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The Godly Message For Christians

This is what you wanted. Message of God in accordance with Christianity (as taught by Jesus Christ). This article discuss also the true meaning of Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy spirit).

✱ For whom?

This article/message is for every soul who have now received the message of God's coming, those who have taken the 7 days RajaYoga course or those who are benefitted somehow by the meditation taught at the centres of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University.

If you think someone else should get this message, do SHARE this article to them. God bless you.

So let us begin. We were in email conversations with a Christian church sister (Chris). She wrote the first email to us as she was getting benefitted from the Awakening TV episodes by BK Sister Shivani

Hence said, this Sister Chris did receive a glance of introduction. So in curiosity, she asked many question and we replied. Actually soul who have love for God would always enquire. Where to find, How to know him. If you love someone, then you like to know everything about him/her. Similarly, here Chris desires to know about God. So why only know God, now you can 'experience'. Fistly know yourself as a divine point of light (Soul) and then you can understand the one God who is the father of all the Souls. He is the Supreme Soul.

Here below is the original email from Sister Chris, received on 1 Dec 2018.

Dear Brother,

Thanks for remembering me. Yes, daily I am learning something new for life from the videos I see.

Attitudes towards life and people is changing.

What I was searching for I got it. Meditation is becoming more meaningful. I am able to get up in the morning for Meditation which I never did in my life.

But I am not satisfied ... I want to experience God more tangibly. I am asking God to give me this gift.

Please pray for this soul that I may be worthy to receive this blessings from God.

Thank you.




As you see here, Sister Chris already is familier with Raja Yog meditation. The only need is to explain the path and the accurate way to remember God, as the most beloved father. Love is the first step.

How to love?


You can love someone only when you know his or her personality and nature. Isn't it? Hence to love God you understand first his nature, his occupation and the service God does to his every child. That God creates a heaven which is beyond present imagination and gives to his children. To those children who followed his advice (Shrimat)

Here on our page - About GOD you can read his introduction, nature, his role in world and our relationship with him as our father, mother, teacher, friend and guide.



Godly Message as an Email Response


For: All Christian Brothers & Sisters

From: On behalf of your beloved Godfather (Shiv baba)

Receiving your letter is always a delight, as you are a founding stone for service we can do for Christian religion souls. You know more about them and hence you can do this service of giving the message.

Currently, you are under 'Self-transformation'. Hence you do this effort of changing the self first. But while doing this, you can inspire other Church visitors to come and understand who God is, what is my relationship with him and acknowledge that He has come. What is the present time.. etc.

How?, Read this page to know that to explain: Godly message ➔

God is One in all religions

You may also explain the MEANING of the Holy Trinity - The God, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Because baba has explained - God is the father (creator). Son is the one who inherits the 100% nature same as the father. And Holy spirit is the disembodied form of the Son - Angelic form of that son's soul. The father is NOT son. The son is NOT the father. Father is the creator of heaven and son is the one who rules the heavenly world. God = father of all the Souls. First, you need to understand this clean and clear, then you can do wonderful service.

You can also expain about Jesus Christ - Who is Jesus and Who is Christ, How did the soul of Christ exters the physical body of Jesus, to teach and establish the new religion - Chrsitianity. You fist have to understand. Visit: Revelations of Jesus Christ


✤ The Father, Son and Holy Spirit ✤


In literature, a father is a person who is the creator and head of family. In this manner, God is said as the father - who is the creator of entire world family. He is indeeed the eternal parent of all souls - he is the Supreme Soul. We call him 'father' for many reasons, mostly importantly because him is the source of our spiritual powers and virtues. He is the one who gives us power to face and overcome challenges. He thus protect us 'souls' from the harm of maya (5 vices - lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment). Just as we have our 'bodily' father and moher who gave a birth of our body, we also have our eternal 'spiritual' father who gives us spiritual sustenance and guides all of us to grow in our consciousness.


Now we have understood that God, our spiritual father have many children. In fact, all the souls are his own children. Yet 'son' we call to those special children who becomes 100% like the father. They who inherits all the virtues and powers from the father, becomes his elder children. They are remembered as God's true children. Yet to say, we all ARE his creation.

Those who become perfectly same as the father, to those the father uses to re-create heaven on earth. This is to say, God chooses him a medium to perform his divine tasks. In common terms, we call them 'Godly messengers'.

Holy Spirity:

The holy spirit is a mysterious imperson being as introduced in the Bible. In fact, this being is no one else but the one soul who became perfectly 100% equal to the Father (god) and thus sitted with him. Holy ghost is not a deity, nor a human being, but an 'angel'. Through this angel, God performs his tasks of world transformation in many ways. Since God is 'incorporeal' supreme light (without a body), thus it needs a body, a medium to perform his tasks. Holy spirity as we call it, is his medium.


In actuality, we all are God's children. We constantly receive the inheritance of Peace, love and powers from him. We need not to pray for all this. The father says: 'Do not ask for anything to anyone'. Everything is already given.

Then when they understand Who am I (a Soul) and then Who God is (Supreme soul) then you can go ahead and explain to them about his coming. God has come. How? Read the story -

If someone asks for proof that God indeed has come, then show them the way to connect to God - this is called ''Raja Yog meditation'', the direct connection, relationship with the Godfather Shiv. One needs to learn this accurately (it is NOT meditation). Learn RajaYog meditation

Now that you are told everything, and your love for God is emerged - do this. God loves those children who are like him - serve the world. Spread the message of God and bring them closer. This is now your aim of life - Self transformation, and then Service.

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On Godfatherly (Godly) World Service



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