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Special Message for Shivratri

SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR SHIVRATRI. This is a Godly invitation to all Souls of world. Special for Shviratri 2019 when Shiv baba will begin the third and the most important part. Please read the article till end. So SHARE to guide other souls.

Divine brothers & sisters,

Awake ! Awake ! O Souls of the world… God of God, the God Father of all souls, the true Gita sermonizer called as Shiva, Allah, Khuda, Jehovah, Omkar etc. various names has re-incarnated in the holy land of Bharat (ancient land of present India) to:

1) To re-establish new righteous Golden aged world or Heaven so that all souls of the world are relieved from sorrow, pain and sufferings of this unrighteous, degraded old iron aged world of Kaliyuga.

2) To reveal the true identity of human being as souls, the child of God - the Supreme soul and impart the knowledge of creator (God) and Creation ( World drama )

3) To guide all soul actors to return back to their original abode (soul world) at the end of this world drama. Shivratri is celebrated in the memorial of his divine birth in an ordinary medium of Prajapita Brahma at the dark night of ignorance in Confluence age (at the end of Iron age and beginning of golden age).

This godly invitation is to make everyone aware of God’s descent, current scenario for making a final effort to acquire god fatherly birth right of 100% purity, peace and happiness in heaven for half cycle within the remaining time so that you neither complain that we were not informed nor repent that we missed the golden opportunity to create our destiny.

Before we begin,

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Shiv Baba light

To: ____________ (your name)

Dear divine soul,

Accept Godly love and remembrance.

Hearty invitation from Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University to come and gain Raja Yoga knowledge along with your family.

These spiritual teachings aren't given by any human being, but by incorporeal point light form Supreme Soul Shiva himself by making an ordinary human body as his instrument, since 1936 till now. The name of the human being whom the Supreme Soul makes his instrument was initially Dada Lekhraj who was a very renowned diamond jeweller. His name was then changed to "Prajapita Brahma"by God Shiva. Then the task of establishment of the 'Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya' was carried out through him. The aim of this Godly world university is to transform Bharat and whole world into heaven. and this will definitely be accomplished since this Godly task is being carried out through the Supreme Soul Himself through the medium of Prajapita Brahma and Jagadamba Saraswati. Hence, it's an humble request to you spiritual brothers and sisters that you too imbibe knowledge from this Godly world university along with your family, because little time remains and transformation would soon happen.

The old iron aged world would change and the new golden aged world is going to arrive soon, where there won't be any type of sorrow, peacelessness or shortage for human souls as well as other creatures; the kingdom of eternal happiness, peace and prosperity would flourish; all human beings would be equivalent to deities, there would be palaces of gold and diamonds, nature would be Satopradhan ( intense pure ), all the five elements of nature would radiate happiness, there won’t be any kind of vices; there would be one kingdom, one language; men would be as Shri Narayan and women would be as Shri Lakshmi. The study of becoming a deity from human being, imparted by Supreme Soul Shiva, is going on in this Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly World University at present time. On one side, the task of establishment of new world is going on, while on the other side, the preparations for the task of destruction of old world through science/technology is also going on.

The destruction of this iron aged world would happen in three ways

1) domestic violence

2) natural calamities

3) atomic weapons.

The great destruction of iron aged world is predestined and inevitable which you can estimate looking at the current scenarios. To know more, visit page: World Transformation

Finally, we would like to inform you great entities that great destruction is ahead of us, which has been described as the Mahabharata period in the scriptures. Even in Gita – the jewel of all scriptures, the word "God said” is mentioned, it is shown that the Kauravas are ready for the battle on one side, while God is imparting true knowledge to Arjuna on the other side. It is the same Gita episode which is repeating at the present time, but the only difference is that the real God of Gita, incorporeal Supreme Soul Shiva, is imparting true Gita knowledge to all human souls-like-Arjuna amidst internal external war-like-scenario. The preparations for great-destruction through science is going on in full swing on one side, while Supreme Soul is carrying on the divine task of making impure human beings into divine souls by giving true knowledge through Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University on the other side.

You too definitely imbibe the teachings of this Godly knowledge and easy Raja Yoga and become worthy of the blessings of Supreme Soul Shiva who is the one and only Supreme Father of all souls, known as Shiva/ Allah/Khuda/Jehovah/Omkar etc infinite names

And definitely receive his inheritance of kingdom for 21 births in the coming deity world.

Om Shanti.

* Video - GODLY INVITATION - This Article with Voice *

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