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Our Relationship with God (the Supreme Soul)

Supreme soul is the spiritual father of all souls. He is the creator of heaven. Bodily father may vary for all of us and we get different father in every birth, but the father of all souls is one. He is always existing. He is the truth of universe. Soul is incorporeal point light form, like wise the form of supreme soul is also incorporeal point light form. Being children of one god, we are all brothers in relation. When we come into the consciousness of body, we are brothers and sisters. The name & form of the physical body of a soul changes birth by birth, but the name of supreme soul remains ever same referred to as Sada Shiva. The name is ''Shiv'' - meaning 'benevolent' or 'The one who does good always to all''.

He resides in the top most supreme abode Paramdham from where we souls have descended on this world stage to enact our part. (See below image)

Paramdham - Soul Tree

When the 5000 years unlimited drama gets concluded, all become degraded and unrighteous. Then the supreme director reincarnate in this world to re-establish the righteousness and the new golden aged deity world. The divine incarnation of supreme soul in an ordinary physical medium of Brahma (who was Shri Krishna in its first birth) in the ignorance night of Kaliyuga ( Iron age ) is celebrated as Mahashivratri. The divine incarnation of the Supreme has occurred in 1936. Now God's task is widespread and wellknown.

Can any human being be a Supreme soul?

Supreme soul is referred only to an incorporeal being who is the creator, rest all fall in the category of creation. Souls can have various classifications like great soul, deity soul, religious soul, charitable soul, sinful soul etc but God is only one. Just as children can be many but father is one . No corporeal being can be titled as God. God doesn’t come under the cycle of birth and death, neither come under the bondage of karma or action. Therefore he is beyond the influence of merit-demerit, sorrow-happiness where as we souls experience joy & sorrow under the birth-death cycle.

God transfer us in the world of happiness after creating heavenly world in Satyuga but we convert it into Kaliyuga hell due to our own sinful actions. Hence God has to arrive at the end of the cycle i.e confluence period of Kaliyuga and Satyuga to impart salvation to all human souls. Therefore he is the Satguru - bestower of true salvation. No human beings can impart salvation other than God. He not only purifies and transforms human souls but also all other creatures and 5 elements.

Is God nameless, formless, and Omnipresent?

Every human being has a soul which is called as Jeevatma or a living soul when it possess a body. The elements of nature can have energy or consciousness but not God. The nature is a creation where as God – the supreme light is the creator who is beyond it but not nameless and formless. Every living being and non living matter gets nourishment through his energy but he is not present in them.

To believe that God is present in every particles, pebbles and stones or see him in animals and insects, sinful and degraded is his biggest defame.To presume God in everything becomes fatherhood where as how can father be many. Father or the creator can only be One. Secondly, if God exist every where means we limit him to the cycle of birth-death, bondage of merit-demerit or joy and sorrow which is not true. If God exist in everything, then he comes in both happiness and sorrow, he does both good and evil. None of that is true. God instead supports all that exist. Good and bad are only relative. On other side, if he is present in everything, then to call him for help, liberation or relief from sorrow or his incarnation in this world is not possible. Why do we call the one who is already here? As per the Gita version - “Yada Yada hi dharmasya...'' It says: God descent in this world when there is a degradation of the true religion (righteousness) and a gradual rise of adharma (unrighteousness). Hence there has to be an original residence and a timed period of arrival. There must be visible changes in the world which reflects his coming.

All the major changes in the world has happened in the last 80 to 100 years. Whether it is advancement in science and technology, changes in politics, rise in human talents, and genius or it be a deep exploration of nature.

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