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Today's Murli Essence 1st May 2019

Today's Murli essence in English 1st May 2019. You can also listen today's murli (in Hindi & English)

''Sweet children, you have come here to receive tuition to change from human beings into deities. You are becoming diamonds from shells.''


Why do you children not incur any expense for this study?


Because your Father, Himself, is your Teacher. How could the Father takes fees from His children? When you become a child of the Father and go into His lap, you claim a right to the inheritance. You children become deities like diamonds without spending as much as a shell. On the path of devotion, people go on pilgrimages and make donations and perform charity, and all of that is nothing but expense. Here, the Father gives you children a kingdom. He gives you the whole inheritance free. Therefore, become pure and claim your inheritance.

Essence for Dharna:

1. In order to make yourself wealthy from poor, continue to take the imperishable jewels of knowledge from the Father. Each of these jewels is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. Study this study while knowing its value. This study is your source of income. It is through this that you have to claim a high status.

2. In order to become part of the community of Rama, keep the company of only the one Father who is completely pure. Always remain distant from bad company. Remove your intellect's yoga from everyone and connect it to the one Father alone.


May you experience all the powers to have emerged in you and become an embodiment of success.

Worldly people have some form of power in them - whether it is of wealth, of the intellect, of relationships or connections. Therefore, they believe that it is not a big thing. On the basis of that power, they attain success. You have all the powers: you always have the power of imperishable wealth with you, you have the power of your intellect and you also have the power of your position; you have all the powers in you. Simply experience them to have emerged in you. You will then attain success at that time with the right method and become an embodiment of success.


Always consider your mind to be God’s property and use it for elevated tasks.

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