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Question Answers 3 (Murli related)

These are questions and its given answers from Murli related concepts. Baba has answered everything in brief. We children only need to churn (Vichar manthan) and this way we imbibe the ''power'' from the raw knowledge. Sakar murlis are the source of pure (raw) knowledge, while Avyakt murlis are source of wisdom.

1. ''Is Moksha the ultimate aim of Life?'' Moksha if you say -it means ''complete freedom from the Drama cycle'' which is NOT possible. You see even ParamAtma (the Supreme soul) is bound to come to play his part of creating heaven in world (golden age). You are here. That simply means that you the soul has to come here again as the cycle repeats. Hence the goal of this precious life is not moksha as written in texts. Soul desires happiness. That's why you came here. Silence or Peace (Shanti) is natural. You don't need to do anything to achieve peace (liberation). But you definitely need to do Purusharth and walk on the path to achieve ''liberation in life'' which means - Happiness of the Golden age. God comes and creates the new world, o he definitely wish that maximum children will see this wonderful world. ''Everyone has to come in world now or then. So why not come at the beginning (when the world is in the Satopradhan stage)'' Please watch this video:

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