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Thoughts for Today Book Part 2

Tought for the Day is a book published by Raja Yoga centre, Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University, Mount Abu. Book delivers thoughts for our daily (everyday) life which is the Slogan for the day derived from Sakar and Avyakt Murlis. This slogans are worth implementing in life so that to make our life purposeful and prosperous with wisdom.


It may seem almost useless to talk about peace when all around us we see a continued state of ‘peacelessness’. It is this state that forces on us the necessity of finding our own source of peace to draw upon and live from.

Consider the flowers. They too live in this peaceless environment. They too have to endure the pollution and decay of the world of nature. Yet, wherever they are found --by the congested roadside, near the swamps, in the desert, amid the thorns and sometimes even on the dung hill--these are eternally beautiful, gay and fragrant. It is not by chance that flowers are given for every occasion, even the most sorrowful. Flowers call forth images of peace and tranquility. It is their nature. We are also like flowers.

We are the flowers of the garden of God. In this worldwide garden of everyday hustle and bustle we too are threatened with pollution and degraded circumstances. Being flowers, we are expected to live in our natural state of peace and spread our fragrance all around us.

When we realise that the original nature of our soul is that of peace, we can combine with God who is the Ocean of Peace and so become the embodiment of peace. ..a living, thinking flower.


-- MONDAY --

1. What was the future happens now, what happens now becomes the past - so why worry.

2. Every day has hidden secret; you have seen it many times.

3. If I am impatient to experience the results of my efforts, it is like trying to eat unripe fruit.

4. If you miss an opportunity, do not cloud your eyes with tears; keep your vision clear so that you will not miss the next one.

5. The one who can adjust with humility possesses much greatness.

6. A person who is crooked can never enjoy real peace of mind. His tricks tie him into knots.

7. An honest individual is satisfied with himself as much as others are satisfied with him.

8. The only solution to the most difficult problems in society, the country and world today is character. If character is lost no prestige remains.

9. Your thoughts, speech and actions will bear a seal of full confidence if you are sincere in all your tasks.

10. The two greatest healers are God and Time.

11. If I make others believe I am something that I am not, who is being fooled?

12. Without the establishment of human values, moral and spiritual values, there can never be true freedom.

13. When you are angry a great deal of energy is used up and wasted. Use energy wisely.

14. Silence gives rest to the mind and this means giving rest to the body. Sometimes rest is the only medicine needed.

15. Calmness and tolerance act like air-conditioning in a room;they increase man’s efficiency.

16. The worried convict dies many times before he reaches the gallows.

17. If a man is unable to wipe out his own tendency to anger, how can he criticize anyone for the lack of ability in controlling themselves?

18. Success springs from calmness of the mind.It is a cold iron which cuts and bends hot iron.

19. A simple way to remove fear is to seek knowledge and understanding.

20. Be the magnet of peace so that you can attract peaceless souls.

21. If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; if character is lost, all is lost.

22. Once you experience God there is no need to look for anyone better.

23. The end of birth is death. The end of death is birth.

24. If man cannot find peace within himself, can there be peace in this world?

25. The unbelieving man can have no peace, and how can there be happiness for one who lacks peace of mind?

26. God has a broad back; if you have burden let Him take it from you.

27. Silence is not only the absence of sound but also stillness of the mind.

28. If I enjoy praise it means I can be easily hurt by defamation.

29. Only when you accept the rules of freedom can you call yourself free.

30. If every morning you can spend a few moments to sort out your thoughts and remember God, your day will be filled with magic.

31. When you burn with the fire of anger smoke gets in your eyes.

32. The more you try to guess the less you are at rest.

33. Where wisdom is called for force is of little use.

34. Peace is so hard to find because it is under your nose.

35. The fool is never satisfied while the wise man finds wealth in contentment.

36. When you get angry you lose more than your temper.

37. You cannot make a fool of the one who keeps cool.

38. The harmony that exists within the minds of individuals will be reflected in harmonious society.

39. If you allow things to surprise you, you will get easily confused.

40. Real temperature control is to extinguish the heat of anger.

41. Weapons by themselves are not dangerous, it is the anger within man that is harmful.

42. If we realise that wars are born in the minds of men, we would make greater efforts for peace of mind.

43. If I wish to advocate peace do I have to shout and scream?

44. Imagination is like a ferocious lion, do not allow it to run wild.

45. When you are looking for answers always be ready for surprises.

46. A rose can live amongst the thorns and yet never be injured by them; how about you?

47. Anger makes you mad why not be sensible?

48. A man with a bad temper is really angry with himself.

49. The less you speak the more you are listened to.

50. If you ALWAYS do your best you will be free from regrets.


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