sanskars, old relations, old accounts. It was a completion of 18th chapter of Gita. Now what need to be done in 2019. Check, if everyone has achieved the stage like Arjuna – Nashtomoha (dispel of attachment) and Smritirlabdha (regain of memory through remembrance of one). “Nothing else other than baba, entire world in one baba”? Have you freed yourself from bodily relations and sanskars, have you attained disinterest from old world or still have to do effort in the coming year?

Check for yourself and take decision. When the drama is near to completion then how much extension need to be provided? When you yourself are not ready how will you make others ready? Amritvela yoga, Murli class, gross disciplines, service you have been doing these years now haven’t you decided to do something new ? What newness it can be? Attention must be switched over from gross to subtle E.g what new point is imbibed in life from Murlis, which weaknesses has been overcome, how much depth you have undergone in yoga? How much hearty relationship you could develop with baba, have you been in yoga for a limited period or played a part of karmyogi being engrossed in remembrance for the whole day? Are all Brahmin children celebrating Avyakt Milan (meeting) in a happy state of mind free from queries and doubts?

Dharna (disciplines) was only up to the gross level or it extended upto the mind and intellect level also. Carried out service only up to the gross level or it got reflected also through your face and behavior because subtle is more powerful than gross in bringing transformation. Now, up till now whatever study you have been done on 4 subjects, it’s time to give results to Bapdada in the New Year. In what way it can be done. Coming January month 2019 is very special since it is Father Brahma’’s 50th Remembrance Day. Hence attention must be given for the whole month on the following:

1) Practice to be combined with father or remain in constant stage.

2) To see every one with love and soul conscious awareness.

3) Practice to remain in angelic stage while walking and roaming.

4) What so ever situation comes, you must not wilt. Your face must always be cheerful.

5) Whatever service you do carry out with an unlimited feeling of being an instrument for the world welfare, not with a feeling of mine and yours.

6) In drama, there can be many upheavals so never become question minded, put a full stop and move ahead.

If this practice is followed for a month then it will give strength to extend it for the entire year. The dose of happiness and wings of zeal and enthusiasm will give you strength to put on effort and make you fly towards your goal at faster speed.

Wishes for becoming equal to father by giving the result of fullness and completion through new zeal enthusiasm and spirit and clearing your old weakness and accounts of nature and sanskars. Till you transform yourself, world transformation cannot happen. Omshanti.

In Godfatherly (Godly) Service

BK Anil

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